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South Railway Station - Gaojiachong

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Nanjing metro line S3, also called Ninghe line, covers 38km (23mi) and connects South Railway Station and Gaojiachong. It is the first metro line paralleling with High Speed Rail, and the only metro line crossing the Yangtze River on a bridge. The 19 stations of the Nanjing metro line S3 include 10 underground stations and 9 flyover stations, linking Jiangning, Yuhuatai, Jianye and Pukou Districts. A single trip takes about 50 minutes and costs CNY 2 to 6. According to the plan, phase two of Nanjing subway line S3 will stretch to He County, Anhui.
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Station To South Railway Station To Gaojiachong
First Train Last Train First Train Last Train
South Railway Station 06:49 23:27 06:00 23:00
Jingmingjiayuan 06:46 23:22 06:02 23:02
Tiexinqiao 06:44 23:20 06:04 23:04
Chunjianglu 06:41 23:18 06:07 23:07
Jiaxi 06:39 23:15 06:09 23:09
Youfangqiao 06:37 23:13 06:12 23:12
Yongchulu 06:34 23:11 06:14 23:14
Pingliangdajie 06:33 23:09 06:16 23:16
Wuhoujie 06:31 23:07 06:17 23:17
Gaomiaolu 06:29 23:05 06:19 23:19
Tianbao 06:26 23:03 06:22 23:22
Liucun 06:23 23:00 06:25 23:25
Maluowei 06:14 22:14 06:34 22:34
Lanhuatang 06:11 22:11 06:37 22:37
Shuanglong 06:09 22:09 06:39 22:39
Shiqihe 06:07 22:07 06:41 22:41
Qiaolinxincheng 06:05 22:05 06:43 22:43
Linshan 06:02 22:02 06:46 22:46
Gaojiachong 06:00 22:00 06:49 22:49


 South Railway Station: Transfer with Line 1, Line 3 & Line S1
 Youfangqiao: Transfer with Line 2 & Line 8
 Yongchulu: Transfer with Line 7
 Liucun: Transfer with Line 9
 Maluowei: Transfer with Line 11

Surroundings and Bus Routes near Stations of Line S3

('' Metro Transfer Stations)

 South Railway Station
Surroundings: Jiangnan Road, East Jinyang Street, Yulan Road, Liuchao Road, Mingcheng Avenue, South Railway Station, Star Cube Office Building, Himalayas Office Building, Greenland Window Office Building, New City Center Community, Yuhua Foreign Language Primary School, Yuhuatai Experimental Kindergarten, Mingfa Shopping Mall, KFC, McDonald's, Home Inn Plus, Hanting Express Hotel, Jinjiang Inn, Sky Fortune Hotel, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Construction Bank, Bank of China
Bus Routes: 19, 27, 84, 116, 129, 190, 719, 791, 792, 791, D12, D16, Airport Shuttle Bus Line 2 & South Railway Station Line

Surroundings: Huashen Avenue, Qinhuaixin River, Jingmingjiayuan Community, Jinfeilong Second-Hand Vehicles Market, Sanjiang University, XCMG Research Institute, Dream of Land Community, Shunshun Hotel, Jialing Jinsheng Boutique Hotel, Jingyi Garden Inn, Postal Savings Bank, Minsheng Bank, CITIC Bank, China Mobile
Bus Routes: 46, 61, 98, 99, 711, 716, 719, 754, 768, 780, 866, 867

Surroundings: Tiexinqiao Avenue, Chunjiang Road, Chunjianghuayuan Community, Fengxiangcuiyuan Community, Fengxianghuayuan Community, Yiyuan Community, Renyi Drugstore, KFC, Shancheng Hotel, Zhengheng Hotel, 567 Business Hotel, Green Tree Inn, Amber House, Postal Savings Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Agricultural Bank of China
Bus Routes: 88, 94, 98, 108, 111, 112, 113, 171, 340, 710, 712, 755, 866, 867, D16

Surroundings: Chunjiang Road, Chunxiao Road, Jiangquan Road, Xichun Road, Yuhuatai Senior Middle School, Chunjiang Kindergarten, Tianlongfang Community, Hanfufang Community, Xinheyuan Community, Ruihaibo Medical Rehabilitation Center, Sanjiang University, Chunrong Hotel, Fuchun Hotel, Yushan Hotel, Shiguang Hotel, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Construction Bank
Bus Routes: 75, 98, 108, 127, 171

Surroundings: Youfangzhongxin Road, Jiaxixinyuan Community, Dongshengyuyuan Community, Dongshengshanzhuang Community, Youfang Cultural Square, Alan Hotel, Tangcheng Hotel, Hengrun Hotel, Agricultural Bank of China, Minsheng Bank
Bus Routes: 94, 186, 867, D16

Surroundings: Shuanglian Road, Youyi Road, Lotus City Community, Guoxuefu Community, Furun Kindergarten, Boyue Hotel, Blue Moon Hotel, Hanhao Hotel, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Postal Savings Bank, KFC
Bus Routes: 62, 96, 135, 153, 158, 169, 182, 186, 707, D6, D9

Surroundings: Youyi Street, Zhonghe Road, Qingheyuan Community, Nanjing Foreign Language School (Hexi Junior Campus), Kaisa City Plaza, Yiniantang Drugstore, Hanting Exrpess Hotel, Jinjiang Inn, Jinyinxiang Business Hotel
Bus Routes: 41, 85, 92, 135, 160, 170, 305

Surroundings: South Jiangdong Road, Pingliang Street, Nanjing Children’s Hospital, Financial Center, Youth Olympic Village Branch Primary School of Nanjing Foreign Language School, Yintixiangshang Serviced Apartment, Hampton Hotel
Bus Routes: 7, 160, Tram Line 1

Surroundings: Wuhou Street, Lushan Road, Hexi Foreign Language School, Hexi City Eco-park, Yunjingwan Community
Bus Routes: 85, 92, 170, Tram Line 1

Surroundings: Longwang Street, Gaomiao Road, Luotang Road, Academic Royale Community, Top Mansion Community
Bus Routes: 85, 92, 170, Tram Line 1

Surroundings: Baoshuang Road, Tuanjie Road, Tianbao Road, Xikou Village, Tianbaoqiao Village, Fang Village, Zhonggeng Village, Luotang Village, Tianhou Citizen Square, Chunlei Kindergarten, Jialunguangcai Drugstore

Surroundings: Longcang Avenue, RSUN Decoration City, Highway Scientific Research Institute, China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, Jinfeilong Motorcar Trade Mansion, Glarun Jinling Hotel, Runyang Hotel, Luo Village, Luojia Village, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Construction Bank, Merchants Bank, Bank of Communications
Bus Routes: 158, D9

Surroundings: Male Road, No.115 Country Road, Maluowei Village, Weizhuang Village, Heshangqiao Village, Waiwei Village, Kongjia Village

Surroundings: Zhanbei Road, Shuanglong Road, Beilonggeng Village, Caijiawei Village, Henan Village
Bus Routes: 403, 404, 410, 612, 684

Surroundings: Xin Village, Wangjiazhou Village, Erdaogeng Village, Dizang’an Village, Toudaogeng Village

Surroundings: Shiqi River, Louzhao Village, Dawang Village, Lingou Village, Zhongxin Village
Bus Route: 409

Surroundings: Linhe Road, Donghe Road, Fujiawan Village, Zhujiawei Village, Xinweizi Village, Lindong Village
Bus Route: 409

Surroundings: Gaoxin Road, No.603 County Road, Linshanyayuan Community, Jiangjiamiao Village, Huangzhuang Village, Nangeng Village, Tanbanqiao Village, Nanzhong Village
Bus Route: 407

Surroundings: Nanyi Road, Gaojiachong Village, Nanyi Village, Majiachong Village, Gaojiachongtian Village, Denglongtang Village, Beixiaoma Reservoir, Zhujiaxiang Christian Church
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