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Xiangyulunan - Gaochun

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The Nanjing metro line S9, also called Ning Gao line, is actually the south extension of metro line S1. Extending in the south-north direction, it covers around 52 kilometers (33 miles) and connects Xiangyulunan and Gaochun via 6 stations. The metro stations include 5 flyover stations and 1 ground station. Linking Jiangning, Lishui and Gaochun Districts, Nanjing subway line S9 brings Gaochun into the “One Hour Life Circle” and helps promote local economic development. Passengers are able to transfer to Nanjing metro line S1 at Xiangyulunan Station and arrive at Lukou International Airport directly.

The max speed of this line can reach 130 kilometers (81 miles) per hour, which greatly shorten the travel time between Nanjing downtown area and Gaochun. It only takes 35 minutes for the whole single trip. The construction of Nanjing subway line S9 was difficult at first because Shijiu Lake Scenic Area is located between Nanjing and Gaochun. Local government made great efforts to minimize the influence of construction projects on ecological environment.
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Station To Gaochun To Xiangyulunan
First Train Last Train First Train Last Train
Xiangyulunan 06:00 22:00 -- --
Tongshan 06:07 22:07 06:28 22:28
Shiqiu 06:12 22:12 06:22 22:22
Mingjue 06:20 22:20 06:15 22:15
Tuanjiewei 06:31 22:31 06:04 22:04
Gaochun -- -- 06:00 22:00


 Xiangyulunan: Transfer with Line S1

Surroundings and Bus Routes near All Metro Stations

('' Metro Transfer Stations)

Surroundings: Xiangyu Road, Luheng Road, Shenzhou Road, Jiangjun Avenue, Xiaoweiwang Village, Xinsheng Village, Ganjia Village, Nongmuchang Village, Lukou Chuangzhi Industrial Park
Bus Routes: 852, 861, 863, 953, 955, 956

Surroundings: Changshu-Hefei Highway, Tuanjie River, Tongshan Middle School, Jinghua Training College, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Otai Quick Hotel, Zixuan Hotel, Hi Gang Hotel, Jichang Hotel, Wangjiabian Village, Xintangtou Village, Zhengjia Village, Postal Savings Bank, Bank of Communications
Bus Routes: 851, 862, 939

Surroundings: No.243 Provincial Road, West Hengshan Road, Sangan River, Yingdushanghui Commercial & Residential Building, Yingduyayuan Community, Shiqiu Central Primary School, Nanjing Tech University Pujiang Institute, Exhibition Hall of Shiqiu Town’s Planning, Lujia Village, Hanjia Village, Xiahekou Village, Yingdu Business Hotel, Shiqiu Hotel, Postal Savings Bank, Agricultural Bank of China
Bus Route: Bus Line 20W

Surroundings: Ning Gao Road, Nangang Road, Zhangjia Mountain, Zhaohua Village, Huangta Village, Yangjiatou Village, Xiaoxieta Village, Xiangyang Primary School
Bus Routes: unsettled

Surroundings: Yongcheng Village, Sihao Road, Luxi River, Guangning Temple, Ancestral Hall of Liu Family
Bus Routes: unsettled

Surroundings: North Gucheng Road, West Fengshan Road, Wutai Road, Zhonghong People’s Plaza, Gaochun District Municipal of City Administration, Tianyunhuafu Community, Golden Noble City Community, Country Garden Community, Fukanghuayuan Community, Gaochun District TCM Hospital, Chunxi Zhongxin Kindergarten, Ganlin Kindergarten, Hualian Hotel, Huadi Hotel, Yulan Hotel, Bank of China
Bus Routes: Gaochun Bus Line 105 & 106 & 109
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