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Hangzhou-Nanjing Train

Currently, there are over 120 pairs of trains operated daily between the two cities. About 100 more pairs of them are high speed types with duration of 1 hour to 4 hours. The rest 20 pairs or so are normal types with duration of 4.5 hours to 8 hours.

Bullet trains are much more popular for this short trip due to its frequency and short travel time. It makes a one-day-tour easier between two cities. Thus, travelers are recommended to choose this type of ride. However, they do not run in late night, which means bullet overnight sleeper trains are not available. As a complementarity, some non-bullet types with sleepers are still reasonable for passengers who need to depart during mid-night.

High Speed Trains

Most of these rides run between Hangzhou East Railway Station and Nanjing South Railway Station. Although fewer rides are available at Hangzhou Station and Nanjing Station, they are good choices as located closer to the city center; travelers can take them into consideration as well if the schedule fits.
 Hangzhou to Nanjing High Speed Train Schedule:
(Last Update on December 5th, 2017)
Hangzhou Schedule
From To Nos. Duration
G Type D Type
Hangzhou Nanjing South G7398(08:49/11:00), G7394(19:55/21:44) 1h49m/ 2h11m /
Hangzhou East G7686, G254, G34, G1874...
100 departures from 06:45 to 21:50
1h8m - 3h35m 1h28m - 2h14m
Nanjing D3142, D3136, D2282, D3126, G7584 from 14:54 to 20:01 3h26m 3h13m - 3h47m

 Nanjing to Hangzhou Bullet Train Timetable:
(Last Update on December 5th, 2017)
Nanjing Schedule
From To Nos. Duration
G Type D Type
Nanjing Hangzhou East D3125, G7355, D2281, D3135, D3141 from 06:25 to 11:12 3h5m 3h9m - 4h3m
Nanjing South G7581, G1667, G7625, G7505...
99 departures from 06:47 to 21:54
1h8m - 3h45m 1h22m - 2h6m
Hangzhou G7393(07:35/09:22), G7397(18:14/19:58) 1h44m/ 1h47m /
Note: The above timetable is for reference only. Please search for the real-time schedule by the tool on top of the page.

 Ticket Price:
Type Business Class Seat VIP Seat First Class Seat Second Class Seat
G Trains CNY671.5/ 647/ 375.5/ 371 CNY223.5 CNY345.5/ 345/ 338/ 200.5/ 198 CNY216/ 211/ 208.5/ 119/ 117
D Trains --- --- CNY204.5/ 170.5/ 126.5 CNY142/ 140/ 79

These rides run along 2 different routes thus the mileage differs a lot:
Most of them follow the Nanjing-Hangzhou High Speed Railway Line with a distance around 162 miles (260 kilometers). Stopovers along this route include Deqing, Huzhou, Changxing, Yixing, Liyang, Wawushan, Lishui, and Jurong West.
A few of them operate on Hangzhou-Shanghai High Speed Railway and Shanghai-Nanjing High Speed Railway with a distance of around 292 miles (470 kilometers). Stopovers along this route include Yuhang, Haining West, Tongxiang, Jiaxing South, Jiashan South, Jinshan North, Songjiang South, Shanghai Hongqiao, Kunshan South, Suzhou, Suzhou North, Wuxi, Wuxi East, Huishan, Changzhou, Chaozhou North, Danyang, Danyang North, Zhenjiang, and Zhenjiang South.

It is recommended to avoid the rides which follow the latter line since they are longer in duration and higher in cost. Rides on the latter line include: G7371/G7372, G41/G42, G7385/G7386, G7571/G7572, G7575/G7576, G7179/G7180, G7375/G7376, G43/G44, D5431/D5432, G7589/G7590, G7587/G7588, G7595/G7596, G7349/G7350, D3135/D3136, D2281/D2282, D5589/D5590, D3125/D3126, G7564/G7371, G1322/G1325, G7582/G7359, G7520, G7505, G7365.

Normal Trains

 Hangzhou to Nanjing Train Schedule
: K348, K526, K528, T112 and other 16 departures from 01:52am to 20:25pm
 Nanjing to Hangzhou Train Timetable
: K1511, K8371, K75, T135 and other 16 departures from 00:03am to 22:55pm

 Running Length: 267-306 miles (429-492 kilometers)
 Duration: 4.5 - 8 hours
 Ticket Price (CNY): 386 per ticket for Deluxe Soft Sleeper; 174.5/194 per person for Soft Sleeper; 117.5/130 per person for Hard Sleeper; 62.5/69 per person for Hard Seat

There are totally 20 pairs of normal rides between. However, they are not recommended options except for these travelers who have to travel during mid-night for flight connection.

All the rides are operated at Nanjing Railway Station. But in Hangzhou, they are operated at two different stations. Double check your ticket to make sure to get on or off at the right one.

As most of the rides just stop for a few minutes at the related stations, it is recommended to pay more attention to the broadcast in order to make preparation for getting off in advance. If you are not sure whether your destination is approaching or not, you may show your paper ticket to the staff or local passengers around you for help.

 Major Rail Lines from Hangzhou to:

 Major Rail Lines from Nanjing to:
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