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Guangzhou-Hangzhou Train

Usually there are 9 pairs  of trains a day between Guangzhou and Hangzhou. Among them, 5 pairs  are bullet trains and the rest 4 pairs are normal types. From each Friday to next Monday and during some holidays, 3 pairs of bullet overnight sleeper trains will be added as well. The high speed types take around 6-7.5 hours on the way and the normal types, much longer, around 16-21.5 hours.

Additionally, there are flights available between. The flight takes around 2 hours for this trip. Although the flight price is usually higher, during the off seasons, there can be good discount offered by the airlines. Travelers can make a comparison between and choose the proper one.

Daytime High Speed Trains

The 5 pairs of G trains take around 6-7.5 hours for this 1,013-miles (1,631 kilometers) trip. All the rides run between Guangzhou South Railway Station and Hangzhou East Railway Station. Except G1404/1403, other rides only take Hangzhou as an intermediate station for a stop of 2-6min. Passengers are recommended to make the preparation in advance to alight.

 Guangzhou to Hangzhou High Speed Train Schedule:

(Last update on December 4th, 2017)
Guangzhou Schedule
Nos. Duration
G86, G1302, G1304, G1306, G1404
5 departures from 08:00 to 15:57
6h - 7h34m

 Hangzhou to Guangzhou Bullet Train Timetable:

(Last update on December 4th, 2017)
Hangzhou Schedule
Nos. Duration
G1403, G85, G1301, G1303, G1305
5 departures from 07:53 to 16:14
6h4m - 7h44m
Note: The timetable is for reference only. For real-time schedule, please search for it by the tool on top of the page.

 Ticket Price (CNY):
Business Class Seat First Class Seat Second Class Seat
2,273 1,185.5 720

Stopovers along the way: Guangzhou North, Qingyuan, Yingde West, Shaoguan, Chenzhou West, Leiyang West, Hengyang East, Hengshan West, Zhuzhou West, Changsha South, Liling East, Pingxiang North, Yichun, Xinyu North, Gaoan, Nanchang West, Jinxian South, Fuzhou [Jiangxi] East, Yingtan North, Yiyang, Shangrao, Yushan South, Jiangshan, Quzhou, Longyou, Jinhua, Yiwu, Zhuji.

High Speed Overnight Sleeper Trains

They are only available every Friday to next Monday and some holidays, running between Guangzhou South and Shanghai Hongqiao, with Hangzhou East as a stopover. Different from other day time high speed G type, there are soft sleeper and deluxe soft sleeper set up on these overnight high speed D trains, ensuring passengers a much more comfortable rail ride.

The ticket prices for both sleeper types and seat type are not fixed and changes from time to time based on the adjustment of railway authority.

This 3 pairs of overnight D types run along a different route with the G types. The stop-bys includes Shenzhen North, Huizhou South, Puning, Xiamen North and Ningbo. Distance is 973 miles (1,566 kilometers) and duration is 10.5 hours.

 Guangzhou to Hangzhou Schedule:

(Last Update on December 4th, 2017)
No. Departure Arrival Duration
D933 19:25 05:54 10h29m
D937 19:30 05:59 10h29m
D943 19:35 06:04 10h29m
Tthe above D trains are temporary not available.

 Hangzhou to Guangzhou Timetable:

(Last Update on December 4th, 2017)
No. Departure Arrival Duration
D941 20:55 07:12+ 10h17m
D931 21:00 07:19+ 10h19m
D935 21:05 07:25+ 10h20m
Note: "+" indicates the second day.

 Ticket Price (CNY):
Deluxe Soft Sleeper Soft Sleeper Second Class Seat
1,420 850 479
Note: The fare of the sleepers listed here are the full fare of the lower berth. There may be discounts offered during off seasons.

Normal Trains

 Guangzhou to Hangzhou Train Schedule 
: K528, K512, T170 and K210 departures from 07:45 to 20:35
 Hangzhou to Guangzhou Train Timetable 
: T169, K209, K527 and K511 departures from 12:46 to 21:32

 Running Length: 885-1,002 miles (1,425-1,613 kilometers)
 Duration: 16-21.5 hours
 Ticket Price(CNY): 542.5/615 per ticket for soft sleeper, 317.5/351 per person for hard sleeper, 173.5/192 per person for hard seat

This 4 pairs of normal rides follow almost the same route with high speed G types but much longer in duration due to different running speed. For a long trip like this, it is advisable to choose the soft sleeper or hard sleeper to guarantee a good rest.

K210/K209 run between Guangzhou Railway Station and Hangzhou Railway Station, while others use Hangzhou East Railway Station. Thus passengers who travel by normal rides are recommended to double check the stations for use before departure to avoid any unnecessary trouble on the day of travel.

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