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Guangzhou Train Schedule

There are four railway stations in Guangzhou, Guangzhou Railway Station, and the east, north, and south stations.

 The Guangzhou Railway Station mainly has trains running to Beijing, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Shaoguan, and Maoming.

 The East Station serves mainly for Guangzhou – Shenzhen Line, Guangzhou – Hong Kong Line, Guangzhou – Meizhou – Shantou Line and lines to East China. Besides, there are bullet trains to Shenzhen every day.

 The South Station is one of the important hubs of high-speed rails to Wuhan, Zhuhai, Changsha, and Shenzhen. From the station one can also reach to other main cities such as Beijing, Xi'an, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, and Taiyuan.

 The North Station shares transport pressure of the Railway Station. It mainly operates high-speed trains to Wuhan, Changsha, Beijing, and a few ordinary ones to Chongqing, Ganzhou, Hanzhong, Wenzhou, and Zhangjiajie.

High Speed Train Schedule of Guangzhou

(Last Update on Apr 24, 2019)

ToTrainsDurationTicket Fare (CNY)
First/ Second Class Seat
C7031, C7021, C7053, G6501...
201 departures from 06:05 to 23:08
0h29m - 1h39mCNY 99.5/ 74.5
USD 15/ 11
Hong Kong
G6501, G6505, G6515, G6547...
34 departures from 06:48 to 21:37
0h46m - 1h18mCNY 261/ 187
USD 40/ 28
C7601, C7613, D7139, C7647...
68 departures from 06:00 to 22:33
0h56m - 1h30mCNY 90/ 70
USD 14/ 11
G296, G276, G1744, G1102...
61 departures from 06:28 to 18:43
3h38m - 5h7mCNY 738.5/ 461.5
USD 112/ 70
Xi'an North
G832, G96, G818, G822...
8 departures from 07:04 to 13:45
7h36m - 9h19mCNY 1,301.5/ 813.5
USD 197/ 123
Beijing West
G66, G68, G70, G72...
5 departures from 07:46 to 12:50
8h00m - 10h36mCNY 1,380/ 862
USD 209/ 131
Shanghai Hongqiao
G1304, G1306, G86, G100 from 08:00 to 15:386h50m - 8h27mCNY 1,302.5/ 793
USD 197/ 120
Changsha South
G1408, G296, G276, G1744...
102 departures from 06:23 to 21:00
2h17m - 3h2mCNY 504/ 314
USD 76/ 48
G6317, D7525, G6301, D7501...
23 departures from 07:06 to 21:21
2h28m - 3h24mCNY 249.5/ 179.5
USD 38/ 27
C7221, D7545, C7235, D7555...
38 departures from 06:27 to 21:55
0h29m - 1h19mCNY 60/ 45
USD 9/ 7
D1862, D2804, D2966, D2992...
47 departures from 07:00 to 20:16
2h15m - 5h23mCNY 191/ 119
USD 29/ 18
D3802, D3806, D3602, D2364...
52 departures from 06:54 to 19:46
3h15m - 4h21mCNY 269/ 169
USD 41/ 26
G1304, G1306, G1404, G86...
5 departures from 08:00 to 15:56
6h00m - 7h29mCNY 1,185.5/ 720
USD 180/ 109
D3802, D3806, G2932, D3814...
18 departures from 06:54 to 23:59
6h23m - 99h59mCNY 695/ 434.5
USD 105/ 66
G296, G276, G832, G94...
25 departures from 06:28 to 16:30
5h25m - 7h10mCNY 1,046/ 653
USD 158/ 99
D1862, D2804, G2960, D1849...
36 departures from 07:00 to 17:11
4h14m - 6h16mCNY 340/ 212
USD 52/ 32
 The above schedule is for reference only. For real-time schedule and ticket booking, please click the arrival stations.

Normal Train Timetable of Guangzhou

(Last Update on Apr 24, 2019)

ToTrainsDurationTicket Fare (CNY)
Soft Sleeper/ Hard Sleeper
K528, K1160, Z138, K1096...
55 departures from 07:45 to 23:58
5h25m - 6h39mCNY 214/ 142
USD 32/ 22
Shaoguan East
Z112, K528, K1160, Z138...
57 departures from 07:36 to 23:46
2h15m - 2h55mCNY 165.5/ 91.5
USD 25/ 14
Z385, K231, K365, K9049...
13 departures from 05:24 to 22:04
4h27m - 6h18mCNY 158.5/ 107.5
USD 24/ 16
K1096, K512, K776, K1008 from 08:45 to 14:143h22m - 4h00mCNY 207.5/ 100.5
USD 31/ 15
Chongqing North
K356, K776, K587, K837...
8 departures from 09:12 to 22:15
21h50m - 31h21mCNY 617/ 361
USD 93/ 55
Z138, K1348, Z230, Z264...
8 departures from 08:22 to 20:20
21h51m - 30h19mCNY 727/ 407
USD 110/ 62
K528, K512, T170, Z100 from 07:45 to 18:1216h25m - 23h55mCNY 584.5/ 343.5
USD 89/ 52
Beijing West
Z202, K600, Z36, Z98 from 08:28 to 18:0621h24m - 29h58mCNY 784/ 456
USD 119/ 69
Z264 at 11:4552h25mCNY 1,513/ 919
USD 229/ 139
Z112, T124, Z386 from 07:36 to 22:4932h27m - 37h12mCNY 989/ 595
USD 150/ 90
K528, T152 at 07:45 and 09:0023h55m - 24h31mCNY 673/ 377
USD 102/ 57
T8379, T8365, K229, K297 from 07:14 to 20:425h44m - 6h37mCNY 182.5/ 122.5
USD 28/ 19
Yichang East
K1096, K356, K932 from 08:45 to 15:0815h3m - 19h22mCNY 497.5/ 272.5
USD 75/ 41
Z112, K675, T219, K729...
8 departures from 07:36 to 22:49
10h43m - 14h20mCNY 399/ 230
USD 60/ 35
K229, K297 at 20:31 and 20:4211h16m - 12h22mCNY 285/ 190
USD 43/ 29
K9011, K687, K9021 from 04:26 to 21:007h55m - 9h00mCNY 281/ 167
USD 43/ 25
Shenyang North
Z112, Z14, T124, Z236...
5 departures from 07:36 to 22:49
29h27m - 34h16mCNY 930.5/ 549.5
USD 141/ 83
Harbin West
Z112, Z236 at 07:36 and 19:5034h25m - 34h59mCNY 1,034/ 628
USD 157/ 95
Z112, K675, T219, K729...
10 departures from 07:36 to 23:12
5h4m - 8h43mCNY 214/ 117.5
USD 32/ 18
K326 at 10:1523h45mCNY 647/ 361
USD 98/ 55
K9064, K9006, K9036 from 13:00 to 20:0413h36m - 18h24mCNY 483.5/ 299.5
USD 73/ 45
 The above schedule is for reference only. For real-time schedule and ticket booking, please click the arrival stations.

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