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Guangzhou to Datong Train

Currently, 2 Guangzhou to Datong trains are shuttling from Guangzhou / Guangzhou East Railway Station to Datong Railway Station. These Guangzhou to Datong trains need the travel time of 36.5 to 38.5 hours to finish a single trip which is 2,662 kilometers (1,654 miles) or 2,847 kilometers (1,769 miles). The ticket price of a soft sleeper is CNY 786.5 or CNY 839.5 and of a hard sleeper is CNY 497.5 or CNY 471.5.

One can also choose to transfer in Beijing to save time. The overall travel time is 16.5 to 19.5 hours and the ticket price for a second class seat of Guangzhou to Beijing high speed train and a hard sleeper on Beijing to Datong train is CNY 1,006.5.

Basic Facts of Guangzhou to Datong Train

Open Date: 21st December, 2012.
Travel Time: 36.5 to 38.5 hours.
Travel Distance: 2, 662 kilometers (1,654 miles) or 2, 847 kilometers (1,769 miles).
Top Speed: 120 km/h (75 mph).
Operated at: Guangzhou / Guangzhou East Railway Station, Datong Railway Station.
Major Stations along the Way: Guangzhou / Guangzhou East, Dongguan East, Huizhou, Heyuan, Longchuan, Xinfeng, Ganzhou, Jiujiang, Macheng, Xinxian Guangshan, Haozhou, Shangqiu South, Heze, Liaocheng, Hengshui, Jinzhou, Shijiazhuang North and Taiyuan.

Guangzhou to Datong Train Tickets Booking

Train Types
Departure Times
Departure Stations
Dep. (Earliest)
Seat TypePrice 
Details of the Train K729:
1Guangzhou East -14:48
2Dongguan East 15:4815:54
3Huizhou 16:3716:42
4Heyuan 17:3217:39
5Longchuan [Guangdong] 18:3418:39
6Xinfeng 21:0221:05
7Ganzhou 21:4921:54
8Jian [Jiangxi] 23:5500:14
9Jiujiang 04:2404:30
10Macheng 06:5306:59
11Xinxian 07:4007:43
12Guangshan 08:0808:10
13Fuyang 09:4410:06
14Bozhou 11:1411:19
15Shangqiu South 12:0912:14
16Dingtao 13:1413:17
17Heze 13:3413:37
18Yuncheng [Shandong] 14:1014:14
19Liaocheng 15:1315:20
20Linqing 16:0016:12
21Qinghecheng 16:2916:32
22Zaoqiang 17:0217:22
23Hengshui 17:5018:13
24Xinji 18:5618:58
25Jinzhou [Hebei] 19:1519:17
26Gaocheng 19:3319:35
27Shijiazhuang North 20:1220:45
28Taiyuan 23:2423:47
29Xinzhou [Shanxi] 00:5601:00
30Yuanping 01:3201:38
31Ningwu 03:0103:05
32Shuozhou 03:3503:41
33Huairen 04:4104:44
34Datong 05:29-
Guangzhou East
Seat TypePrice
Soft Sleeper
Soft Sleeper
Hard Sleeper
Hard Sleeper
Hard Seat
Hard Seat
Details of the Train K600:
1Guangzhou -15:09
2Shaoguan East 17:2517:32
3Chenzhou 19:1119:15
4Hengyang 20:5821:04
5Zhuzhou [hunan] 22:2922:38
6Changsha 23:2123:29
7Wuhan [Wuchang] 03:2903:51
8Xiaogan 04:5404:57
9Xinyang 06:4506:50
10Zhumadian 08:0608:09
11Suiping 08:2208:25
12Xiping 08:4208:45
13Luohe 09:0409:07
14Xuchang 09:4909:53
15Zhengzhou 11:2611:49
16Xinxiang 12:5212:57
17Hebi 13:3613:46
18Tangyin 14:0114:04
19Anyang 14:2214:29
20Handan 15:0715:13
21Xingtai 15:4415:47
22Shijiazhuang 17:1117:26
23Dingzhou 18:1318:15
24Baoding 19:0519:09
25Xushui 19:2619:28
26Gaobeidian 19:5119:53
27Beijing West 21:0021:32
28Zhangjiakou 00:4700:55
29Datong 03:3403:46
30Jining [Inner Mongolia] South 05:2205:30
31Hohhot East 06:5307:07
32Hohhot 07:2107:27
33Baotou East 09:0209:06
34Baotou 09:23-
Seat TypePrice
Soft Sleeper
Soft Sleeper
Hard Sleeper
Hard Sleeper
Hard Seat
Hard Seat

Transfer in Beijing West for More Options

Guangzhou South to Beijing West Beijing to Datong Overall Travel Time Ticket Price
Second Class Seat/ Hard Sleeper
G72 07:46 - 18:22 K573 20:35 - 02:41+1 19h17m CNY 862 + CNY 144.5 = CNY 1,006.5
G80 09:00 - 17:01 17h41m 
G66 10:00 - 18:00 16h41m

1. The above timetable is for reference only. Please search for the real-time schedule via the search box on the page top.
2. “+” means the train will arrive on the second day.

Top Things to Do in Datong

Hanging Monastery is built on the cliff of Mt. Hengshan. The monastery is consisted of three parts. The first part which is also the lowest part, showing tourists the whole layout of the monastery. And it also supports the rest parts of the monastery hanging beside the cliff. The second and the third parts are connected with wooden plank. When tourists walk through the plank, they can see nothing below the plank. As a result, those who have a fear of heights should be careful if they choose to go there.   

Watch grottoes in Yungang Grottoes

Grottoes in Yungang Grottoes are the cultural relics of Grotto Temple in Northern Wei Dynasty (386 – 534). The grottoes there are exquisite and abundant. There are 20 grotto caves in total. In different caves, tourists can see different grottoes like Future Buddha in the first cave and 33 relieves telling the story of Sakyamuni’s life from his birth to being the founder of Buddhism in the fifth cave. Every cave deserves tourists’ attention and try to watch them all when get to Yungang Grottoes.

Datong to Guangzhou Train

There are two Datong to Guangzhou trains available from Datong Railway Station to Guangzhou / Guangzhou East Railway Station. The travel time is about 36 hours or 39 hours.

 See detailed Guangzhou Train Schedule & Datong Train Schedule

Major Rail Lines from Guangzhou to:
Major Rail Lines from Datong to: 

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