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Shanghai to Datong Train

Presently, only 1 train is running from Shanghai South Railway Station to Datong Railway Station. The Shanghai to Datong train require the travel time of about 21.5 hours to finish the journey as long as 1,817 kilometers (1,129 miles). The ticket price for a soft sleeper is CNY 601 and for a hard sleeper is CNY 377.

If the only Shanghai to Datong train does not meet your schedule, you can choose transfer in Beijing. The overall travel time is 12 to 13 hours and the ticket price of a second class seat and hard sleeper is CNY 691.5 or CNY 697.5.

Shanghai to Datong Train Schedule

Details of the Train Z282:
1Hangzhou -16:55
2Haining 17:3017:34
3Jiaxing 17:5017:54
4Shanghai South 18:4719:19
5Suzhou [Jiangsu] 20:3020:33
6Wuxi [Jiangsu] 20:5520:58
7Changzhou 21:1921:23
8Zhenjiang 22:0022:04
9Nanjing 22:4722:55
10Bengbu 00:2800:33
11Xuzhou 02:1002:17
12Yanzhou 03:5904:21
13Dezhou 06:5306:56
14Cangzhou 07:5007:52
15Tianjin West 09:0409:06
16Langfang North 09:3809:59
17BeijingFengtai 10:3711:23
18Zhangjiakou 14:2414:30
19Datong 17:0817:17
20Jining [Inner Mongolia] South 18:5419:00
21Hohhot East 20:0920:31
22Hohhot 20:4520:52
23Baotou East 22:2222:26
24Baotou 22:43-
Shanghai South

Other Transportation Options

Option 1: Transfer in Beijing

Shanghai Hongqiao to Beijing South Beijing West to Datong Overall Travel Time Ticket Price
Second Class Seat/ Hard Sleeper
G108: 07:22 - 13:23 1123: 15:30 - 22:23 13h1m CNY 553 + CNY 138.5 = CNY 691.5
G132: 12:17 - 18:32 K573: 20:35 - 02:41+1 12h21m CNY 553 + CNY 144.5 = CNY 697.5
G138: 13:29 - 19:28 K597: 21:28 - 03:34+1 12h5m
G142: 14:12 - 20:18 K89: 22:17 - 04:19+1 12h8m

1. The information is for reference only, please check real-time schedule by the search box on page top.
2. “+1” means that the train will reach the arrival station on the second day.

From Beijing South Railway Station, passengers can take city bus Special Line 14 to get to the West Railway Station directly. The travel time is only about 50 minutes.

Option 2: Shanghai to Beijing Flight + Beijing to Datong Train

The overall travel time of a Shanghai to Beijing flight and a Beijing to Datong train is around 8.5 to 10 hours and the lowest cost is CNY 700 to CNY 1,200.

 Shanghai to Beijing Flight

Over 50 flights are available from Shanghai to Beijing, taking about 2.5 hours. The flight schedule is from 07:55 to 21:55 and the air fare is from CNY 600 to CNY 1,050.

When you arrive in Beijing International Airport, you can take airport shuttle bus line 3 to get to Beijing Railway Station or airport shuttle bus line 7 to get to Beijing West Railway Station. The ticket fare of the buses is CNY 30 per person. The schedule of airport shuttle bus line 3 is from 5:00 to 21:00 and of airport shuttle bus line 7 is from 4:50 to 22:00. Both of the two buses depart every 30 minutes or when all the seats are taken.

 Beijing to Datong Train

Nearly 20 trains are running from Beijing / Beijing West Railway Station to Datong Railway Station, taking about 6 to 7.5 hours to finish the trip. The ticket price of a second class seat is CNY 107.5 or CNY 144.5.  

How to Get to Hanging Monastery from Datong Railway Station

Passengers can take city bus 70 to get to Dongguan Passengers’ Transportation Center and then take the long-distance bus to Hunyuan County. The ticket price of the long-distance bus is CNY 25 per person. After, take city bus No. 8 to get to Hanging Monastery. The bus No. 8 takes about 30 minutes and the fare is CNY 3 per person.

Datong to Shanghai Train

1 Datong to Beijing train is in service, taking about 21.5 hours.

See detailed Shanghai Train Schedule & Datong Train Schedule

Major Rail Lines from Shanghai to:

Major Rail Lines from Datong to:
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