Best Way from Hong Kong to Guangzhou: High Speed VS. Through Trains

Hong Kong - Guangzhou high speed trains feature more departures, faster speed, shorter travel time, more convenient customs clearance procedure, more ticket purchasing channels, and more advanced facilities are the top choice of most travelers. However, for those staying near Guangzhou East Station and Hong Kong Hung Hom Station, it is more trouble-saving to take through trains.

Schedule: Over 15 Pairs’ High Speed Trains vs. About 10 Pairs’ Through Trains

Over 15 pairs of bullet trains are in service between Hong Kong West Kowloon Railway Station and Guangzhou South Railway Station / East Railway Station on a daily basis. During the peak period like holidays and weekends, there are more running and the departure interval is around 10 - 30 minutes.

There are about 10 pairs of through type trains available between Hong Kong and Guangzhou.

Travel Time: 1 Hour vs. 2 Hours

High speed trains run much faster; the duration is around 1 hour. The travel time of through type is around 2 hours.

Ticket Price: CNY 215 vs. CNY 178

The ticket fare for Hong Kong - Guangzhou high speed train is CNY 215 for second class seat, and CNY 323-344 and CNY 432-452 for first class seat and business class seat respectively.

A VIP class seat on the through type costs CNY 211 and a first class seat costs CNY 178.

Custom Inspections: In One Place vs. in Two Separate Places

When taking high speed trains, passeners can pass through customs of both sides at West Kowloon Railway Station, which is convenient, taking 10-20 minutes on usual days and no more than 30 minutes on weekends and holidays.

Taking through trains, passengers need to clear customs at departure and arrival stations seperately, both taking 10 - 20 minutes.

Buy Tickets: 6 Ways vs. 4 Ways

It is easier to purchase Hong Kong high speed train tickets, from the ticketing office at West Kowloon Railway Station, local travel agencies, telephone hotlines, online agencies like, official website of China Railway Corporation, and official website of HK High Speed Rail. Cash, credit card, Octopus and a variety of electronic payment methods are accepted.

The through train tickets can be purchased at Hum Hom station,, designated ticket office in downtown HK, and online system of the Hong Kong Railway Company.

Facilities: Modern vs. Old-fashioned

The interior of the high speed train is more advanced. All seats are in accordance with the running direction. There are two-hole and three-hole electrical sockets for each seat. Free WiFi is available. The space between seats is much larger. The lights are brighter and passengers can have a more pleasant travel experience.

Operation Stations: It Depends.

Bullet trains use Hong Kong West Kowloon Railway Station and Guangzhou South Railway Station and East Railway Station. Through types are operated at Hung Hom Railway Station and Guangzhou East Railway Station. For passenegrs from Tianhe and Yuexiu districts, it’s more time-saving and trouble-saving using Guangzhou East Railway Station. Similiarly, it is is more convenient for those staying near Hung Hom Railway Station to use through trains.

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