Hong Kong West Kowloon Railway Station

Hong Kong West Kowloon Railway Station, or Hong Kong High Speed Rail Station or Express Rail Link West Kowloon Terminus, operates over 110 pairs of short-distance high speed trains to/from Guangzhou and Shenzhen, with an average interval of 30 minutes and 15 minutes respectively. In addition, it operates 13 pairs of long-distance high speed trains to/from Beijing, Shanghai, Kunming, Guilin, Changsha, Wuhan, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Chaoshan and so on.

The Hong Kong High Speed Rail Station is the biggest underground train station all over the world, connecting with MTR Austin Station and Kowloon Station.

Address: West No.1, Austin Road, Mong Kok

Schedule of Hong Kong West Kowloon High Speed Rail Station

(Last Update on Sep 20, 2019)
ToTrainsDurationTicket Fare (CNY)
First/ Second Class Seat
G80 at 08:058h56mCNY 1,724/ 1,077
USD 246/ 154
G100 at 11:108h17mCNY 1,646.5/ 1,008
USD 235/ 144
G80, G6582, G6510, G6522...
34 departures from 08:05 to 22:50
0h46m - 1h10mCNY 261/ 187
USD 37/ 27
G5624, G5820, G5610, G6382...
93 departures from 07:03 to 22:50
0h14m - 0h20mCNY 109/ 68
USD 16/ 10
G312, G320 at 12:05 and 14:533h14m - 3h20mCNY 607/ 379
USD 87/ 54
G312 at 12:057h42mCNY 1,220/ 750.5
USD 174/ 107
G3006, G3002, G3004, G3008 from 08:45 to 19:493h50m - 4h30mCNY 408/ 255
USD 58/ 36
G3002 at 14:335h30mCNY 544/ 339.5
USD 78/ 49
G80, G306, G6114, G100 from 08:05 to 17:173h12m - 3h47mCNY 848/ 529
USD 121/ 76
G80, G306 at 08:05 and 09:484h33m - 4h59mCNY 1,082.5/ 678.5
USD 155/ 97

 Popular High Speed Trains from Hong Kong West Kowloon to: 

Station Plan of West Kowloon High Speed Rail Station

West Kowloon Train Station consists of a 7-storey terminal building, with 3 floors above ground and 4 floors underground. Looking afar, the V-shape frame of the terminal building is like towering trees with branches stretching out. A large-scale ground plaza is built for passengers to easily reach the ground floor, MTR Kowloon Station and Austin Station. 

 2F: Sky Corridor / Sightseeing Deck
 1F: Footbridge to MTR Austin Station and Kowloon Station
 Ground Floor: Bus Terminal, Taxi Stands, Green Plaza, Left Luggage
 B1: Ticket Concourse, taxi drop-off stands
 B2: Arrival Concourse, taxi pick-up stands, underpass to MTR Austin Station
 B3: Departure Concourse, Customs, duty free outlets, food and beverage outlets
 B4: Platforms

West Kowloon Railway Station Map
Map of
West Kowloon Railway Station
How to Take Train in Hong Kong
How to Take Train
at West Kowloon Station

Departure and Arrival Process at West Kowloon High Speed Rail Station

Departure Process: 4 Steps

Step 1: Buy or collect ticket at B1
Step 2: Ticket check and security check at B1
Step 3: Go down to B3 to pass customs 
Step 4: Go down to B4 to get onboard

Arrival Process: 3 Steps

Step 1: Get off at B4
Step 2: Go up to B2 to clear customs
Step 3: Go up to B1 to leave the station

"Cooperation immigration check” is carried for passengers traveling between Hong Kong and China by high speed train. The Immigration Control Points for both exit and entry procedures are set at the West Kowloon Train Station, which means passengers only need to queue for one time to finish the custom clearance of both sides.

How to get to Hong Kong West Kowloon High Speed Rail Station

Passengers can take MTR to Kowloon Station or Austin Station first, and then walk to West Kowloon Rail Station through pedestrian zones, footbridges and underground passages. It takes 8 - 10 minutes from Kowloon Station and 2 or 3 minutes from Austin Station.

 By city bus: 36B, 36X, 42A, 46, 60X, 63X, 69X, 81, 95, 268X, 271, W1, W2, W3…
They have a stop either at the bus terminus of West Kowloon Railway Station or nearby roadside.

 By Taxi
Passengers will be dropped off on B1 and be picked up on B2. 

Estimated Taxi Cost between West Kowloon Train Station and:

Destination Cost Destination Cost
Victoria Peak HKD130-140 Peak Tram Lower Terminal HKD100
Ocean Park HKD130 Star Ferry Pier, Central HKD110
Disneyland HKD200 Airport HKD260
Ngong Ping 360,  Tung Chung Station HKD250 Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, Hong Kong Port HKD270
Causeway Bay HKD90 Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal, Sheung Wan HKD110
Repulse Bay HKD140 Yau Ma Tei HKD25
Mong Kok HKD35 Tsim Sha Tsui HKD35
Hong Kong West Kowloon Railway Station
Hong Kong West Kowloon Railway Station

How to Get to West Kowloon High Speed Rail Station from Hong Kong Airport

1. Take Airport Express train to Kowloon Station, take the C1 Exit, and then enter the station via footbridge or underpass. The travel time is about 25 minutes and ticket price is HKD100 for a single trip. 

2. Take bus A12 to Western Harbour Crossing Toll Plaza, then walk to nearby Austin Road West to take bus 215X to get there. The duration is about 45 minutes and ticket price is about HKD50.

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