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Hong Kong Train Map

Hong Kong High Speed Train Running Map (Last Update: January, 2019)
Hong Kong High Speed Train Running Map
Hong Kong Metro Map (Last Update: January, 2019)

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Hong Kong Railway Station Maps

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Hong Kong Train
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    Scott Anderson
    Posted on May. 25, 2020
    We feel surprised about your excellent service. You cought the mistakes in my bookings and recommend us a much helpful option. Our trip in last December was smooth and enjoyable with your help! Thank you very much!
    Posted on Mar. 25, 2020
    I have been so worried about what needs to be done and whether we will be able to change the train tickets. Thank you so much Josey.. With your reference and help, we have changed the tickets at the station without any issue. Really appreaciate your help.
    Posted on Feb. 23, 2020
    I have been working as a teacher in China for 3 years, every time when I need to arrange a trip, I will come to Travelchinaguide. They have my details in their system, so I only need to tell them my schedule, they will buy tickets and send paper tickets directly to my address. Nothing easier!
    Posted on Jan. 02, 2020
    We want to say that your service was really excellent. Professional! Thank you so much for arranging our train tickets in China. We had a great time. Thanks.
    Posted on Dec. 15, 2019
    We travelled as a group, and we are happy with the adjoining seats and bunks you got for us. Thanks very much for your responsiveness. Look forward to book with you in the future again.
    Posted on Nov. 26, 2019
    Great help. Thank you for correcting our names based on the China real-name system to smooth our trip. Again sincere thanks!
    Posted on Nov. 09, 2019
    It's no longer hard to book train tickets in China. You can make the booking through TravelChinaGuide, for both high speed and overnight trains. They are professional and friendly. Highly recommend!
    Posted on Oct. 22, 2019
    Your service is much better than the other agency I contact. They can’t even change my tickets. Booking with you is easy and clear. I could change my schedule freely with paying small change fee. I love your service and will definitely use it again.
    Posted on Oct. 05, 2019
    I love your helpful website. You have been wonderful for this process! Certainly gives me confidence to book my return trip Guilin to HK with you guys.
    Posted on Sep. 19, 2019
    My family and I are making several train journeys across China, The tickets are sold 30 days in advance and i got the confirmation and all instructions just on that day, what I need to do was to get to the station, find the pick-up counter and collect them. I asked many many silly questions since it was my first trip to China, and I got satisfied answers quickly from TCG. You really couldn't ask for a better or more personal level of service.
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