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Guangzhou to Fuzhou Train

At present, Guangzhou South Railway Station handles 1 high speed train to Fuzhou Railway Station. The Guangzhou to Fuzhou high speed train needs the travel time of around 6 hours to complete the travel distance of 861 kilometers (535 miles). The ticket price of a first class seat is CNY 523.5 and of a second class seat is CNY 339.

If the tickets are sold out, one can choose to make a transfer at Shenzhen North Railway Station. The travel time is 6.5 to 7 hours in total and the overall cost of two second class seats is CNY 333.5.

Guangzhou to Fuzhou Train Tickets Booking

Details of the Train G1607:
1Guangzhou South -14:54
2Humen [Dongguan] 15:1115:22
3Shenzhen North 15:4015:47
4Houmen 16:3416:36
5Kuitan 17:1017:12
6Chaoyang [Shantou] 17:3617:38
7Chaoshan 17:5417:57
8Zhangzhou 18:5919:01
9Xiamen North 19:2119:26
10Quanzhou [Fujian] 19:5119:53
11Putian 20:2020:22
12Fuzhou 21:06-
Guangzhou South

Running Route of Guangzhou to Fuzhou High Speed Train

Guangzhou - Shenzhen High Speed Railway Line: With the length of 102 kilometers (63 miles), Guangzhou - Shenzhen High Speed Railway Line is a part of Beijing - Shenzhen High Speed Railway Line, linking railway stations like Qingsheng, Humen and Guangmingcheng.

Shenzhen - Fuzhou High Speed Railway Line: As a section of China’s Southeast Coastal High Speed Railway Line, Shenzhen - Fuzhou High Speed Railway Line is as long as 740 kilometers (460 miles), connecting railway stations including Huizhou South, Lufeng, Chaoyang, Chaoshan, Zhaoan. Zhangpu, Zhangzhou, Xiamen North and Putian.

Transfer at Shenzhen North for More Options

Guangzhou South to Shenzhen North Shenzhen North to Fuzhou South Ovverall Travel Time Ticket Price
Second Class Seat/ Second Class Seat
G6501 06:48 - 07:20 D2302 08:19 - 13:55 7h7m CNY 74.5 + CNY 259 = CNY 333.5
G6317 07:06 - 07:35 D3108 08:24 - 13:29 6h23m
G6203 07:18 - 07:49 D2308 08:39 - 14:01 6h43m
G6211 08:18 - 09:02 D2310 09:48 - 15:12 6h54m 
G6325 10:11 - 10:47 D3112 11:34 - 16:43 6h32m
G6223 10:48 - 11:17 D2306 12:03 - 17:27 6h39m 
G2901 13:32 - 14:01 D2298 14:48 - 20:21 6h49m
G1009 14:15 - 14:45 D2328 15:30 - 20:47 6h32m
G6329 17:10 - 17:47 D3342 18:45 - 23:42 6h32m

How to Get to Famous Attractions in Fuzhou from Fuzhou Railway Station

Passengers can take metro line 1 to East Street and get off through Exit C, then walk south or west to get there. If getting there by taxi directly, the taxi ride may take 25 minutes with the cost of about CNY 35.

To Mt. Yu

Passengers can take city bus 133/ K3/ 2 to bus stop Longhua Foot Bridge, then walk south for about 200 meters (220 yards) to Cangfang Street. After, walk west along the road for about 100 meters (110 yards) to get to the scenic area.

One can also choose to take a taxi to get there, taking about half an hour and costing around CNY 40.

Fuzhou to Guangzhou train

1 Fuzhou to Guangzhou high speed train is in service, taking the travel time of about 6 hours

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Major Rail Lines from Guangzhou to:
Major Rail Lines from Fuzhou to:
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