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Guangzhou to Xining Train

Currently, 1 Guangzhou to Xining train is running from Guangzhou Railway Station to Xining Railway Station, taking about 31.5 hours to finish the journey as long as 3,008 kilometers (1,869 miles). The ticket price of a soft sleeper is CNY 1,051 and of a hard sleeper is CNY 593.

One can also choose to transfer at Xi’an North Railway Station or Lanzhou West Railway Station for more options. The travel time is from 13.5 to 15.5 hours and the cost for two second class seats is CNY 1,046.

Basic Facts of Guangzhou to Xining Train

Travel Time: Around 31.5 hours
Travel Distance: 3,008 kilometers (1,869 miles)
Operated at: Guangzhou Railway Station, Xining Railway Station
Major Railway Stations along the Way: Guangzhou, Chenzhou, Changsha, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Xi’an, Lanzhou and Xining.

Guangzhou to Xining Train Tickets Booking

Details of the Train Z265:
1Guangzhou -10:32
2Chenzhou 15:2715:30
3Changsha 19:0219:10
4Wuhan [Wuchang] 22:3823:00
5Zhengzhou 03:4003:46
6Xi'an 09:4409:54
7Lanzhou 16:4316:58
8Xining 19:2319:43
9Golmud 02:3603:01
10Amdo 11:2511:33
11Nakchu 12:5213:00
12Lhasa 16:56-
Details of the Train Z230:
1Shenzhen East -09:03
2Guangzhou 10:2810:38
3Shaoguan East 12:5312:59
4Chenzhou 14:3814:44
5Hengyang 16:2316:28
6Changsha 18:3518:58
7Yueyang 20:1620:24
8Wuhan [Wuchang] 22:3222:54
9Nanyang 03:3404:01
10Xi'an 09:0509:12
11Baoji 10:4511:08
12Tianshui 12:4212:48
13Lanzhou 16:2916:44
14Xining 19:37-
Guangzhou North

Other Transportation Options

Transfer at Xi’an North Railway Station

Guangzhou South to Xi’an North Xi’an North to Xining Overall Travel Time Ticket Price
Second Class Seat/ Second Class Seat
G832: 07:04 - 16:06 D2697: 17:01 - 22:38 15h34m CNY 813.5 + CNY 232.5 = CNY 1,046
G96: 08:55 - 16:31 D2569: 17:31 - 22:58 14h3m 

Transfer at Lanzhou West Railway Station

Guangzhou South to Lanzhou West Lanzhou West to Xining Overall Travel Time Ticket Price
Second Class Seat/ Second Class Seat
G96: 08:55 - 19:19 D2697: 20:25 - 22:38 13h43m CNY 988 + CNY 58 = CNY 1,046

Guangzhou to Xining Flight

There are 3 flights scheduled from 05:45 to 15:40 are available from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport to Xining Caojiabao Airport. The travel time is about 3 hours and the airfare is from CNY 760 to CNY 1,450.

Where to Go in Xining

Qinghai Lake is the biggest inland lakes in China. The famous scenic spots in Qinghai Lake are Erlangjian Scenic Area where tourists can rent a boat to appreciate the beauty of the lake, Bird Island – the home to thousands of birds during every April to June and Sun and Moon Mountain where one can breathe fresh air and have a walk.

Northern Buddhist Temple, built in Northern Wei Dynasty (386 - 534), is the second largest hanging monastery in China. When it comes to rainy days with mist around, tourists can see a totally different scenery of the temple which is also known as Mist and Rain of Northern Buddhist Temple, one of the eight famous scenes in Xining. What’s more, tourists can see Ningshou Tower or Lingguan Palace there, or they can visit the spectacular “Nine Caves and Eighteen Mountain Holes” built in the middle of the mountain. Tourists can visit Buddhist Statues and Taoist Statues after they go to the cave.

Kumbum was built for commemorating the founder of Yellow Hat Sect - Tsong Khapa (1357-1419). Great Hall of Golden Roof and Great Hall of Meditation are the most famous parts in the monastery. Moreover, one can see lots of buildings in both Han and Tibetan architectural styles. Golden-gilded Buddhist statues, frescos and applique embroidery can also be found in the temple.

Xining to Guangzhou Train

1 Xining to Guangzhou is in service from Xining Railway Station to Guangzhou Railway Station. The travel time is about 33.5 hours.

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Major Rail Lines from Xining to:
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