Xi'an North Railway Station

Xi'an North Railway Station is one of the most important transportation hubs of Chinese high speed rail network. It is about 8.7 miles (14 km) from Bell Tower (city center), 8 miles (13 km) from Xi'an Railway Station, and 15.5 miles (25 km) from Xianyang International Airport.

Xi'an North Railway Station Address: At intersection of the Weiyang Road and Wenjing Road in Weiyang District
Xi'an North Railway Station See-off Service


Schedule and Ticket Booking

North Railway Station mainly operates bullet trains to/from major Chinese cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, Wuhan and Changsha.

 Major Rail Lines from the North Station to:

 Schedule to Major Destinations
(Last Update on Jun 22, 2021)
ToTrainsDurationTicket Fare (CNY)
First/ Second Class Seat
Beijing West
G652, G26, G672, G656...
18 departures from 08:22 to 18:26
4h23m - 5h48mCNY 824.5/ 515.5
USD 127/ 79
Shanghai Hongqiao
G1914, G362, G3154, G1918...
14 departures from 06:28 to 20:23
5h54m - 10h45mCNY 1,095/ 459
USD 168/ 71
Chengdu East
D1913, G2855, D1915, D1917...
44 departures from 07:50 to 19:49
3h9m - 4h13mCNY 421/ 263
USD 65/ 40
Guangzhou South
G820, G98, G824, G834...
9 departures from 09:45 to 13:52
7h37m - 9h13mCNY 1,280.5/ 800.5
USD 197/ 123
Shenzhen North
G820, G824, G828, G842 from 09:45 to 13:269h18m - 9h54mCNY 1,401/ 888
USD 216/ 137
Luoyang Longmen
G870, G3158, G2298, G2390...
72 departures from 07:02 to 21:00
1h15m - 2h11mCNY 279.5/ 119.5
USD 43/ 18
Pingyao Ancient Town
D2502, D2572, D2582, D2510...
12 departures from 07:41 to 18:50
2h45m - 3h17mCNY 240/ 150
USD 37/ 23
Lanzhou West
D2649, D2671, D2701, D2651...
53 departures from 07:00 to 21:16
2h32m - 3h23mCNY 213.5/ 147.5
USD 33/ 23
Huashan North
G3198, G2002, G2678, G2052...
53 departures from 07:30 to 20:07
0h28m - 0h42mCNY 89.5/ 34.5
USD 14/ 5
G870, G2298, G2390, G820...
13 departures from 07:02 to 15:20
3h49m - 5h17mCNY 727.5/ 454.5
USD 112/ 70
Changsha South
G820, G98, G824, G834...
8 departures from 09:45 to 13:52
5h11m - 6h26mCNY 940/ 587
USD 145/ 90
 The above schedule is for reference only. For real-time schedule and ticket booking, please click the arrival stations.
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Waiting Room
A Bullet Train at Xi'an North

Station Plan

The North Train Station mainly consists of two parts: two squares and station building. Currently, only the south square is in service and the north one is under construction. Public bus stops, taxi stands and parking lots for personal cars are available on the south square, and beneath the square, there are also parking lots in service. In the future, there will be a commercial plaza and a long-distance bus station beneath the two squares, too.

Between the two squares is the station building, covering an area of 83 acres. It is modeled in the architectural style of the Han Dynasty (202BC – 220AD) and the Tang (618 - 907) Dynasty, which indicates long history and rich culture of the city. The building has four floors: two departure floors 1F & 2F are above the ground, and the other two are under ground. -1F is an arrival floor and -2F is a subway station.
 2F: waiting hall, ticket office, commercial area (on mezzanine), taxi drop-off area
 1F: platforms, ticket offices, exits/ entrances
 -1F: arrival hall, subway entrances/ exits, exit passage, ticket office
 -2F: subway platforms


How to get to Xi'an North Railway Station from downtown?

 Arrival by bus:
At North Station: Airport Shuttle Bus North Station Line
At North Station South: 723
At North Station Bus Terminal: 108, 263, 264, 265, 266

 Arrival by subway:
1. Subway Line 2:
North Station is the last stop of subway line 2. Passengers will arrive at -2F of the station building. From there, there are escalators, lifts, and stairs to upper floors.

2. Subway Line 4:
The subway line 4 will arrive at the North Square of the railway station. From there, there are clear English signs to help go to the North Railway Station.

3. Airport Line

 Arrival by taxi
Passengers arriving by taxi will be dropped at the drop-off area on 2F.

From Time (minutes)                  Cost (CNY)
Xianyang International Airport 30 70
Bell Tower 40 35
Giant Wild Goose Pagoda 60 55
Railway Station 35 35


Ticket Check and Boarding

Before checking in, passengers should read their tickets information carefully to know exactly where to have the ID certificate used to book the ticket checked. North Station is equipped with self-service check-in machines. But overseas passengers need to have their ID certificate bearing the ticket checked by the station staff at check-in points. Check-in usually begins 30 minutes before departure and stops 5 minutes before. Then, take escalators or stairs down to platforms on 1F for boarding.

How to exit and leave the station?

Upon arriving, all passengers are led to the transfer hall on -1F to exit. Passengers should confirm their routes and decide how to leave the station first and then find bus, taxi or subway to their destinations following the direction boards.

 Leave by subway:
1. The subway entrances for line 2 and Airport Line are located on the same floor with transfer hall on -1F. Passengers can find them easily upon arrival by clear signs.
2. Walk to the North Square of the railway station. Then follow the signs to take subway line 4.

 Leave by bus:
Bus stops are located on the south square.

 Leave by taxi:
Taxi stands can also be found on the south square. Passengers can go there to take taxi when they confirm their routes.

Direction Signs
Bilingual Direction Signs in English and Chinese
Subway Station inside Xi'an North Railway Station
Subway Station

How to go from Xi'an North Railway Station to famous sites

From Xi'an North Railway Station to Xi'an Railway Station

Bus 266 can take passengers there directly;
Take subway line 2 to North Street, change to line 1 to Wulukou, then walk northward to get there.

From Xi'an North Train Station to Bell Tower

Take subway line 2 to Bell Tower. Close to Bell Tower, one can also walk to visit the Drum Tower, Muslim quarter and Great Mosque.

From Xi'an North Railway Station to Terracotta Warriors

Passengers arriving at the station can take metro line 2 to Beidajie, then change to line 1 to Fangzhicheng Bus Station. Then take tourist line 5 (306) to Terracotta Warriors. It takes CNY 11 in total and about 2.5 hours.

From Xi'an North Railway Station to Airport

1. Take Airport Shuttle Bus Line 6 to get there directly. The bus is available from 08:00 to 21:00 every 20-30 minutes. It takes about 40 minutes on the way and costs CNY25.
2. Take Metro Airport Line to get to Xianyang Airport directly. The metro is available from 06:00 to 23:00 every 9.5 minutes. It takes around 33 minutes on the way and costs CNY16.

From Xi'an North Railway Station to South Railway Station

Take metro line 2 to Fengqiyuan metro station first and then change to bus no. 918 to the South Station.

From Xi'an North Railway Station to Huashan Mountain

Take a train to Huashan North Railway Station. After getting out from the station, take sightseeing buses 1 or 2 close to the exit and get off at the Tourism Center at the foot of Mt. Huashan.

To City Wall

Take subway line 2 to Yongningmen (South Gate) and get out from exit C. After, walk northward to ascend the City Wall.

To Giant Wild Goose Pagoda

Take subway line 4 and arrive at Giant Wild Goose Pagoda directly.

Bus/ Subway Search


Facilities and Services

 Ticket Office:
Two ticket offices, located at both sides of the entrance on 1F, are open from 05:30 to 24:00. The special windows for ticket change and refund are located inside the office on the east side. In addition, the ticket office on south side of -1F will be opened in peak travel season.

 Waiting Hall:
KFC in Xi'an North
KFC in the Terminal Building

It is located on 2F of the terminal building. Upon arrival, find the specific waiting area and check-in barrier according to your ticket. There is also a mezzanine on this floor, which is a shopping and dining zone including McDonald's, KFC, Daniang Dumplings, Mingtien Coffee and UBC Coffee. Special local products and handicrafts also can be found here. There are 56 call buttons scattered around the waiting hall, so passengers can ask for help when they come across any problems. On east and west sides of the hall, scatter toilets and hot drinking water rooms for passengers' convenience.

 Left Luggage Service:
If you have luggage to store at the station, you can go to the customer service counter on 2F. It charges CNY 3 for small bags (less than 22 pounds) and CNY 5 for large luggage (over 10 pounds) per day. Luggage carrier service counters are located at the entrances of both first and second floors. The carriers can send the luggage onto carriage for you. The service fee is CNY5 per piece of luggage and CNY50 per cart.

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