Zhengzhou – Xian Train

The operation of about 60 pairs of high speed trains between Zhengzhou and Xian has greatly shortened the journey time from 6-8.5 hours to 2-3 hours. Since their operation, they have been the top choices of most passengers. However, the normal speed ones do not step down from the stage of history, as they are favored by some budget travelers and locals. Xian to Zhengzhou distance by different train varies from 505 kilometers (314 miles) to 578 kilometers (359 miles).

Zhengzhou – Xian High Speed Train

Basic Facts:

 Open Date: February 6, 2010
 Running Distance: 505 (314 miles)
 Highest Speed: 250 km/h (155 mph) or 300 km/h (186 mph)
 Stations along the way: Gongyi South, Luoyang Longmen, Mianchi South, Sanmenxia South, Lingbao West, Huashan North, Weinan North
 Note: As Luoyang is along the Zhengzhou – Xian High Speed Railway, its operation also brings great convenience for passengers traveling between Xian and Luoyang. See Luoyang – Xian High Speed Trains

Zhengzhou - Xian High Speed Railway Map

Zhengzhou to Xian Bullet Train Schedule

Zhengzhou Schedule
(Last update on October 18th, 2017)

From  To   Nos.  Duration
Zhengzhou  Xian North  G2001, G857, G641, G865…
13 departures from 07:54 to 20:41 
1h50m – 2h41m

Zhengzhou East  
G2021, G2023, G89, G1833…
36 departures from 07:20 to 21:44 

1h51m – 2h46m
D307 at 07:20  2h46m
Zhengzhou West G2001, G1971, G653, G2021…
9 departures from 08:14 to 19:49
1h45m – 2h17m

Xian to Zhengzhou High Speed Train Timetable

Xian Schedule
(Last update on October 18th, 2017)

From  To   Nos.  Duration
Xian North  Zhengzhou  G1548, G820, G98, G862…
13 departures from 07:20 to 15:16 
1h49m – 2h25m
Zhengzhou East  G1914, G1900, G1844, G2002…
35 departures from 06:24 to 19:44
1h52m – 2h44m
D308 at 19:44  2h43m
Zhengzhou West  G652, G672, G1926, G1294…
9 departures from 07:50 to 18:58
1h53m – 2h25m

Ticket Fare of Zhengzhou – Xian High Speed Trains

Business Class Seat First Class Seat  Soft Sleeper  Second Class Seat
G Type   CNY755  CNY382  ---  CNY239
D Type  --- --- CNY375  CNY159
Platform at Zhengzhou East Station
First Class Seats

Which Station to Choose in Zhengzhou

 Zhengzhou Railway Station:
Located in the city center, it is easily accessible for passengers in the urban area. Also, those transferring to normal trains are advised to arrive here rather than the other two stations. Around the station, there is the Erqi Tower, a long-distance bus station and also many shopping places. In addition, subway and city buses are available here.

 East Railway Station:
Located in the eastern area of the city, it is more convenient for passengers to/from the east urban and suburban areas to use it. Subway and city buses available here can take passengers to downtown area very easily. It is also connected to the Railway Station by subway line 1.

 West Railway Station:
Located in the western area of the city, this is a newly-built high speed railway station serving bullet trains to/from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing etc. Transportation around is not convenient here.

Normal Trains of Zhengzhou – Xian

Zhengzhou to Xian Train Schedule:

K1351, K1027, 1147, Z273… 38 departures from 00:11 to 23:35

Xian to Zhengzhou Train Timetable:

K386, T198, T206, K178 … 38 departures from 00:05 to 23:45

 Duration: 6 – 8.5 hours
 Distance: 511/578 kilometers (318/359 miles)
 Ticket Fare: CNY233/242 per person for a soft sleeper, CNY127/174 per person for a hard sleeper, CNY63/72/78 per person for a hard seat
 Stations along the way: Gongyi, Yanshi, Luoyang, Xin’anxian, Yima, Mianchi, Sanmenxia, Sanmenxia West, Lingbao, Tongguan, Huashan, Weinan

At one side, all of them are operated in Zhengzhou Railway Station. At the other side, most of them are operated in Xian Railway Station and only one pair numbered as K385/K386 is in South Railway Station.

Zhengzhou – Xian Overnight Sleeper Trains

When the high speed rail tickets are sold out, you may need to travel by normal ones. Among all normal ones, you are advised to choose those overnight sleeper trains departing in the evening and arriving in the next morning, such as Z293/Z294, T113, K361, T205, K245, Z218, K132 etc. They will save you the day time and one-night hotel expenditure. What’s more, you are advised to purchase a hard sleeper or soft sleeper berth beforehand for an overnight journey.

Major Rail Lines from Xian to:


 Major Rail Lines from Zhengzhou to:

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