Zhengzhou East Railway Station

On Sept. 28, 2012, Zhengzhou East Railway Station started to be in operation with the complete opening of the Beijing-Guangzhou High Speed Railway.

It is regarded as the largest interchange station in Asia. Lying at the junction of the Beijing-Guangzhou High Speed Rail Line, Xuzhou-Lanzhou High-Speed Rail Line,  Zhengzhou-Luoyang-Xi'an High Speed Rail Line and Beijing-Kunming (Zhengzhou-Chongqing) High-Speed Rail Line, this station has become a comprehensive passenger transportation hub incorporating high speed trains, long-distance buses, metro lines, public buses and taxis. It plays an important role in reducing the transportation pressure on the Zhengzhou Railway Station.

Address: Xinyi Road in Jinshui District

Schedule and Ticket Booking

Zhengzhou East Railway Station provides high-speed train services to several large cities, including Beijing, Xi'an, Changsha, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Taiyuan and Xinyang. With the high-speed service, the travel time can be shortened to 2.5 hours to Beijing West, 2 hours to Wuhan, and 6 hours to Guangzhou South. Additionally, there are 6 pairs of high-speed trains running between this station and Zhengzhou Railway Station. The ticket price is CNY 9 and the shortest travel time is 14 minutes.

  Major Rail Lines from the Station to:

 Schedule to Major Destinations
(Last Update on Jan 10, 2020)

ToTrainsDurationTicket Fare (CNY)
First/ Second Class Seat
Beijing West
G1564, G802, G1572, G520...
67 departures from 06:42 to 20:40
2h25m - 3h53mCNY 495/ 309
USD 72/ 45
Xi'an North
G2025, G4285, G2201, D311...
89 departures from 06:53 to 21:37
1h48m - 2h41mCNY 369/ 159
USD 54/ 23
Hong Kong
G79, G305 at 12:34 and 14:116h24m - 6h51mCNY 1,390/ 868
USD 203/ 127
G3203, G1991, G439, G93...
85 departures from 07:00 to 21:34
1h43m - 4h25mCNY 294.5/ 184
USD 43/ 27
Guangzhou South
G93, G541, G847, G73...
30 departures from 07:56 to 23:52
5h31m - 7h28mCNY 1,046/ 495
USD 153/ 72
Shenzhen North
G73, G71, G531, G279...
14 departures from 10:48 to 23:42
6h3m - 8h9mCNY 1,145.5/ 542
USD 167/ 79
Taiyuan South
G692, G686, G1952, G1956...
5 departures from 12:20 to 17:48
3h40m - 4h6mCNY 417.5/ 260.5
USD 61/ 38
Luoyang Longmen
G6681, G2025, G2201, D307...
76 departures from 06:34 to 21:37
0h36m - 0h50mCNY 89.5/ 44.5
USD 13/ 6
Shanghai Hongqiao
G1801, G370, G1808, G1914...
29 departures from 07:40 to 22:53
4h2m - 7h35mCNY 739/ 297.5
USD 108/ 43
 The above schedule is for reference only. For real-time schedule and ticket booking, please click the arrival stations.

See detailed Zhengzhou Train Schedule

Zhengzhou East Train Station

Station Layout

Covering an area of 412,000 square meters, the Zhengzhou East Train Station has a building hall of 150,000 square meters with 5 storeys, three above ground and two underground. The two underground floors are used for the metro transfers and commercial facilities. The first floor is the exit hall, also transfer hall of the high-speed and intercity trains; the second floor is the platform; and the third floor is the waiting hall. Barrier-free elevators are available at each floor aboveground. Passengers with disabilities can directly go to the waiting hall through the elevators. Each ticket barrier is equipped with an emergency ticket-checking machine.

Buying Train Tickets

The ticket hall can be found on each floor aboveground. There are a total of 23 ticket windows and 24 self-service ticket vending machines. Passengers can conveniently buy tickets upon arrival. The pre-sale time is usually 18 days before departure. Additionally, the tickets can be booked online or by phone, with a pre-sale period up to 20 days.


 Long-distance Bus: At the north side of the East Square is the long-distance bus station, which serves over 30 routes to cities in Henan Province and nearby provinces.

 Bus: For your convenience some specific bus routes from here are listed below.
Bus No. Route Operation Time Ticket Fare
60 to Zhaopo New Village 06:00 - 21:30 CNY1
87 to Zhengzhou Railway Station 06:00 - 21:00
114 Dongjiancai – East Railway Station – Henan Institute of Education 06:30 - 20:00
158 to Tram Company 06:30 - 20:00
319 to Luzhuang Village 06:30 - 18:30
916 to Medical University 06:30 - 20:30
162 to Biaoyuan 06:30 - 20:00
B25 to Agricultural Road Zhongzhou Avenue 06:30 - 20:30
Y805 (Night Line) to Zhengzhou Railway Station 04:30 - 06:00, 21:00 - 00:00
Tip: From this station to the airport, you can take bus 916 and get off at Dongming Road, Jinshui Road, and then walk about 10m to the Civil Aviation Hotel and take the airport shuttle bus line 1 to get to the airport.

 Taxi: Usually, taxis can be easily found at the East Train Station, especially during the daytime. It costs about CNY 25~30 from here to the Zhengzhou Railway Station. The fare is about CNY 80~100 to Xinzheng International Airport with minimal traffic jams. It takes 60 minutes to Zhengzhou West Railway Station and costs CNY80.

 Metro: East Railway Station is designed to be the transfer stop of metro line 1 and line 5.

 Inter-city High Speed Trains: These C trains can take you to Zhengzhou Railway Station in city center. Duration is only 19 minutes. Ticket price is CNY12 for a second class seat and CNY19 for a first class seat.

Zhengzhou Bus Search
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Questions & Answers on Zhengzhou East Railway Station
Asked by Arsham dionysian from USA | Aug. 20, 2019 10:14Reply
Does zhengzhou east station have left luggage
Answers (1)
Answered by Josiah | Aug. 20, 2019 19:11

I think there is one at the 3F, in the waiting hall. The problem is that you need a ticket of that day to enter the waiting hall.
Asked by Dreamy from GERMANY | Aug. 12, 2019 01:45Reply
Hello, may I know when the earliest train runs from Minhanglu to Zhengzhou East Station?
Do you think it is OK to catch a train at 7:26am?
Answers (1)
Answered by Peter from CANADA | Aug. 12, 2019 18:55

I think the first metro of line 1 is at Minhanglu should be at 6:29am and it will reach East Station at 6:43am. If you have paper tickets in hand already, it should be possible to catch it. If you do not have a paper ticket yet, it is too risky.
Asked by Simon from SWITZERLAND | Jan. 29, 2018 00:22Reply
Taxi at late night
I will arrive at Zhengzhou East railway station on Feb 13 (week of Chinese New Year).
Do you know whether there are enough official, safe taxis at 11.30 PM (night) which can take me somewhere within the city?

Thank you.
Answers (1)
Answered by Anthony | Jan. 29, 2018 04:16

I think it should be fine. Before the Chinese new year, it is a very busy time for all kinds of transportation. The railway station are still busy even at night, taxis should be OK
Asked by aalia khan from CHINA | Feb. 16, 2017 10:30Reply
where do we go to pick up passengers arriving from west Beijing
Answers (1)
Answered by Charlie | Feb. 16, 2017 20:07

You can drive to the parking lot or go to the exit passenger on 1F. Inform the passenger if you will be on east square side or west square side.
Asked by Ed from CANADA | Oct. 13, 2016 21:02Reply
Is there any luggage locker in ZhengZhou East Railway Station for 5 days? and How much?
I'll stay 5 days in Zhengzhou next week. Is there any luggage locker in East Railway Station?
How much for 5 days?
I'll take a high speed ride to Taiyuan. Is there any check-in for my luggage like airline or should I carry it onboard by myself?
Thank you for your reply.
Ed from Canada
Answers (1)
Answered by Harrisona from SINGAPORE | Oct. 14, 2016 01:05

there is luuage locker in the station, but not sure if this can work for 5 days. the price is from CNY10 to 20 based on the size. For boarding, you need to carry the luggage by yourself
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