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Xi'an to Shaoxing Trains

1 Xi’an to Shaoxing high speed train is available. The whole route from Xi’an North Railway Station to Shaoxing North Railway Station is 1,513 kilometers (940 miles) in length and takes 8 hours and 15 minutes to the destination. The business class seat costs CNY 2,153, the first class seat costs CNY 1,174.5 and the second class seat costs CNY 728.5.

Besides, 2 normal speed trains from Xi’an Railway Station to Shaoxing Railway Satation are also in service. The total distance is 1,578 kilometers (981 miles). And the whole journey takes 20.5-22.5 hours. The soft sleeper costs CNY 497.5-509.5, the hard sleeper costs CNY 325.5-331.5 and the hard seat costs CNY 177.5-180.5.

Xi’an to Shaoxing Train Tickets Booking

Details of the Train K1042:
1Lanzhou -22:00
2Dingxi 23:1623:20
3Longxi 00:1300:17
4Gangu 01:1101:14
5Tianshui 02:3302:39
6Baoji 05:2405:48
7Xianyang 07:2407:28
8Xi'an 08:0708:17
9Weinan [Shaanxi] West 08:5809:00
10Shangluo 10:1610:19
11Danfeng 10:4710:50
12Xixia 12:3912:47
13Tanghe [Henan] 15:0715:15
14Tongbai 16:0316:10
15Xinyang 17:3517:43
16Luoshan 18:1418:21
17Xixian [Henan] 18:4118:47
18Hengchuan 19:3119:38
19Shangcheng 20:0420:07
20Gushi 20:2420:29
21Luan 21:3221:35
22Hefei 22:4122:58
23Chaohu 23:4223:46
24Hangzhou 03:4704:00
25Shaoxing 04:56-
26Yuyao 05:4505:50
27Ningbo 06:4006:40
Details of the Train G1896:
1Xi'an North -08:45
2Huashan [Shaanxi] North 09:1309:19
3Luoyang Longmen 10:1110:13
4Zhengzhou East 10:5110:59
5Lankao South 11:3011:32
6Shangqiu 11:5611:58
7Taihe [Sichuan] East 12:3612:38
8Fuyang West 12:5112:54
9Huainan South 13:2713:29
10Hefei South 14:0714:12
11Chaohu East 14:3314:35
12Wuhu 14:5614:58
13Xuancheng 15:2615:28
14Guangde South 15:4715:49
15Anji 15:5815:59
16Hangzhou East 16:3116:37
17Shaoxing North 16:5616:58
18Yuyao North 17:1617:18
19Ningbo 17:3817:44
20Sanmenxian 18:2318:25
21Taizhou [Zhejiang] 18:4418:46
22Yandangshan 19:0419:06
23Wenzhou South 19:37-
Xi'an North
Shaoxing North
Details of the Train K468:
1Xi'an -14:42
2Weinan [Shaanxi] West 15:2415:28
3Shangluo 16:5717:00
4Danfeng 17:3117:34
5Shangnan 18:2518:30
6Zhenping 20:0020:03
7Nanyang 20:3621:09
8Tanghe [Henan] 22:0422:09
9Xinyang 23:5900:19
10Hengchuan 01:4701:57
11Gushi 02:4602:51
12Hefei 04:5005:08
13Wuhu 06:4706:53
14Xuancheng 07:4607:50
15Changxing South 09:0309:08
16Deqing West 09:4609:51
17Hangzhou 11:0211:17
18Shaoxing 12:5813:03
19Yuyao 13:4713:54
20Ningbo 14:36-

Where to go in Shaoxing

1. National Forest Parks

There are 4 national forest parks in Shaoxing including Lanting National Forest Park, Wuxie National Forest Park, Nanshan Lake National Forest Park and Torreya grandis Fort National Forest Park. With beautiful natural scenery and countless cultural attractions, these forest parks are your first choice to visit. These are good places for you to go climbing, sightseeing and relax yourselves.

2. Ankang Ancient Town

Ankang Temple is known as the “millennial ancient temple” and is the oldest and largest temple in Anchang Town, you can enjoy the peace there. Also, you can visit the Renchang Sauce Garden which is a Chinese old-fashioned enterprise and enjoy the traditional Chinese food culture.

3. Warehouse Bridge Straight Street

Warehouse Bridge Straight Street is located in the historical district of Yue Emperor Town. It is a historical and cultural street in the style of the ancient city. The buildings along the riverside reflect the traditional architectural features and customs of Shaoxing. There are many traditional shops and restaurants on both sides of the road. In order to let visitors know as much as possible about Shaoxing customs, the local authorities also open Yue Opera Museum, Rice Wine Bar, Calligraphy and painting hall and so on.
 With beautiful natural landscape, world-famous calligraphy works and historical and cultural heritage, the Orchid Pavilion is an important historical site in China. As a Chinese calligraphy place, you will have a new understanding of Chinese culture here. At the same time, you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of waters, the Liushang Pavilion and the Imperial Monument Pavilion there.

Shaoxing to Xi’an trains

1 Shaoxing to Xi’an high speed train serves passengers, taking 7.5 hours. 2 normal speed trains run from Shaoxing Railway Station to Xi’an Railway Station, taking 21 - 22.5 hours.

See detailed Xi'an Train Schedule & Shaoxing Train Schedule
Major Rail Lines from Xi'an to:

Major Rail Line from Shaoxing to:
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