Xi'an to Shanghai High Speed Train

About 20 pairs of bullet trains are in service between Xi'an and Shanghai with a running distance of 1,509 km (938 miles). How long is the train ride from Shanghai to Xi'an? The travel time of these high speed trains is 6 - 9 hours. It costs CNY 659 - 773.5 (USD 92 - 107) for a second class seat. 

Also, there are about 10 pairs of overnight sleeper trains operating, taking 15 - 22.5 hours.

Xi'an to Shanghai High Speed Train

Basic Facts:

 Open Date: September 6th, 2016
 Duration: 6 - 9 hours
 Running Distance: 1,509 km (938 miles)
 Top Speed: 250 km/h (155 mph) or 300 km/h (186 mph)
 Operate at: Xi'an North Railway Station; Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station 

Xi'an to Shanghai Bullet Train Schedule

(Last Update on Aug 30, 2023)
Train No.Departure - ArrivalTravel Time
G36208:52 - 15:066h14m
G316611:47 - 20:148h27m
G318214:36 - 22:187h42m
G193815:39 - 21:235h44m
G194216:00 - 23:437h43m
Around 20 departures in total: departure time from 06:19 to 16:00; duration from 5H44M to 8H50M.
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Shanghai to Xi'an High Speed Train Timetable

(Last Update on Aug 30, 2023)
Train No.Departure - ArrivalTravel Time
G197407:17 - 14:307h13m
G315211:34 - 20:308h56m
G193213:38 - 20:407h2m
G193616:09 - 22:466h37m
G194017:07 - 23:226h15m
Around 20 departures in total: departure time from 06:10 to 17:07; duration from 5H39M to 8H56M.
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Notes: The above timetable is for reference only. The schedule searching by the search box on page top shall prevail.

Ticket Fare of Xi'an - Shanghai High Speed Trains

(Last Update on Aug 30, 2023)
Business Class SeatFirst Class SeatSecond Class Seat
CNY 2,072.5 - 2,404
USD 288 - 334
CNY 1,050.5 - 1,239
USD 146 - 172
CNY 659 - 773.5
USD 92 - 107


Xi'an - Shanghai Railway Map
Xi'an - Shanghai Railway Map
Stopovers of some types: Weinan North, Huashan North, Lingbao West, Sanmenxia South, Mianchi South, Luoyang Longmen, Gongyi South, Zhengzhou West, Zhengzhou East, Kaifeng North, Lankao South, Minquan North, Shangqiu, Dangshan South, Yongcheng North, Xiaoxian North, Xuzhou East, Suzhou East, Bengbu South, Nanjing South, Zhenjiang South, Danayng North, Changzhou North, Wuxi East, Suzhou North, Kunshan South.

Stop-bys of other types: Weinan North, Huashan North, Sanmenxia South, Luoyang Longmen, Zhengzhou East, Xuzhou, Nanjing and Suzhou

Running Route

 Xi'an - Zhengzhou: This section shares the railway track with Xi'an-Luoyang-Zhengzhou High Speed Rail Line, which has been put into service since 6th February in 2010 and it shortens the journey time between the two cities to 2 - 3 hours.

 Zhengzhou - Xuzhou: The Zhengzhou-Xuzhou High Speed Railway has been put into service since Sep 10th, 2016. The duration is 1.5 to 2.5 hours only.

 Xuzhou - Shanghai: This section is a part of Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway which has been put into use since June 30, 2011. The journey between the two cities takes 2.5 - 6 hours or so.

Normal Trains

They are mostly running overnight between Xi'an Railway Station and Shanghai Railway Station and only one pair of trains depart from / to Shanghai South Railway Station. Traveling overnight will save you one-night hotel expenditure and day time and it will be a preferrable choice for budget travelers because they cost less than bullet types.

Xi'an to Shanghai Train Schedule

(Last Update on Aug 30, 2023)
Train No.Departure - ArrivalTravel Time
Z9416:45 - 07:52+15h7m
T11819:55 - 13:26+17h31m
Z16620:54 - 11:55+15h1m
Z25421:14 - 12:22+15h8m
Z4221:28 - 12:07+14h39m
Around 10 departures in total: departure time from 09:29 to 20:02; duration from 14H39M to 23H49M.

Shanghai to Xi'an Train Timetable

(Last Update on Aug 30, 2023)
Train No.Departure - ArrivalTravel Time
K36009:29 - 06:19+20h50m
Z25214:13 - 05:26+15h13m
T11615:38 - 08:30+16h52m
Z9218:19 - 09:01+14h42m
Z16418:33 - 09:20+14h47m
Around 10 departures in total: departure time from 08:57 to 21:00; duration from 14H42M to 20H50M.

1. "+" indicates the second day.
2. The above timetable is for reference only. The schedule searching by the search box on the page top shall prevail.

Xi'an - Shanghai Train Ticket Fare

(Last Update on Aug 30, 2023)
Deluxe Soft SleeperSoft SleeperHard SleeperHard Seat
CNY 1,083
USD 150
CNY 529.5
USD 74
CNY 351.5
USD 49
CNY 180.5
USD 25

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Major Cities along the Way

Located in the west Henan Province, Luoyang was once the capital city of 13 ancient dynasties. Nowadays, Luoyang is well-known for Longmen Grottoes, Song Mountain, White Horse Temple etc. Besides, you can go to Shaolin Temple easily by coaches from this city. Transportation around the city is pretty convenient. The trains, flights and long-distance buses connect this city with other major cities in China.
As the capital city of Jiangsu Province, Nanjing is one of the hot tourist destinations in China. The city was once the capital city of six dynasties in ancient times, so it has many historical sites, museum and memorials such as Confucius Temple, and Nanjing Museum. Nowadays, because of the rapid development, it is a major city in China and an important junction point of China's north-south and east-west railway trunks. You can take both ordinary and high speed trains from Nanjing Railway Station or Nanjing South Station to major China cities.
Major Rail Lines from Xi'an to:

Major Rail Lines from Shanghai to:
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Questions & Answers on Xi'an to Shanghai High Speed Train
Asked by Joel from USA | Nov. 29, 2023 18:34Reply
How much scenary do you see on the train trip?
Answers (1)
Answered by Hailey | Nov. 30, 2023 00:34

Well, this is a long journey and you can see a lot of mountains, green fields, etc.
Asked by Charlotte Lantz from UNITED STATES | Jan. 23, 2020 14:38Reply
We are taking the bullet train from Xi'an to Shanghai on 26Mar before departing on a cruise.
I'm concerned about the baggage allowance on the trains. My husband and I will both have 1 suitcase (less than 62 inches and 50lbs) and a small carry-on. Will this be permitted?
Answers (1)
Answered by Fallon | Jan. 31, 2020 00:30

The policy says 20kg per person and the size should be within 130cm, but at station, the staff do not really care about it. Luggage will not be weighted or measured. You can take all your luggage with you.
Asked by Charles from UNITED KINGDOM | Sep. 02, 2019 19:19Reply
When is the opening time of Xi'an North Station?
Answers (1)
Answered by Hassan from USA | Sep. 03, 2019 18:16

It should be open at least at 6am and closed after 11pm.
Asked by Ali from USA | Aug. 24, 2019 00:25Reply
Family of 5
I'm traveling with my husband and 3 children. If I buy 2 tickets to the Deluxe Soft Sleeper and 3 tickets to the Soft Sleeper, can the 3 people in the Soft Sleeper compartment be able to travel back and forth from and to the Deluxe Soft Sleeper compartment?
Answers (1)
Answered by Paige from MEXICO | Aug. 25, 2019 18:52

During day time, it is possible, but when it is the sleeping time, the door between different class may closed.
Asked by Tan from FRANCE | Jul. 22, 2019 05:33Reply
High-speed train Shanghai to Xi'an
Our flight from France will land at Pudong airport T1 at 06:55. We would like to take a taxi from Pudong to Hongqiao station to catch the train departing at 09:24 for Xi'an. Is it feasible?
Thank you.
Answers (2)
Answered by Miky | Jul. 22, 2019 18:39

The time could be very tight. Considering the time for passport check and luggage collection, you may exit from airport around 8am, then 1 hour by taxi to the station. You have less than 30min at station for ticket collection and security check etc. There would be a chance that you will miss the train. It would be safer if you can choose a later train.
Answered by Tan from FRANCE | Jul. 24, 2019 01:57

Thanks Miky for your advice.
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