2 Days Shanghai Classic Tour

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  Trip Highlights
► A personalized trip with our travel experts’ insider knowledge.
► Enjoy a worry-free tour focused on your private travel group.
► English-speaking guide, experienced driver with an air-conditioned non-smoking vehicle.
► Experience must-see sights- the Bund, a classical garden, a water town.
► Taste authentic local cuisines and snacks.

Hereunder please find a sample itinerary. Our travel experts will be happy to customize a tour for you to meet your interests and needs.
Day 1 Arrive in Shanghai; Visit Zhujiajiao, the Bund & Take a Huangpu River Cruise
Zhujiajiao Water Town
Zhujiajiao Water Town
Welcome to “the Paris of the East”, the metropolis Shanghai! According to your arrival flight schedule, your personal tour guide will meet you at the airport. We are also happy to meet you at the port or railway station if you arrive by different means.

Then drive 1.5 hours to Zhujiajiao, a cultural ancient water town with a history of more than 1700 years. Enjoy the suburban scenery along the way in our smoke-free air-conditioned vehicle.

You will spend two hours leisurely in Zhujiajiao, which enjoys a reputation as China's Venice and Shanghai's Hollywood. The unique old bridges, well-structured courtyards, calm rivers and lush willows, all make this town a land of antiquity, leisure and tranquility. There are 36 ancient stone bridges.

► Why is it called Fangsheng Bridge?
Among 36 stone bridges, Fangsheng Bridge is the most famous one. With more than 200 years of history, it is considered to be the largest stone arch bridge in Shanghai. “Fangsheng” means “Setting-fish-free”, it was named so to encourage people to do good deeds. On the first and 15th days of Chinese lunar calendar, monks and pilgrims will release aquatic animals under the bridge. It will be an unforgettable experience if you happen to see it.

► Zhujiajiao is also a great place to explore Shanghai local foods. Your guide will be happy to introduce you to different foods and tell you how to eat them. Don’t miss the famous Zhujiajiao Zongzi (traditional Chinese rice-pudding) with various kinds. It tastes nicer if eaten hot.

In the afternoon, your guide and driver will take you back to Shanghai. Stroll along the iconic Bund freely to appreciate the wonderful scenes of this world famous city. As the symbol of Shanghai, the story of the Bund is also the story of this city. Follow your guide and listen to the history of the Bund and stories behind those international buildings in different architectural styles.

Have a one-hour cruise tour on the Huangpu River. Along both banks of the river scatter many landmark buildings, which reveal the past, present and future of this city. In addition, two suspension bridges, the Yangpu Bridge and the Nanpu Bridge, look like two dragons crouching across the river. With the Oriental Pearl TV Tower encompassed under their arches, the three form a picture of 'Two Dragons Playing a Ball', which is a kind of auspicious festive decorative pattern. All these make the Huangpu River Cruise an excellent way to explore the city's history, culture and charming landscape.

► The views in the Bund are quite different during the day and at night. If you arrive late today and cruise at night, you will appreciate the brilliant night views with all lights on. It is recommended to bring a jacket if you take cruise at night to keep from wind in cool seasons.

After today’s trip is completed, your guide and driver will transfer you to check into the well-selected hotel in downtown area.

Day 2 Visit the Shanghai Museum, Yu Garden & Panorama of the City; Airport See-off
Yu Garden
Yu Garden
Your 2 days Shanghai tour today will begin with a visit to Shanghai Museum, which is renowned for its large collections of Chinese ancient artworks. The exhibition building has a round top and a square base, resembling a Ding, a tripod ancient bronze vessel and representing the old Chinese philosophy 'the sky is round and the earth is square'.

► What is the most precious treasure in Shanghai Museum?
The most precious treasure in this museum is Da Ke Ding, one of the "Three bronze ware treasures in China". The other two are Maogong Ding in Taipei Palace Museum and Tai Yue Ding in China National Museum of Beijing. Although Da Ke Ding was buried underground deeply for many years, the text carved in it 3000 years ago can be easily recognized, which shows the exquisite craftsmanship of ancient China.

Later, you will proceed to the Yu Garden, a typical classical garden in southern China. The finely structured pavilions, winding cloisters, decorated walls and crystal pond together make the garden a charming and tranquil land in the bustling city.

► How was the dragon used in ancient China?
Yu Garden was built by an official for his parents to enjoy life in their old age. The construction started in 1559. While the family was essentially bankrupt in 1577 when the garden hadn't been built yet due to the extreme perfectionism of the construction. However, another version is that the Dragon Wall in the Garden led to the family decline. In Chinese mythology, the dragon represents auspicious power and it is also a symbol of imperial rule. As an ordinary person, it was a violation of imperial power that the garden owner built the Dragon Wall.

After visiting Yu Garden, have a taste of Shanghai specialties. Tourists from all over the world like to taste snacks on Yuyuan Old Street. Here we have some recommendations for you. You may also get advice from your local guide and try by yourself.

► Food recommendation:
The first must be pot sticker (guo tie). Some people maybe cannot distinguish pot sticker and dumplings (jiao zi). In China, when people talk about dumplings, they usually means the ones that boiled by water. The pot sticker is fried, its bottom is crispy while the other side is soft and chewy. With very unique taste, pot sticker is one of the most famous local food of the city. It is very popular among locals and travelers.

In the afternoon, you will be accompanied to visit Xin Tian Di, a former neighborhood of old Shanghai which has been renewed as a fashionable pedestrian street featuring fine restaurants, upscale clubs and boutiques. The most typical feature there is Shikumen architecture. Shikumen was once a characteristic residential residence in Shanghai. With a history of 150 years, Shikumen records the changes of people's lives and is a miniature of century-old Shanghai. Stroll down the alley and listen to the stories behind Shikumen.

Then, you will come to Shanghai Tower to experience the fastest elevator in the world and visit the world's highest cultural space. On the 52nd floor of this China’s tallest building, you will meet the most modern bookstore of this metropolis, Duo Yun Bookstore. With the height of 239 meters, it is regarded as a bookstore above the clouds, hence the name Duo Yun (clouds). Have a coffee break here and you will be entertained with a phenomenal panoramic view over the city.

Afterwards, your sightseeing trip will draw to an end as we transfer you to the airport and see you off there. If you leave Shanghai from the port or railway station, please contact your travel consultant. We will make proper arrangements for you. Hope you enjoy your trip back home!

Meals: Western buffet breakfast
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    4.88 Reviews
    Lorenzo Farrar
    Posted on August 03, 2020
    I was very satisfied with the 3 days Shanghai tour. The itinerary was great and the hotel was luxurious. The Shanghai Museum was my favorite. It had a round top and a square base. The guide told me that the exterior design symbolized the ancient idea of a round heaven and a square land. And the ancient ceramics collection with different paintings and shapes from various dynasties impressed me most. I learned a lot about Chinese ancient artwork.
    Posted on June 22, 2020
    A wonderful 3 days Shanghai tour with excellent quality. I would recommend my friends to experience it.
    Posted on May 12, 2020
    I took my parents and children to travel together. The schedule was reasonable but not tiring.
    The hotels were clean and luxurious. We had a good time. It was a good Shanghai 3 days tour.
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