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Xi'an to Yantai Trains

Now, 3 Xi’an to Yantai high speed trains are optional. From Xi’an North Railway Station to Yantai Railway Station or Yantai South Railway Station, these Xi’an to Yantai trains totally run 1,728 kilometers (1,074 miles). And these trains take 9.5-10.5 hours to the destination. The ticket fare of the business class seat is CNY 2,066-2,219, of the first class seat is CNY 1,069.5-1,149 and of the second class seat is CNY 668.5-719.

1 normal speed train from Xi’an to Yantai is in service. This Xi’an to Yantai train runs from Xi’an Railway Station to Yantai Railway Station. The distance between these two stations is 1,703 kilometers (1,058 miles). And this train takes about 24.5 hours to the terminal station. The soft sleeper costs CNY 552, the hard sleeper costs CNY 361 and the hard seat costs CNY 198.

Xi’an to Yantai Train Tickets Booking

Details of the Train G1844:
1Xi'an North -07:49
2Weinan [Shaanxi] North 08:0508:07
3Lingbao West 08:3508:37
4Mianchi South 09:0509:07
5Luoyang Longmen 09:2509:27
6Gongyi South 09:4109:55
7Zhengzhou East 10:2410:28
8Kaifeng North 10:4810:50
9Lankao South 11:0611:14
10Shangqiu 11:3811:43
11Yongcheng North 12:0612:08
12Xuzhou East 12:3612:51
13Qufu East 13:2913:35
14Taian [Shandong] 13:5413:56
15Jinan 14:1914:22
16Zhangqiu 14:4514:47
17Zibo 15:1015:12
18Qingzhoushi 15:3015:32
19Weifang 15:5315:55
20Gaomi 16:2216:24
21Jimo North 16:5316:55
22Laiyang 17:1617:18
23Yantai South 17:4517:47
24Weihai 18:1018:12
25Wendeng East 18:2318:25
26Rongcheng 18:36-
Xi'an North
Yantai South
Details of the Train G2052:
1Xi'an North -08:37
2Huashan [Shaanxi] North 09:0509:07
3Luoyang Longmen 09:5910:06
4Zhengzhou East 10:4410:52
5Xinxiang East 11:1211:14
6Hebi East 11:3011:32
7Anyang East 11:4712:00
8Xingtai East 12:2812:33
9Shijiazhuang 13:0213:06
10Xinji South 13:3413:36
11Hengshui North 13:5213:54
12Dezhou East 14:2114:23
13Jinan East 14:5614:59
14Zibo North 15:2115:27
15Qingzhoushi North 15:4315:45
16Weifang North 16:0216:04
17Changyi 16:1516:18
18Pingdu 16:3316:36
19Laixi 16:5216:55
20Laiyang 17:0617:09
21Yantai South 17:3517:37
22Muping 17:4817:59
23Weihai 18:16-
Xi'an North
Yantai South
Details of the Train K1132:
1Baoji -10:05
2Caijiapo 10:3710:40
3Yangling 11:0911:12
4Wugong 11:2211:25
5Xianyang 11:5712:02
6Xi'an 12:2612:50
7Weinan [Shaanxi] 13:2913:43
8Sanmenxia 16:3216:35
9Luoyang 18:1618:21
10Gongyi 19:0419:08
11Zhengzhou 20:1120:21
12Kaifeng 21:0921:13
13Lankao 21:4121:45
14Minquan 22:0722:10
15Shangqiu 22:5022:57
16Dangshan [Anhui] 23:4923:52
17Xuzhou 00:5801:17
18Taishan 04:2604:36
19Daminghu 06:3506:41
20Zibo 07:4107:43
21Jiaozhou 10:1610:22
22Lancun 10:3810:44
23Laiyang 11:4111:48
24Taocun 12:24-
25Yantai 13:2913:29

Where to go in Yantai

1. Golden Beach Coast Park

With the blue sea, soft beach and fresh air, Golden Beach Coast Park is a comprehensive park integrating swimming, sightseeing, entertainment, leisure and food. There are mainly 4 attractions in this park including Tianjie Square, Wanmi Beach, Colorful City Waterpark and Air World. In spring, the scenery is very beautiful with the flowers in full bloom; in summer, the sunshine makes the clam sea like a satin; in autumn, the cool weather provides a good travel experience and in winter, the surf is spectacular. Also, the perfect tourists’ facilities will give you an unforgettable experience here.

2. Mountain of Yantai

Mountain of Yantai is a good place to travel. Here, different kinds of trees are on the hills and many red houses hide in them, looking from the distance, the whole mountain is very fascinating and picturesque. In the mountain, there are folk custom buildings represented by Dragon King Temple, and Martyrs' Shrine, and magical attractions including Yantai Stone and Taibai Stone. As a natural landscape of humanities and the exotic customs, the beautiful scenery, lush vegetation, clear sea water and strange stones, Mountain of Yantai will give you wonderful and perfect visual experience.

Yantai to Xi’an Trains

3 Yantai to Xi’an high speed trains are in service now. From Yantai South Railway Station or Yantai Railway Station to Xi’an North Railway Station, these Yantai to Xi’an trains run about 1,728 kilometers (1,074 miles) in total, taking 9 -10.5 hours to the terminal station.

Currently, only 1 normal speed train from Yantai to Xi’an is available. This train runs from Yantai Railway Station and takes 24.5 hours to Xi’an railway Station. The distance between these two stations is 1,703 kilometers (1,058 miles).

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Major Rail Lines from Yantai to:
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