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Beijing to Yantai Train

At present, 4 Beijing to Yantai high speed trains are in service from Beijing South Railway Station to Yantai Railway Station / Yantai South Railway Station, requiring the travel time of 5.5 to 6.5 hours to complete the overall travel distance of 949 kilometers (590 miles) or 961 kilometers (597 miles). The ticket price for a first class seat is CNY 587.5 or CNY 612 and for a second class seat is CNY 357 or CNY 375.5.

Additionally, 1 normal speed train is running from Beijing Railway Station to Yantai Railway Station, taking about 14 hours. A soft sleeper costs CNY 393.5 and hard sleeper costs CNY 267.5.

Beijing to Yantai Train Tickets Booking

Details of the Train G471:
1Beijing South -07:04
2Tianjin South 07:3807:40
3Dezhou East 08:2408:26
4Jinan West 08:5008:52
5Jinan 09:0909:13
6Zibo 09:5409:56
7Qingzhoushi 10:1410:16
8Weifang 10:3710:44
9Jimo North 11:3611:38
10Laiyang 11:5912:01
11Haiyangbei 12:1212:14
12Yantai 12:46-
Beijing South
Details of the Train G469:
1Beijing South -08:20
2Dezhou East 09:3309:35
3Pingyuan East 09:4809:50
4Yucheng East 10:0010:02
5Jinan East 10:2410:27
6Zouping 10:4310:45
7Zibo North 10:5610:58
8Linzi North 11:0911:11
9Weifang North 11:3211:34
10Laixi 12:2512:27
11Laiyang 12:3612:38
12Yantai South 13:0413:06
13Muping 13:1713:19
14Weihai 13:36-
Beijing South
Yantai South
Details of the Train G473:
1Beijing South -11:38
2Langfang 11:5912:08
3Cangzhou West 12:4312:54
4Dezhou East 13:2113:23
5Qihe 13:5213:54
6Jinan East 14:0714:09
7Zouping 14:2614:29
8Zibo North 14:4014:42
9Weifang North 15:0915:12
10Gaomi North 15:3115:39
11Jiaozhou North 15:5015:51
12Jimo North 16:0916:11
13Laiyang 16:3616:39
14Yantai 17:23-
Beijing South
Details of the Train G475:
1Beijing South -15:35
2Cangzhou West 16:2616:28
3Dezhou East 16:5517:05
4Jinan West 17:2917:32
5Jinan 17:4817:50
6Zibo 18:3318:35
7Qingzhoushi 18:5318:55
8Laiyang 20:2120:23
9Yantai South 20:5020:52
10Muping 21:0221:04
11Weihai 21:2121:24
12Wendeng East 21:3521:38
13Rongcheng 21:49-
Beijing South
Yantai South
Details of the Train K285:
1Beijing -16:45
2Langfang North 17:4217:44
3Tianjin West 18:3718:40
4Jinghai 19:0919:11
5Cangzhou 19:5319:59
6Botou 20:2520:27
7Dongguang 20:4120:43
8Wuqiao 21:0721:10
9Dezhou 21:3421:37
10Yucheng [Shandong] 22:2022:23
11Daminghu 00:5401:11
12Zibo 02:1302:19
13Weifang 03:1403:17
14Yantai 07:00-

Top Things to Do in Yantai

In Chinese history, Penglai Island is the place where the immortals live. It is endowed with unrivalled natural scenery and abundant seafood. During June to September, one may see mirage after the rain. This depends on chance for mirage does not appear every time after the raining. Moreover, tourists can see the famous Penglai Pavilion in the scenic area. After the visit, one can catch some fish, shrimps or clams and cook them in a local restaurant if they want.  

Learn Wine Culture in Changyu Wine Culture Museum

The museum is consisted with two major parts: one is Wine Cellar with Hundreds of Years’ History and various exhibition halls including Wine History Hall, Wine Cultural Hall and Calligrapher and Painting’s Hall. All these exhibition halls systematically present the history and development of Zhangyu Wine Culture and the making progress wine. Most importantly, there are lots of calligrapher, paintings and other masterpieces created by famous people in Chinese history.

Feed Seagulls in Changdao Island

Changdao Island is constituted with 32 isles. Also there are lots of attractions in the island such as Jiuzhang Cliff. When tourists go boating on the sea, they can see lots of seagulls over their head. They can buy some fish sausage to feed the seagulls. In that way, they can contact with these beautiful creature closely.

Yantai to Beijing Train

5 Yantai to Beijing high speed trains are available, taking 4.5 to 6 hours. 1 normal speed train is also running from Yantai to Beijing, taking about 15 hours.

See detailed Beijing Train Schedule

Major Rail Lines from Beijing to:

Major Rail Line from Yantai to:
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Questions & Answers on Beijing to Yantai Train
Asked by Hanley from NEW ZEALAND | Apr. 02, 2020 17:24Reply
Would you please offer the address of Yantai South Station?
How long it would take to reach Yantai city from the station?
Answers (1)
Answered by Oakley from AUSTRALIA | Apr. 06, 2020 17:19

No. 5501 South Shanhai Street, Laishan District, Yaitai. I am not sure which part of the city you need to head to, but if for the Zhifu district area, maybe around 30min way by car.
Asked by Abby Rojas from USA | Jan. 10, 2020 15:17Reply
My daughter has too much luggage to carry onto fast train.
Does the Beijing South train station offer luggage transfers service to destination Yantai? Where to take luggage in train terminal for this service?
Answers (1)
Answered by Presley from USA | Jan. 11, 2020 17:35

There is no luggage transfer service on high speed trains. You can only use this service on slow train. Or you can use express company instead. As I know usually the station does not weight the luggage as long as the size is not extremely large. If the luggage size is not too large, I think she may take the luggage into carriage as well.
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