Xi'an Metro Line 9


Fangzhicheng – Qinling West

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Xi'an metro line 9 runs between Fangzhicheng and Qinling West via 15 stations including Lintong University City, Huaqing Pool and Guangchang Road. It runs from southwest to northeast, covering 25 kilometers (15.5 miles). According to the plan, a branch line will be built from Zhiyang Square to Weibei Industrial Park in the near future. The duration of a single trip on metro line 9 is about 40 minutes and the opening time is from 06:00 to 23:08.

To visit the Terracotta Army, tourists can take Line 1 or Line 6 to Fangzhicheng, and transfer to Line 9 and get off at Qinling West. At the metro station, tourists can take Lintong 617 bus line to the museum. Or you can take Line 9 to Huaqing Pool, take Exit C and walk eastward for less than 100 meters (109 yard) to catch Lintong 601, 602 & 613 or Tourist Line 5 & 306 to the museum.
Map of Xi'an Subway Line 9
Map of Xi'an Metro Line 9. See more Xi'an Metro Maps.


Station First Train Last Train
To Fangzhicheng To Qinling West To Fangzhicheng To Qinling West
Fangzhicheng 06:38 06:00 23:08 22:00
Xiangwang 06:35 06:03 23:05 22:03
Baliu 2nd Road 06:32 06:06 23:02 22:06
Tianwang  06:29 06:09 22:59 22:09
Hongqing 06:26 06:12 22:56 22:12
Zixia 3rd Road 06:22 06:15 22:52 22:15
Fenghuangchi 06:20 06:18 22:49 22:18
Yingwusi Park 06:17 06:21 22:47 22:21
Zhiyang Square 06:14 06:24 22:44 22:24
Xi'an Polytechnic University Lintong Campus 06:12 06:26 22:42 22:26
Xihuayuan 06:10 06:28 22:39 22:28
Huaqing Pool 06:07 06:31 22:37 22:31
Dongsancha 06:04 06:33 22:34 22:33
Yinqiao Avenue 06:02 06:36 22:32 22:36
Qinling West 06:00 06:37 22:30 22:37


The minimum interval during peak hours is 6 min.

Transfers along Xi'an Subway Line 9

 Fangzhicheng: Transfer with Line 1 and Line 6

Surroundings and Bus Routes near Subway Stations of Metro Line 9

('' points out transfer station)

Surroundings: Liuming Road, Tangdu Hospital, Air Force Military Medical University, Baqian Yuanding Garden Community, Linglong Community, Mengdun Hotel
Bus Routes: 904, 926, 171, 213, 231, 233, 241, 246, 269, 270, 307, 416
Surroundings: Anjia Village, Liujia Village, Shijiadao Village, Fuyin Highway

 Baliu 2nd Road
Surroundings: Fangyuan 3rd Road, Xi'an Modern Textile Industrial Park Zone, Regenerative Medicine Industrial Park, Baqiao Wetland Park, Qinhua Chang'an Park Community, China Railway Binghe Jiayuan Community, Hushaan Highway
Bus Routes: 169, 171
Surroundings: Qinhua South Community, Qinhua Middle School, Qinhua Sports and Cultural Center, Qinhua Cultural Palace, Hongqing Street, Daotian Hotel
Bus Routes: 132, 231, 416
Surroundings: Qinhua North Community, Xiaozhai Industrial Park, Baqiao Hongqin Industrial Park, Xi'an 19th Middle School, Hongqing Kindergarten, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
Bus Routes: 213
 Zixia 3rd Road
Surroundings: Zixia 3rd Road, Northwest Nuclear Technology Research Institute Relation Building, Shaanxi Merchants Storage Baqiao Logistics Park, Bianjia Village, Lianhuo Highway
Bus Routes: 243
Surroundings: Zixia 1st Road, Fenghuang Avenue, Xi'an (Wenzhou) Garment Industrial Park, Feng Chi Ecological Valley, Lintong Service Area, Nanpo Village, Lianhuo Highway
Bus Routes: Lintong Line 201 – West Nuclear Research Institute Line
 Yingwusi Park
Surroundings: Zhiyang 5th Road, Lishan New Home Community, the Yard under Mount Li Community, Wanli Ligong Community, Parrot Temple Park, Peking University Guanghua School of Management Xi'an Branch
Bus Route: Lintong Line 602
 Zhiyang Square
Surroundings: Fenghuang Avn., Xi'an Engineering University Lintong Campus, Zhiyang Square, Xiaozhang Pomegranate Picking Garden, Jingang Temple
Bus Routes: Lingtong Line 1, Lintong Line 602
 Xi'an Polytechnic University Lintong Campus
Surroundings: Shaangu Avenue, Xi'an University of Science and Technology Lintong Campus, Qunxing Laili Community, Zhiyang Xinyuan Community, Muyang Hotel, Yuanjing Theme Hotel
Bus Routes: Lingtong Line 309, Lintong Line 602
Surroundings: Huaqing Aegean International Hot Springs Hotel, Tangyufang Shopping Mall, Xi'an Power Supply Bureau Lintong Power Supply Branch, West Garden Community, Shaanxi Workers' Sanatorium
Bus Routes: Tourism Line 5 & 306, Lintong Line 102, Lintong Line 309, Lintong Line 201 – West Nuclear Research Institute Line
 Huaqing Pool
Surroundings: Lintong District People's Government, Huaqing Pool, Lintong Museum, Changhenge Square, Datang Huaqingcheng Community Phase 2
Bus Routes: Tourism Line 5 & 306, Lintong Line 601, 602 & 613
Surroundings: Yinqiao Avn., Guangchang Road, Dipu Community, Biyun Community, Xinhe Community, Shangu Science Park Community, Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts Lintong Campus, Tangyunyuan Central Park, Agricultural Bank of China
Bus Routes: Lintong Line 303, Lintong Line 601, Tourism Line 5 & 306
 Yinqiao Avenue
Surroundings: Lintong North Second Ring Road, Lintong Tianjiabing Middle School, Lintong Sports Center, Mingshi Gongguan Community, Jiabu Community, Shanshui Qintang Community
Bus Routes: Lintong Line 1, 301 & 601
 Qinling West
Surroundings: Qinhan Avenue, Lintong District Meteorological Bureau, Party School of Lintong District, Party Committee of Lintong District
Bus Routes: Lintong Line 301 & 309, Lintong Line 617
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