Xian City Bus: Ticket Fare, Travel Route

Xian Bus

Like most big cities, Xian has a very convenient commuter system in the urban area. The public buses are the main means of daily transportation. At present, there are about 5,680 buses running on more than 200 lines in that city. Usually, they start operating at 06:00 and 06:30 and run until 19:30 to 23:00 all the year round. During some national holidays such as the Spring Festival and the National Day, the operating times of some frequently used buses may be longer. On the other hand, in order to ease visitors' journeys in the city, ten tourist bus lines have been opened. Therefore, your stay in the city can totally depend on these city-buses.

 Ticket Fare
Most buses in the urban area of the city are self-service now, so remember to bring some small change prior to boarding. Usually, the air-conditioned ones (with numbers starting with 'K') charge CNY 2 per person, and the others charge CNY 1 per person.

Apart from these, the buses with conductors are charged by distance. Generally, the mini-buses, all of which have conductors, charge CNY 0.5 for the first four stops and then CNY 0.5 for every additional four stops. The other buses with conductors charge CNY 1 for the first several stops and CNY 2 for the whole journey. Please note that a child under 130cm (4 feet) is free to take any city-bus.

For people who will stay in the city for a while, a Xian Public Transportation Card, which can provide a 50% discount on the self-service buses, will provide more convenience.
A city bus in Xian
A city bus in Xian

 Tourist Bus
Because a number of noted tour destinations are located in the suburbs, 13 tourist bus lines are available.  With their help, visitors can shuttle between the destinations, such as the Terracotta Army Museum and the urban area, within one day.

 Urban Sightseeing Bus
Several urban sightseeing bus lines transfer passengers to view the city's main attractions conveniently. The south line covers the City Wall, Bell Tower, Big Wild Goose Pagoda and Shaanxi History Museum. The north line could reach the Xian Expo Site.

 Frequently Used Buses
If you would like to make a temporary stay in Xian and to become involved in the local lifestyle, it would be helpful for you to master some of the more frequently used bus lines of the city.

 Suburban Lines
With the development of the city's transportation system, the bus lines of the city have extended to the suburban districts and counties which are nearby or under the control of Xian. These lines make it easier for citizens and travelers to enjoy a one-day trip away from the noisy city at a low cost.
A bus stop sign
A bus stop sign
People queue up to get on the bus.
People queue up to get on the bus.
 Useful Tips
1. Overseas passengers are advised to remember the destinations in Chinese because only a few buses report the stations both in English and Chinese.
2. You'd find it best to avoid the rush-hours, which are between 07:30~08:30 and 17:30~19:30 on Monday to Friday.
3. On the weekends, the buses leading to the universities will be crowded with a great number of students, especially after 18:00 o'clock. Therefore, it is suggested that you not take these lines, such as Nos.600, K600, K603, 400, 408 and the Education Special Line.
4. When taking a self-service bus, passengers are required to move to its back door in advance before the bus arrives at your stop.
5. Consulting Telephone for Taking City-bus: 9600138 (the information charge is CNY 0.8 per minute)
Complaint Hotline for City-bus: 9600135 or 029-84629427 (Please remember the bus number when you ask for complaint and explain the reason.)

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