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Xi'an Subway Planning Map
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Nowadays, Xi'an metro line 1, line 2, line 3, line 4 and Airport Line are in service. Besides, metro line 5, line 6 and line 9, which are under construction, are expected to operate in recent years. According to the long-term plan, Xi'an will totally have 15 subway lines with a total length of about 342 miles (550 kilometers).

Ticket Fare and Types:

1. Single Journey Ticket: CNY 2 for the first 6km (4mi); CNY 3 for 6-10km (4-6mi); CNY 4 for 10-14km (6-9mi), CNY5 for 14-20km (9-12mi) and CNY6 for 20-26km (12-16mi). For the distance beyond 26km (16mi), extra CNY1 is needed for every 8km (5mi).
2. 10% discount could be enjoyed for passengers with Public Transportaion Card. Besides, passengers can also purchase metro tickets by using Xi'an Metro APP and Alipay.
3. Flat-rate Metro Pass: The pass with the value of CNY 50 only charges CNY 38 and the one with the value of CNY 100 charges CNY 68. Since the first use, it is valid for a year.
4. Xi'an Metro Pass: One-day Pass is sold at CNY 15 and Three-day Pass at CNY 40, allowing passengers to take all the city's metro lines without limit in 24 hours and 72 hours after the first use.

1. Children under 4ft (1.3m) can take all Xi'an subway lines for free.
2. One-day Pass & Three-day Pass are not required to be returned after use so passenger could keep it as a souvenir.

Metro Lines in Operation

Xi'an Single-Journey Subway Ticket
Single-Journey Subway Ticket
 Line 1: Fenghe Forest Park – Fangzhicheng
Full Length: about 19 miles (31 kilometers)
Station Number: 23
Stations: Fenghe Forest Park - Beihuai - Shanglinlu - Fengdong Zimaoyuan - Houweizhai – Sanqiao – Zaohe – Zaoyuan – Hanchengle – Kaiyuanmen – Laodonglu – Yuxiangmen – Sajinqiao – Beidajie – Wulukou – Chaoyangmen – Kangfulu – Tonghuamen – Wanshoulu – Changlepo – Chanhe – Banpo – Fangzhicheng

 Line 2: Beikezhan – Weiqunan
Full Length: 17 miles (27 kilometers)
Station Number: 21
Stations: Beikezhan (North Railway Station) – Beiyuan – Yundonggongyuan (City Sports Park) – Xingzhengzhongxin  (Administrative Center) – Fengchengwulu – Shitushuguan  (Public Library) – Daminggongxi  (Daming Palace West) – Longshouyuan – Anyuanmen – Beidajie – Zhonglou  (Bell Tower) – Yongningmen – Nashaomen – Tiyuchang  (Shaanxi Stadium) – Xiaozhai – Weiyijie – Huizhanzhongxin (Conference and Exhibition Center) – Sanyao – Fengqiyuan – Hangtiancheng – Weiqunan

 Line 3: Yuhuazhai – Bonded Zone
Full Length: 25 miles (40 kilometers)
Station Number: 26
Stations: Yuhuazhai – Zhangbanbeilu – Yanpingmen – Kejilu – Taibainanlu – Jixiangcun – Xiaozhai – Dayanta (Giant Wild Goose Pagoda) – Beichitou – Qinglongsi (Qinglong Temple) – Yanxingmen – Xianninglu – Changlegongyuan (Changle Park) – Tonghuamen – Hujiamiao – Shijiajie – Xinjiamiao – Guangtaimen – Taohuatan – Chanbazhongxin – Xianghuwan – Wuzhuang – Gangwuqu – Shuangzhai – Xinzhu – Bonded Zone

 Line 4: Beikezhan — Hangtian Xincheng
Full Length: 23 miles (35 kilometers)
Station Number: 28
Stations: Beikezhan (North Railway Station) – Yuanshuolu – Fengchengshi’erlu – Fengchengjiulu – Wenjinglu – Xingzhengzhongxin (Administrative Center) – Shizhongyi Yiyuan – Changqinglu – Baihuacun – Yujiazhai – Daminggongbei – Daminggong (Daming Palace Site of Tang Dynasty) – Hanyuandian – Wulukou – Dachaishi – Hepingmen – Lijiacun – University of Science and Technology – Dayanta (Giant Wild Goose Pagoda) – Datang Furongyuan (Tang Paradise) – Yannansilu – Jinhutuo – Hangtiandadao – Feitianlu – Dongchang’anjie – Shenzhoudadao – Hangtiandonglu – Hangtianxincheng

 Airport Line (Northwest-Southeast): Beikezhan — Dong Hangzhanlou
Length: 18 miles (29 kilometers)

Main Stations: North Railway Station, Changling Mausoleum, Art Center, Xianyang International Airport

1. Folding bicycles and guide dogs are allowed on the metro.
2. All the signs of Xi'an subway are in both English and Chinese.

Lines to be Opened

 Line 5 (East-West): Fangzhicheng Railway Station — Innovation Harbour of Xi'an Jiaotong University
Length: 28 miles (45 kilometers)
Opening Time: 2020
Main Stations: South Laodong Road, Wenyi Road, Lijiacun, Qinglong Temple

 Line 6 (Southwest–Northeast): South Railway Station — Fangzhicheng
Length: 25 miles (39 kilometers)
Opening Time: Late 2020
Main Stations: Weidou Road, Keji Road, Bell Tower, Dachaishi, Xingqinggong Park, South Wanshou Road

 Line 9: Fangzhicheng – Qinhan Avenue
Length: 20 miles (31 kilometers)
Opening Time: 2021
Main Stations: Hongqing, Zhiyang Square, Huaqing Pool

Xiao Zhai Subway Station, Xi'an
Xiaozhai Subway Station
Inside Xi'an Subway Train
Inside the Subway Train
 Line 7: Xianyang City – Qujiang (Xi'an City)
 Line 8: Fengcheng 2nd Road – Fengcheng 2nd Road (a circle line)
 Line 10: International Trade & Logistics Park – Weibei Industrial Park East
 Line 11: Qujiang – Lintong District
 Line 12: Expanded High-Tech Industrial Park – Airport New City in Xixian New Area
 Line 14: Fengxi New City – Yanliang District
 Line 15: Huxian County – Outsourcing Base
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Questions & Answers on Xi'an Metro
Asked by Ronald J Jackson from USA | Jan. 08, 2020 15:20Reply
What Line from Xianyang Airport to Hilton High Tech Zone Hotel?
Answers (1)
Answered by Samuel from NEW ZEALAND | Jan. 09, 2020 18:01

You can take shuttle bus line of Ziction Liberal Hotel to Ziction Liberal Hotel stop, then transfer to bus 512 from Gaoxin Road Keji Road stop to Qinghua Scientific Park stop, and walk south around 700m to the destination. It costs CNY27 with 1.5 hours.
Asked by Nizam from MALAYSIA | Dec. 25, 2019 15:50Reply
Is Line13/4 Beikezhan station the same station/connected to Line2 Beikezhan?
From the subway map, there's no double arrow(transfer)icon. How far apart are they, walking distance wise?

Answers (3)
Answered by Benny from UNITED KINGDOM | Dec. 25, 2019 19:13

Yes, they are the same one. Beikezhan is the first station of metro line 2 and passengers can transfer to metro line 4 and line 13 at this station.
Answered by nizam_mr from MALAYSIA | Jan. 29, 2020 14:48

Line4/13 Beikezhan station point is physically building connected to Line2, but not system transferable.You have to exit the gate, walk 500m, then reenter gate.
Answered by Alastair from UK | Jun. 05, 2020 23:22

Line 4 and Line 13 are the left and right sides of the same platform on the north side of BeiKeZhan station. Line 2 is a short walk from there to the south side of BeiKeZhan station, through the station itself. It's fairly clearly marked and takes about 10 mins with luggage. Ofcourse, the station may be busy and you need to go through metro security check again, so you could get delayed at peak times.
Asked by CAROLINE AQUINO from PHILIPPINES | Dec. 06, 2019 04:47Reply
Hello, where can I buy Xi'an Metro Pass?
Answers (3)
Answered by Tina from NEW ZEALAND | Dec. 09, 2019 18:32

You can buy it at any manual service counter of metro station.
Answered by CAROLINE AQUINO from PHILIPPINES | Jan. 22, 2020 22:16

Thank you, what time do manual service counters usually open?
Answered by Tina | Jan. 31, 2020 18:07

As I know, the opening hours are same with the operating time of metro lines.
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