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Check-in Counters of Tianjin Binhai International Airport
Check-in Counters, 
Binhai International Airport


 Airport code: TSN
 Location: Tianjin Binhai International Airport is located in Zhanggui Zhuang, Dongli District, about 13 kilometers (about 8 miles) away from the downtown area.

Brief Intro: As the second largest airport in Northern China ranking only after the Capital International Airport in Beijing. It is 400,000 square meters (about 99 acres) with a parking apron that can admit 40 airplanes at the same time. At present Binhai International Airport has 39 domestic and international airlines, reaching Shanghai, Xi'an, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Seoul, and so on.
 Airport Facilities and Services

Airport Transportation: Airport Shuttle Bus, City-bus, Taxi……
 How to Travel between Tianjin and Beijing

Tianjin Speed Train (CHR)
High-Speed Train
Tianjin is an important railway hinge linking the Northeast, North, East, and South of China via several major railway lines, such as Jingha (Beijing-Harbin) Railway, Jingji (Beijing-Jinan) Railway, Beijing-Tianjin Intercity High-Speed Railway, and Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway. There are six important train stations in the city, including Tianjin Railway Station (namely East Railway Station), West Railway Station, North Railway Station, South Railway Station, Binhai Railway Station and Tanggu Railway Station. Travelers can easily take trains from these stations to over 40 cities all over China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi'an, Hangzhou, Harbin, Jinan, Qingdao, Shijiazhuang, Taiyuan, and Nanjing among others. 


Long-Distance Bus

A group of long-distance bus stations in the city can definitely bring you convenience with Tianhuan Long-distance Bus Station in Nankai District as the most important one. Buses here are mainly destined for major cities in other provinces, such as Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Jiangxi, and so on. Other stations provide service to neighboring cities.

If you want to drive to the city from Beijing, you can go along Jingjintang highway, one of the finest highways throughout China. The whole journey will take you only one and a half hours; both fast and convenient!

West Long-distance Bus Station: No.2, Xiqing Dao, Hongqiao District
Tianhuan Long-distance Bus Station: conjunction of Hongqi Lu and Anshan Xidao in Nankai District


Xingang Port is the biggest man-made port within China and is a must if you decide to come to the city by ship. Its domestic sea routes are to Dalian and Longkou; while its international routes are to Inchon in Korea (every Thursday and Saturday) and Honshu in Japan (every Monday). During high tourism seasons, there are passenger liners from Japan and Europe arriving in this port.

If you want to go to Beijing from Xingang Port, you can take a taxi to Tianjin Train Station and then take trains to Beijing, both fast and convenient.

Xinggang Port Inquiring Phone: 022-25213380
Ticket-selling Phone: 022-23394290

At present, there are six metro lines in operation in the city, Line 1, Line 2, Line 3, Line 5, Line 6 and Line 9. In terms of the city's further plan, there will be other 11 lines constructed, such as Line4, Line 7, Line8 and line 10, all of which could cover the thirteen districts of the city.
 Line 1: Liuyuan ⇔ Tianjin University of Finance & Economics
 Line 2: Caozhuang ⇔ Binhai International Airport
 Line 3: Xiaodian ⇔ South Railway Station
 Line 5: North Danhe Road  First Teaching Hospital of Tianjin University of TCM
 Line 6: Nancuiping ⇔ Nansunzhuang
 Line 9: Railway Station ⇔ Donghai Road
 Metro Maps

* Tianjin Light Rail, namely Jin Bin Mass Transit, is the east section of metro line 9. It supplies a rapid transit between the city's urban area and the Binhai new area. From Zhongshanmen station in downtown area, it takes 46 minutes for passengers to reach Binhai area.

 Bus & Metro Search


Tianjin TaxiLocal city-bus system consists of school bus routes, special sight-seeing routes and regular routes which include inner city and suburban lines. If you take an inner city bus route, you will pay CNY1 for twelve kilometers (about 7.5 miles) or less and CNY1.5 for more. If you take a suburb line you have to pay CNY1 for the first ten kilometers (about 6.2 miles) and CNY0.5 for each extra five kilometers (about 3.1 miles)


Generally speaking, taxi service is quite convenient in the city. You can easily flag down one along the street and bustling commercial centers. However, some taxi drivers may overcharge when you hail one at airport, railway stations or long-distance coach stations. Then you’d better ask the driver to use taximeter. 

Fare Cars with the emission over 1.6 liters (0.4 gallon) Cars with the emission less than 1.6 liters (0.4 gallon)
Starting Fare for First 3km (2mi) CNY11 CNY13
Fare between 3-10km (2-6mi) CNY2.2/km  CNY2.5/km
Fuel Surcharge CNY1 per ride
Note: The starting fare and the unit fare would be 30% increased from 23:00 to 05:00 the next day.

 Taxi Fare for Reference
Destination Distance Fare from Downtown
West Railway Station 7 kilometers CNY 20 - 30
South Railway Station 19 kilometers CNY 70 - 80
Binhai Railway Station 48 kilometers CNY 150 - 170
Tanggu Railway Station 46 kilometers CNY 140 - 160
Great Mosque 5 kilometers CNY 15 - 20
Happy Valley 33 kilometers CNY 100 - 120
Ancient Cultural Street 3 kilometers CNY 10 - 15
Tianjin Eye 4 kilometers CNY 15 - 20
- Last updated on Jul. 12, 2022 -
Questions & Answers on Tianjin Transportation
Asked by Hamza Anwar from PAKISTAN | Feb. 04, 2020 11:49Reply
Hello, I want to go to Tianjin International Airport from huangu district, shenyang. can you tell
can you tell me about the whole process
I am Hamza Anwar studying in Liaoning University of TCM
Answers (1)
Answered by Amy from HUNGARY | Feb. 06, 2020 18:29

There is no direct flight between these two places.
You can take a bullet train from Shenyang North Railway Station to Tianjin West Railway Station. Then take the direct airport shuttle bus to the airport.
Asked by zawar ul haq from CHINA | Jan. 11, 2020 03:31Reply
I want to travel from tianjin to dalian by cruise ship.
Kindly inform me if there is such a route between the two ports. Also can I have any contact number of the regarding office.
Answers (1)
Answered by Tina from UNITED KINGDOM | Jan. 12, 2020 23:49

As I know, there is no cruise route between them.
Asked by Yueh Liang Wong from SINGAPORE | Oct. 05, 2019 05:58Reply
tianjin to wanfoyuan and return journey
hi..kindly advise the mode of transportation. any public bus from tianjin to wanfoyuan
Answers (1)
Answered by Luke from USA | Oct. 12, 2019 00:07

You can take bus from North Tianjin Coach station to Zunhua Coach station. It departs at 7:00, 12:30, 13:30 and 14:30 with CNY170. Then you better hire a car to it.
Asked by Phui Yong Lee from SINGAPORE | Aug. 29, 2019 19:13Reply
Hi, how to get to Cruise Port from Tianjin Railway station by public transport?
Answers (1)
Answered by Scott from USA | Aug. 30, 2019 00:33

Take metro line 9 to Shimin Square station, then take bus 513 to Dongjiang Cruise Port station, and walk south of 400m to it. It takes around 2 hours with CNY11.
Asked by Ray Lee from AUSTRALIA | Aug. 02, 2019 05:27Reply
I will be arriving at Tianjin railway station from Beijing in the morning.
From there, I would like to visit the following places using either metro or bus.

Please advise the order of visit and which metro line or bus to take to go to each of the location.

1 marco polo square
2 ancient culture street
3 porcelain house
4 five great avenue

Thank you.
Answers (1)
Answered by Jamie from POLAND | Aug. 07, 2019 01:32

1 marco polo square: The distance is not far. You can just walk west around 1km to arrive at the place.
2 ancient culture street: Take bus no.645 to Shengli Road Bus Stop. Then walk west around 650 meters.
3 porcelain house: Take metro line 3 to Heping Road Station, Exit C. Then walk southwest around 350 meters.
4 five great avenue: Take bus no.951 to Guilin Road Bus Stop. Then walk east around 350 meters to find the destination.
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