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Despite being an important tourist destination, Suzhou does not have its own international airport at present. It is best to use the airports of nearby Shanghai. Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (SHA) and Pudong International Airport (PVG) are used frequently by domestic and international visitors.

Shanghai Hongqiao Airport
Hongqiao Airport

Hongqiao Airport (SHA) is 86 kilometers (about 53 miles) away from Suzhou. Upon arrival, passengers could walk to the connected Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, and then take a bullet train to get to Suzhou in 30 minutes. The nearby Hongqiao West Traffic Center also operates coaches to Suzhou.

Pudong International Airport (PVG) is located 120 kilometers (about 65 miles) away from Suzhou. There are scheduled airport bus running between.
Buses from PVG to Suzhou:
Address: The parking lots at the 2nd floor of PVG's terminal building.
Operating Time: 10:00 10:40 11:10 11:40 12:10 12:40 13:10 13:50 14:20 14:50 15:20 16:10 16:50 17:20 18:10 18:50 20:00
Durations: 3 hours
Ticket Fare: CNY84

Buses from Suzhou to PVG:
Address: 115, Ganjiang Xi Lu, Jinchang District
Operating Time: 06:20 07:20 07:50 08:20 08:50 09:20 09:50 10:20 10:50 11:30 12:10 12:50 13:30 14:10 14:50 15:30 16:10
Duration: 3 hours
Ticket Fare: CNY84



 Suzhou Railway Station
Reconstructed in 2011, this is the main gate for passengers to and from this city by rail. Through the Shanghai-Nanjing High-Speed Railway, there are bullet trains from Suzhou to Shanghai, Kunshan, Wuxi, Zhenjiang and Nanjing. On the other hand, from this station, passengers could take fast trains to Chengdu, Xi'an, Yinchuan, Zhengzhou, Xining, Guangzhou, Fuzhou, Yantai and etc. On the tickets, this station is printed as Su Zhou.
Location: Pingjiang District
Transportation: city-buses of Nos. 518, 202, 178, 119, 103, 83, 38, 26, 1, You 4, You 1, Kuai Xi'an 2, 502, 317, 102, 69, 50, 33, You 3, 80, 8, 40, 79, 166, You 5, 6, 7, 10, 44, 81, 522, 529

Suzhou Railway Station
 Video of Suzhou Railway Station
Take a train to Suzhou
Suzhou Bullet Train

 North Railway Station
This station operates high speed trains to/from Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Xi'an etc. Departing from here, passengers could get to Beijing in five hours and Shanghai in about half an hour.
Location: Xiangcheng District
Transportation: city-buses of Nos. 819, 711, 80, 77, 811

 Suzhou New District Railway Station
This station operates 11 scheduled bullet trains on the Shanghai-Nanjing Intercity High Speed Railway everyday. On the tickets, this station is printed as Su Zhou Xin Qu.
Location: Hushuguan Town, New District
Transportation: city-buses of Nos.335, 326, 34, 36, 529, 311, 85, 441, 306

 Industrial Park Railway Station
Everyday, this station serves for 46 bullet trains of the Shanghai-Nanjing Intercity High Speed Railway. On the tickets, this station is printed as Su Zhou Yuan Qu.
Location: Suzhou Industrial Park
Transportation: city-buses of Nos. 115, 116, 262, 161, 119, 166, 258

 Major Rail Lines from Suzhou to:

See detailed Suzhou Train Schedule

Long-distance Bus

Suzhou North Bus Station
North Bus Station

Suzhou is known as the 'Southeast Gate' to Shanghai and Zhejiang Province because of its well-developed highway network. Three long-distance bus stations are in use nowadays. The North Bus Station has the most routes to Anhui, Hubei, Fujian, Shandong, Jiangxi, and Zhejiang provinces. Buses also depart for Shanghai from the North Bus Station once every twenty minutes. The ticket fare varies from 26 Yuan to 30 Yuan.

North Station: No.29, Xihui Lu. Located at the east of Suzhou Railway Station.
South Station: Located at the corner of Nanhuan Eastern Road and Yingchun Road. Take the No.10, 931, 54, or 55 buses to get there.
Buses going to Anhui, Hubei, Shandong, Jiangxi, and Zhejiang provinces plus Shanghai are available here.
West Station: Jinshan Road, New District. The No.313, 39, 302, 317, or 622 buses will take you to West Station. Buses to Anhui and Zhejiang provinces and Shanghai depart from here.

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Questions & Answers on Suzhou Transportation
Asked by Lily Chen from VIETNAM | Sep. 27, 2018 19:39Reply
How to get from Shanghai Pudong Airport to:
1. Life hotel: No.18 Jiaruixiang, Suzhou , Jiangsu Province, P.R. China
2. Genway hotel: No.36 Si'an Street, Industrial Park, 215123, China
And the ticket price for it?
Pls, show me all the way to go there?
Answers (1)
Answered by Eva from USA | Sep. 28, 2018 19:50

Dear, there are long-distance buses from the airport to Suzhou departing at 09:20 from 21:00. The ticket fare is CNY84 per person. You can choose to get off at Ximei Lane Ganjing Road or Modern Leisure Square.

1.If you go to Life hotel, you need to get off at Ximei Lane Ganjing Road. Then walk west to the Yangyu Lane station to take the Bus No.2 and then get off at Modern Avenue Xinghu Street. Then walk about 7 minutes to the hotel.

2.If you go to Genway hotel, you need to get off at Modern Leisure Square. Then take the Bus No.28 to Jinji Lake Commercial Plaza. Walk about 6 minutes later, you will see the Genway hotel.
Asked by Elena from RUSSIA | Jul. 21, 2018 19:37Reply
is there any site where one can get familiar with the bus schedule on the route Tongxiang - Suzhou?
It's ok if it's in Chinese. Thank you so much.
Answers (1)
Answered by Haisy from CANADA | Jul. 22, 2018 23:13

You can take a bus from Tongxiang Bus Station and the departure time is from 7:55 to 18: 00 with an interval about 90 minutes. It take about 2 hours and the fare is CNY 40.
Asked by Iris from NETHERLANDS | May. 03, 2018 07:22Reply
Hello I will be staying overnight in Nanxun and want to travel to Suzhou the next day
How do I get there?
Are there regular buses throughout the day?
Answers (2)
Answered by Nina from NEW ZEALAND | May. 07, 2018 01:47

Yes, you can take a regular bus in Nanxun Bus Station departing from 7:10 to 17:40 and with the interval about 50 minutes. It takes around 1.5 hours to get there.
Answered by Iris from NETJERLANDS | May. 07, 2018 22:45

Thank you very much! :)
Asked by Suwarty from INDONESIA | Apr. 25, 2018 19:14Reply
May i know what the transportation from Suzhou Railway Station to Village Premium Outlet?
What is the cost?
Also what transportation for return? What time is the last transportation?
Thank you
Answers (3)
Answered by Tyler from GERMANY | Apr. 25, 2018 21:34

You are suggested to take bus 161 to Xinhuajie Youke Zhongxin and you will see the shopping center.
The bus fare is 2yuan, and the same bus can take you back. The last returning bus departs aound 17:10.
Answered by Suwarty from INDONESIA | Apr. 26, 2018 07:09

What time is the SZ Village Premium Outlet closed? Can we get taxi from there? How much is the fare from shopping center to Hotel Greentree Inn SZ Station?
Thank you
Answered by Tyler from GERMANY | Apr. 27, 2018 20:08

Generally speaking, most stores close around 20:00. Of course you can take a taxi, and the fare is around 60rmb.
Asked by Ed from HOLLAND | Mar. 26, 2018 11:42Reply
Where does the bus from Pudong Airport to Suzhou arrive in SZ?
Is there only one station or multiple stops in SZ?
Answers (2)
Answered by Vivian from NETHERLANDS | Mar. 26, 2018 21:35

I was told it stops in the North Square of SZ Railway Station, so I guess there is only one stop.
Answered by Ed Sander from HOLLAND | Apr. 09, 2018 06:15

Turn out there is one more stop at Jinji Lake before the bus arrives at the main Railway station.
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