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Suzhou to Kunming Train

At present, 1 high speed train is running from Suzhou North Railway Station to Kunming South Railway Station, requiring about 12.5 hours to complete the journey as long as 2,333 kilometers (1,450 miles). A first class seat on this Suzhou to Kunming train costs CNY 1,512.5 and a second class seat costs CNY 901.5.

If you have a tight schedule, you can take Suzhou to Shanghai high speed train first and then take Shanghai to Kunming flight. The travel time on train and plane in total is about 3.5 to 4 hours and the lowest cost is about CNY 850.

Suzhou to Kunming Train Tickets Booking

Details of the Train G1377:
1Nanjing South -07:39
2Zhenjiang South 07:5808:00
3Changzhou North 08:1708:19
4Wuxi [Jiangsu] East 08:3608:39
5Suzhou [Jiangsu] North 08:5008:52
6Kunshan south 09:0309:05
7Shanghai Hongqiao 09:2209:26
8Jinshan North 09:4409:46
9Jiaxing South 10:0010:03
10Hangzhou East 10:2610:29
11Yiwu 11:0111:08
12Jinhua 11:2411:27
13Shangrao 12:1012:17
14Yingtan North 12:4312:46
15Nanchang West 13:2113:26
16Yichun [Jiangxi] 14:0814:10
17Pingxiang North 14:2814:30
18Changsha South 15:0015:13
19Xiangtan North 15:2715:29
20Shaoshan South 15:4315:50
21Loudi South 16:0716:09
22Xupu South 16:4516:47
23Huaihua South 17:0817:12
24Kaili South 18:1018:12
25Guiyang North 18:5018:56
26Anshun West 19:2619:28
27Panzhou 20:0720:09
28Fuyuan [Yunnan] North 20:2920:31
29Qujing North 20:4820:50
30Kunming South 21:25-
Suzhou [Jiangsu] North
Kunming South

Other Transportation Option: Suzhou to Shanghai Train + Shanghai to Kunming Flight

There are more than 70 high speed trains shuttling from Suzhou North Railway Station to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station. They take about 0.5 to 1 hour and the train ticket price for a second class seat is CNY 26 to CNY 39.5.

Shanghai to Kunming Flight

20 flights scheduled from 07:25 to 21:55 are in service from Shanghai to Kunming. The travel time is about 3 hours and the air fare is from CNY 800 to CNY 1,800.

 How to Get to Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station
One can take metro line 10 to get to Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport which takes only 10 minutes.

 How to Get to Shanghai Pudong International Airport from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station
Passengers can take Airport Shuttle Bus 1 to get there. The duration is 1 hour or so and the ticket fare is CNY 30 for each person.

Top Things to Do in Kunming

See stones of various shapes in Stone Forest

Stone Forest is one of the important attractions in Kunming. You can see various stones in the shapes of sword, tower, mushroom and etc. The scenic area is mainly consisted of two stone forests. One is bigger and the other one is small. It is suggested to wear climbing shoes or jogging shoes on the ground that one need to climb many stone stairs in the scenic area.

Feed Seagulls around Dianchi Lake

Thousands of seagulls with red beak will take Dianchi Lake as their home in winter. These seagulls are not afraid of tourists and when you throw breadcrumbs or bird food in the air, they will try their best to get them. You can have a close look at these beautiful creatures when they fly over your head. Apart from experiencing the intimacy with seagulls, one can just scroll along the lake, admiring the changes of scenery in the lake during different time period of a day.

Hike along Western Hills

Western Hills, as the representative of Kunming, is like a giant sleeping Buddha from far away. Along the way to the top of the hill, you can see lots of temples and pavilions including Huating Temple, Taihua Temple and Sanqing Pavilion. There is a place called Dragan Gate which is on the top of the hill. From there, one can have a bird’s eye view of Dianchi Lake which is quite impressive.

Celebrate ethnic festivals in Yunnan Nationalities Village

In the village, you can get a glimpse of the life styles and customs of 25 different nationalities in China such as Dai, Bai, Yi, Naxi, Bulang and Zang. Various ethnic festivals are also celebrated here. If you are interested, you can celebrate the festival with them. The famous ones are Water-splashing Festival of Dai, Torchlight Festival of Yi and Daogan Festival of Lisu ethnic group. Additionally, different ethnic groups also perform their unique dances to tourists.

Kunming to Suzhou Train

1 Kunming to Suzhou High Speed Train is in service, taking about 12 hours.

See detailed Suzhou Train Schedule & Kunming Train Schedule

Major Rail Lines from Suzhou to:

Major Rail Lines from Kunming to:
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