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Suzhou-Hangzhou Train

There are 43 pairs of trains running between  Suzhou and Hangzhou currently: 26 pairs of them are bullet trains with duration of 1.5 – 2 hours; the other 17 are normal types with travel time of 2.5 – 5 hours.

In addition, you can travel by coach. But usually, the coaches are not as punctual as trains and the environment is not that good. In this case, rail ride is the first choice.

High Speed Trains

Altogether 26 pairs of them run daily between the two cities: 22 pairs of them are G types running for taking 1h22m – 2h4m at a top speed of 186 mph (300 km/h) with the distance of 149 miles (240 km); and the other 4 pairs are D types which run for a length of 151 miles (243 km) with duration of 1h42m – 2h12m and the highest operation speed is 155 mph (250 km/h). Besides, the ticket fare for G types is higher than that for D types. And some G types also provide business class seats.

Most of them just stop intermediately in the two cities for a short time. Therefore, you should listen to the broadcast notices carefully and get prepared for on /off beforehand.

 Suzhou to Hangzhou High Speed Train Schedule:
(Last Update on December 6th, 2017)
Suzhou Schedule

From To Nos. Duration
Suzhou Hangzhou G7353 (13:24/15:14) 1h50m
Hangzhou East D3125, G7581, G7355, G7587...
14 departures from 08:03 to 17:28
1h32m - 2h10m
Suzhou North G7505, G7349, G1377, G7589...
12 departures from 08:25 to 19:21
1h21m - 1h45m
Industry Park D2281, G7583, G7571
3 departures from 09:37 to 15:43
1h29m/ 1h54m
Hangzhou G7353 (13:32/15:14) 1h42m

 Hangzhou to Suzhou Bullet Train Timetable:
(Last Update on December 6th, 2017)
Hangzhou Schedule

From To Nos. Duration
Hangzhou Industry Park G7354 (10:04/11:52) 1h48m
Hangzhou East Suzhou G7372, G7564, G7572, G7586...
15 departures from 08:11 to 20:43
1h23m - 2h12m
Suzhou North G1866, G7386, G44, G7600...
8 departures from 07:38 to 19:12
1h21m - 1h52m
Industry Park G7376, D3136
2 departures at 15:40 and 16:41
1h20m/ 1h37m

Note: The timetable is for reference only. For real-time schedule, please search for it by the tool on top of the page.

 Ticket Price (CNY):

Seat Classes Business Class Seat First Class Seat Second Class Seat
G Trains CNY341.5/ 337 CNY179.5/ 178.5/ 183.5 CNY110/111.5/ 117.5
D Trains --- CNY130 CNY82

More than one railway stations are available in the two cities:

 In Suzhou, the rides are operated at Suzhou Railway Station, North Railway Station, and Industrial Park Railway Station. Suzhou Railway Station is closer to the city center compared with the other two. Although a little far from the city center, transportation around the North Railway Station is very convenient and you can take subway line 2 from here to the downtown area; besides, specialized in high speed rides, the station has more bullets to other cities. As for the Industrial Park Station, the schedule is not as dense as the other two; but if you stay near it and the schedule fits, it will be nice to use it.

 In Hangzhou, only one pair of them numbered as G7354/G7353 use Hangzhou Railway Station, the main station and the other 22 pairs use the East Railway Station. Obviously, there are more arrivals and departures at East Railway Station for passengers’ convenience. However, main station is located closer to the city center, West Lake, Wulin Square and the clothes market; if the G7354/G7353 fits your time, it may be more convenient to use this station.

Except the above-mentioned stations, they pass by those stations: Kunshan South, Jinshan North, Songjiang South, Tongxiang, Jiashan South, Jiaxing South, Haining West, and Yuhang.

Normal Trains

 Suzhou to Hangzhou Train Schedule
: Z175, K1805, K1511, K75 and other 13 departures from 02:28 to 21:45
 Hangzhou to Suzhou Train Timetable
: K526, K528, K470, T112 and other 13 departures from 02:11 to 20:25

 Running Length:  126-168 miles (202-271 kilometers)
 Duration:  2.5 – 5 hours
 Ticket Price (CNY): 238.5 per person for Deluxe Soft Sleeper; 138.5/135.5 per person for Soft Sleeper; 95.5/94.5 per person for Hard Sleeper; 41.5/40.5 per person for Hard Seat

There are 17 pairs of them between the two cities, but you are not advised to take them, except for those who want to save money, although it does not save that much. A ride on them takes a relatively longer time and it is not as comfortable as a high speed ride.

The stopovers along the way include Kunshan, Shanghai South, Songjiang, Jiashan, Jiaxing, and Haining.

 Major Rail Lines from Suzhou to:

 Major Rail Lines from Hangzhou to:
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