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Suzhou - Luoyang Train

At present, both high speed trains and normal speed trains are available to travel between Luoyang Longmen Railway Station and Suzhou / Suzhou North Railway Staion, a typical water town in Jiangsu Province. There are totally 4 bullet trains a day to Luoyang and for the opposite direction taking 5 to 8.5 hours. These high speed rides make the transfer between the two cities much faster and easier. There are also over 10 pairs of normal speed rides for complement taking 9.5 to 17 hours for the whole journey.

Suzhou - Luoyang High Speed Trains

Basic Facts

 Duration: 5 to 8.5 hours
 Running Distance: 1,048 kilometers (651 miles)
 Top Speed: 300km/h (186 mph)

Suzhou to Luoyang High Speed Train Schedule

(Last Update on Apr 25, 2023)
Train No.Departure - ArrivalTravel Time
G180206:40 - 12:105h30m
G197407:44 - 13:005h16m
G316410:03 - 16:236h20m
G315212:10 - 18:546h44m
G193214:03 - 19:075h4m
G182215:57 - 21:165h19m
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Luoyang to Suzhou Bullet Train Timetable

(Last Update on Apr 25, 2023)
Train No.Departure - ArrivalTravel Time
G181208:00 - 13:245h24m
G315410:24 - 16:246h00m
G191811:02 - 16:135h11m
G192212:06 - 17:415h35m
G182012:30 - 17:525h22m
G316613:19 - 19:406h21m
G192613:39 - 18:435h4m
G317815:11 - 21:516h40m
G197215:31 - 20:545h23m
G318216:01 - 21:465h45m
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Note: The above timetable is only for reference. Please search for the real-time schedule via the search box on page top. 

Suzhou - Luoyang High Speed Train Ticket Fare

(Last Update on Apr 25, 2023)
Business Class SeatFirst Class SeatSecond Class SeatSoft Sleeper
G trainsCNY 1,513 - 1,694
USD 223 - 249
CNY 786.5 - 879.5
USD 116 - 129
CNY 479 - 541
USD 70 - 80
D trains------------

Stations along the way: Wuxi East, Changzhou North, Danyang North, Zhenjiang South, Nanjing South, Chuzhou, Bengbu South, Suzhou East in Anhui Province, Xuzhou East, Xiaoxian North, Yongcheng North, Dangshan South, Shangqiu, Minquan North, Lankao South, Kaifeng North, Zhengzhou East, Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou West

With no flight service available, these high speed rides are the most recommended option to travel between the two cities. One pair of high speed overnight sleeper trains run on this route. Although taking a little longer time on the way, they can save you a lot time for day time visiting and the tickets for second class seats are cheaper than daytime ones.

Since this rail line connects two popular tourist cities, the tickets are under great demands during hot season. If passengers cannot get a ticket to/from Suzhou directly, travelers may change their departure/arrival city to Shanghai instead for a try. As Shanghai is the originating station and last terminal for these routes, if holding a ticket from/to Shanghai, travelers can still board/get off at Suzhou.

Normal Trains of Suzhou - Luoyang

Suzhou to Luoyang Train Schedule:

(Last Update on Apr 25, 2023)
Train No.Departure - ArrivalTravel Time
Z37610:04 - 22:1212h8m
K29010:13 - 23:2913h16m
K36010:29 - 00:57+14h28m
K218612:13 - 03:16+15h3m
T11213:12 - 00:32+11h20m
K73815:14 - 07:01+15h47m
K266615:30 - 07:22+15h52m
K56015:59 - 06:04+14h5m
T11616:32 - 03:33+11h1m
Z25216:43 - 03:09+10h26m
Z4017:12 - 03:40+10h28m
Z21619:24 - 04:50+9h26m
Z30421:53 - 08:08+10h15m


Luoyang to Suzhou Train Timetable:

(Last Update on Apr 25, 2023)
Train No.Departure - ArrivalTravel Time
Z4201:33 - 11:009h27m
K218803:24 - 16:2413h00m
Z21804:00 - 13:579h57m
Z30604:19 - 15:0710h48m
T11404:31 - 15:3711h6m
K29215:05 - 04:24+13h19m
Z37815:36 - 04:15+12h39m
K36216:07 - 04:42+12h35m
K73619:35 - 10:21+14h46m
K266822:27 - 13:49+15h22m
K55822:36 - 12:42+14h6m
1. The above timetable is only for reference. Please search for the real-time schedule via the search box on page top.2. "+" indicates the second day.

Ticket Fare:

(Last Update on Apr 25, 2023)
Soft SleeperHard SleeperHard Seat
CNY 375.5
USD 55
CNY 247.5
USD 36
CNY 135.5
USD 20

 Stations along the way: Wuxi, Changzhou, Zhenjiang, Nanjing, Chuzhou North, Mingguang, Bengbu, Suzhou in Anhui Province, Xuzhou, Dangshan, Xiayixian, Shangqiu, Ninglingxian, Minquan, Lankao, Kaifeng, Zhengzhou, Gongyi, Yanshi

Different from high speed rides, normal speed rides use Suzhou Railway Station and Luoyang Railway Station, both are close to city center area. Compared with bullet rides, normal rides are better options for budget travelers since a hard sleeper ticket is nearly half price of a second class seat on bullet trains. Also, among these normal types, some overnight sleeper rides can save you one night hotel cost as well.

 Major Rail Lines from Suzhou to:

 Major Rail Lines from Luoyang to:
- Last updated on Apr. 25, 2023 -
Questions & Answers on Suzhou - Luoyang Train
Asked by Buzz from UNITED KINGDOM | Dec. 09, 2019 16:36Reply
Booked hard sleeper on train Z40 from Suzhou to Luoyang
Is it possible to upgrade to soft sleeper beds?
Answers (1)
Answered by TravelChinaGuide | Dec. 10, 2019 16:39

Thank you for your inquiry.

Ticket can be changed one time after being confirmed. If there are soft sleeper tickets for sale for your date, you can send your change request by email. Our operator will deal with upgrade for you as soon as possible. If there is no soft sleeper tickets for sale, we are sorry that we are not able to do it for you now. You can have a try on the train instead. If there are soft sleeper beds, you can pay a price difference in cash to make this change.
Asked by Carey from GEORGIA | Jan. 30, 2019 01:43Reply
Hello, I need your help for an urgent change of plan!
I booked a ticket from Shanghai Hongqiao to Luoyang Longmen. However, we changed the plan due to an unexpected situation. I read that we cannot change the city of departure, but I find that the train G1974 I booked go to Suzhou North from 7:42 to 7:44. I am wondering if there is any possibility that we can get on there though we hold tickets from Shanghai Hongqiao? Will the station let us in?
Answers (1)
Answered by TravelChinaGuide | Jan. 30, 2019 16:36

Thank you for your inquiry.

The departure city did cannot be changed, however, it is OK to board from halfway at a stopover station. Please collect your paper ticket out no later than 7:17am that day and you can use these tickets to board from Suzhou North without any problem.
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