How to Travel between Shanghai and Suzhou

The distance between Shanghai and Suzhou is about 100km (62mi). The 30 minutes’ high-speed train makes it possible to have a day tour from one city to the other. The normal trains are an economy alternative which takes 1-2 hours and costs CNY15. A Long-distance bus ride priced at CNY40-50 and a taxi costing CNY400-500 both take about 1.5 hours. Shanghai Pudong Airport and Hongqiao Airport have shuttle buses to Suzhou. Many south China water towns are within 1.5 hours’ journey by bus from Shanghai.

 Joining a guided tour is the most convenient way for tourists to travel between the two cities:
  One Day Suzhou Tour from Shanghai from $149

  5 Days Shanghai Tour to Suzhou & Zhouzhuang

  8 Days Shanghai - Hangzhou - Suzhou - Wuxi - Nanjing

Shanghai - Suzhou Transportation
How to Travel between Shanghai and Suzhou


 Fastest Way: Shanghai – Suzhou High Speed Train: 25-35 minutes, CNY20-39.5

 From Shanghai: Hongqiao Railway Station: 06:09 – 21:42; Shanghai Railway Station: 05:48 – 22:55  

 From Suzhou: North Railway Station: 08:25 – 23:07; Suzhou Railway Station: 05:27 – 22:43; Industrial Park Railway Station (SIP Station): 06:46 – 20:39; New Area Railway Station: 07:38, 11:36, 19:44  

 Train Ticket Prices: 
G type trains: CNY34.5-39.5 for a second class seat, CNY54.5-69.5 for a first class seat, and CNY107.5-128.5 for a business class seat. 
D type trains: CNY20-35 for a second class seat and CNY33-56 for a first class seat. 


 Economy Choice – Normal Train: 1 - 2 hours, CNY15

 From Shanghai: South Railway Station: 04:14 – 22:40; Shanghai Railway Station: 08:51 – 23:47  

 From Suzhou Railway Station: 02:37 – 21:51  

 Train Ticket Prices: CNY15 for a hard seat, CNY60 for a hard sleeper, and CNY90 for a soft sleeper. 


 Long-distance Bus: 1.5 hours, CNY40-50


Shanghai to Suzhou Bus:

Intercity Bus Terminal
07:50, 09:30, 12:35, 14:45
South Long-distance Bus Station 06:40, 07:10, 07:30, 10:10, 10:30, 10:50, 11:50, 12:30, 13:30, 14:30, 14:50, 15:30, 16:10, 16:50, 17:25
Pudong East Long-distance Bus Station 06:40, 12:00
Hongqiao West Long-distance Bus Station 11:10, 12:25, 14:00, 16:00, 18:05, 20:05, 20:40, 21:35

Suzhou to Shanghai Bus:

North Bus Station
07:45, 08:45, 09:35, 10:20, 12:30, 13:55, 14:10, 16:10, 18:05, 19:10
South Bus Station 07:20, 09:15, 12:50, 13:10, 15:00, 17:30, 18:05
West Bus Station
To Shanghai South Long-distance Bus Station: 09:50, 13:25, 15:40
To Shanghai Railway Station: 10:10, 12:30, 15:30, 16:45

 Taxi: 1.5 hour, CNY400-500

For a long distance, the taxi drivers prefer a flat rate instead of charging by meter, so reach an agreement on the taxi fare before getting in a car.  

24-hour hotlines for taxi reservation:

Taxi companies in Shanghai: +86 021-96822 for Dazhong; +86 021-96961 for Jinjiang; +86 021-62580000 for Qiangsheng; +86 021-96933 for Haibo
Suzhou: +86 0512-95128, +86 0512-96520, +86 0512-67776777

How to Travel from Shanghai Airports to Suzhou


1. By Bus:

Bus between Shanghai Pudong Airport and Suzhou: 2.5 hours, CNY84; 

Bus between Shanghai Hongqiao Airport and Suzhou: 1.5 hours, CNY53


 Pudong Airport → Hongqiao Airport → Suzhou North Square Bus Station (to the north of Suzhou Railway Station)

Schedules from Pudong Airport: 09:05, 10:00, 10:40, 11:10, 11:40, 12:10, 12:45, 13:30, 14:15, 14:50, 15:20, 16:10, 16:50, 17:20, 18:10, 18:50, 19:40, 20:30, 21:00. The buses reach the Hongqiao Airport in an hour.
Boarding sites:
Long-distance Bus Station, B1 Floor of P1 Parking Lot, Pudong Airport; 
Hongqiao West Long-distance Bus Station, T2, Hongqiao Airport

 Suzhou North Square Bus Station → SIP Modern Leisure Square → Hongqiao Airport → Pudong Airport

Schedules from the North Square Bus Station: 06:20, 07:00, 07:40, 08:20, 08:50, 09:20, 09:50, 10:20, 10:50, 11:30, 12:10, 12:50, 13:30, 14:10, 14:50, 15:30, 16:10, 17:00. These buses pick up passengers at the SIP Modern Leisure Square after 20 minutes.

2. By Train:

From Pudong Airport: Take metro line 2 to People’s Square → transfer to metro line 1 to Shanghai Railway Station → catch a high speed train to Suzhou

From Hongqiao Airport: Take metro line 10 from Terminal 1 to Hongqiao Railway Station within 8 minutes, or walk 15 minutes from Terminal 2 to the railway station, and here take the high speed train.

How to Travel from Shanghai to Ancient Towns in Suzhou


To Zhouzhuang Water Town: 1.5 hours

1. Direct buses are available in Shanghai Intercity Bus Terminal at 07:05, 08:30, 10:10, 12:00, 14:20 and 16:20. It takes 1.5 hours and costs CNY30-35.
2. Take metro line 11 to Huaqiao Station, and change to Kunshan Tourist Bus line 7 to the town.
3. Join the one-day tour of the Tour Bus Center. Take the bus near exit 4 of Hanzhong Road station on metro line 1. There are two buses leaving at 08:00 and 12:00, and getting back at 16:30 and 19:30.

To Tongli Town: 2 hours

1. Take a coach from Shanghai Intercity Bus Terminal at 07:00, 07:40, 08:20, 09:10, 09:45, 10:25, 11:25, 12:10, 12:40, 13:20, 14:10, 14:40, 15:45, 16:15, 17:10 or 18:15. The bus fare is CNY36.
2. Take a bullet train from Shanghai Railway Station or Hongqiao Railway Station to Suzhou within 30-40min. Transfer to the local rail transit line 4 to Tongli Station, and then get on the free shuttle bus with the ticket of the town, or take the bus no. 725 to the town.

To Luzhi Town: 1.5 hours

1. Take a direct bus from Zhongshan Bus Station and the schedules are from 06:10 to 16:50.
2. Take a train to Suzhou Railway Station, and then walk to North Square Bus Station to catch a bus, which is available from 09:25 to 16:00. 

To Mudu Ancient Town: 1.5 hours

1. Take a train to Suzhou Railway Station, and then take 64 or 69 from the South Square of the railway station, or 38 or tourist line 4 from the North Square to the town.
2. Take a train to Suzhou New Area Railway Station, and then hire a taxi to go there in 20min with the fare of CNY40-50.


Shanghai Subway to Kunshan of Suzhou

Shanghai metro line 11 runs westwards from the Disneyland Park in the city’s east end to Huaqiao Station in Kunshan.
For passengers going to downtown Suzhou, there is a shuttle bus from the Huaqiao Station to Suzhou South Bus Station:
Route: Huaqiao Metro Station (06:45, 09:55, 12:50, 15:50) → Huaqiao Administration Center → Luxi New Village → Kunshan South Bus Station → Suzhou South Bus Station
Fare: CNY23
* Note: By 2023, Suzhou rail transit line S1 will connect to Shanghai metro line 11 at Huaqiao station.
- Last updated on May. 24, 2023 -
Questions & Answers on How to Travel between Shanghai and Suzhou
Asked by Sowmya | May. 23, 2023 22:21Reply
About transportation from north square bus station to Novotel SIP suzhou
If I take a bus from PVG airport to Suzhou north square bus station. What is the best mode of transportation to reach Novotel SIP suzhou from Suzhou north square bus station.
Answers (1)
Answered by Jessica | May. 24, 2023 19:37

You can take Express Bus Line 9 directly from the bus station to International Expo Center bus station and then walk south about 500 to get to the hotel.
Asked by jo from US | Oct. 21, 2019 12:30Reply
can i bring luggage on to the long distance bus from SHA airport to Suzhou?
Answers (1)
Answered by Debbie from USA | Oct. 23, 2019 20:27

Yes, you can.
Asked by Saad Shaaban from EGYPT | Jul. 27, 2019 09:07Reply
How many stations ( stops ) between Shanghai Railway Station and Suzhou Railway Station ?
Answers (1)
Answered by Floy from USA | Jul. 31, 2019 19:13

There are dozens of trains in one day. Some trains has one stop in Kunshan, while some has no stop between them.
Asked by kumps from BELGIUM | Jul. 01, 2019 08:04Reply
how to get shuidian road from east nanking road or people square
I would like to visit my friend , he is living lane 1421 shuidian road
please how can I get this place with the public transport
metro or bus , or twice
Answers (1)
Answered by Hailey from AUSTRALIA | Jul. 02, 2019 00:49

You can take Bus Line 66 from the East Nanjing Road, Middle Henan Road to Kuizhao Road Liangcheng Road. Then walk east about 1 km to there.
Asked by ngoc lan from VIETNAM | Dec. 06, 2018 20:21Reply
Shanghai long distance bus stations.
I googled "SH Intercity Bus Terminal" and got 3 results: Hanting Express Fengxian South Bridge Bus Station, Long-Distance Passenger Transport South Station, Long-distance Bus Passenger Transport Terminal. Which of them is the correct one? I will stay near main railway station, can I take bus from SH Hutie Long-distance Bus Station to Zhouzhuang?
Answers (1)
Answered by Hailey from AUSTRALIA | Dec. 06, 2018 22:15

You need to take the bus at SH Long-Distance Bus Terminal, located at No.1666 Zhongxing Road, Jing'an District. It is near the railway station, about 1.2 kilometers. You can walk there.
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