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The Huangpu River running through Shanghai, divides the city into two parts - Pudong New District (east of the river) and Puxi Area (west of the river). The three islands of Chongming, Changxing, and Hengsha under the jurisdiction of Shanghai are separated from the main by the Yangtze River. As a result, ferries play a very important role in the city's transportation.

 Huangpu River Ferry

Shanghai FerryAs many bridges, tunnels, and subways are built, people have much more choices when traveling across the Huangpu River. However, ferryboats with 100-year's history are still popular choices for pedestrians and cyclists because of their convenience and low price.

At present, there are in total 19 ferry lines serving nearly 40 ferry stations along both sides of the Huangpu River, providing links between Pudong and Puxi. A pedestrian pays CNY0.5 on common ferryboats and CNY2 on air-conditioned ones. The fare for a cyclist is CNY1.3 on common ferryboats and CNY2.8 on air-conditioned ones. The price for a motor cyclist is CNY1.5 on common ferryboats and CNY3 on air-conditioned ones. Motor vehicles cost more, usually CNY10 - 20. Shanghai Public Transportation Card can be used on Huangpu River Ferryboats.

 Here is more information on the Huangpu River ferry lines for your reference:

Ferry Line Puxi Address Operating Time Pudong Address Operating Time
Tangmi Line Songjiang Mishidu 05:30 - 20:00 Songjiang Tangkou 05:45 - 20:05
Ximin Line 290, Jiangpu Rd. 04:00 - 24:00 2, Huhang Rd. 04:10 - 24:05
Duwu Line 1, Jianchuan Rd. 05:00 - 19:00 Duhang 05:08 - 19:08
Chengche Line 11, Chengjiang Rd. 05:00 - 19:00 Tangkou 05:05 - 19:05
Sangang Line 1900, Longwu Rd. 05:00 - 23:00 Sanlin 05:07 - 22:45
Nannan Line 200, Nanjiang Rd. 05:20 - 1:00 2, Nanmatou Rd. 05:00 - 24:40
Nanlu Line 1, Lujiabang Rd. 04:30 - 23:50 2, Nanmatou Rd. 04:45 - 23:40
Tangdong Line 735, Waima Rd. 05:30 - 22:30 1, Tangqiao Rd. 05:40 - 22:20
Yangfu Line 1, Fuxing Rd. 06:00 - 19:00 1, Zhangyang Rd. 06:10 - 18:50
Dongdong Line 1, Dongmen Rd. 24 hours 1, Dongchang Rd. 24 hours
Dongjin Line 127, East Jinling Rd. 06:00 - 22:00 1, Dongchang Rd. 06:12 - 22:00
Taigong Line 50, Gongping Rd. 24 hours Taitong Rd. 24 hours
Qianqin Line 1, Qinhuangdao Rd. 05:40 - 22:40 1, Qiancang Rd. 05:50 - 22:30
Mindan Line 65, Dandong Rd. 05:00 - 22:00 Minsheng Rd. 05:10 - 21:50
Xiening Line 1, South Ningguo Rd. 04:00 - 24:00 Xiepu Rd. 04:10 - 23:50
Jinding Line 4, Gongqing Rd. 24 hours 1, Jinqiao Rd. 24 hours
Dongnen Line 1, Nenjiang Rd. 05:30 - 21:20 604, Dongtang Rd. 05:40 - 21:30
Caolin Line 1, Linjiang Rd. 06:00 - 20:30 Caozhen 05:50 - 20:35
Sansong Line 114, Songpu Rd. 06:00 - 21:00 Sanchagang 05:50 - 21:05

1. Dongdong Line, Taigong Line, and Jinding Line offer 24-hour service.
2. Only pedestrians are allowed on Dongjin Line.
3. Dongnen Line can handle the transport of cars, trucks, or other motor vehicles.

Shanghai Ferry Terminal
Shanghai Ferry Terminal
Entering the Pier
Entering the Pier

 Island Ferry

Changxing and Hengsha Islands of Baoshan District as well as Chongming Island can easily be reached by ferryboats. In Baoshan District on the mainland of Shanghai city, there are four main ports handling ferryboats to the ports of the three islands - Hengsha Port, Majiagang Port of Changxing, and three ports of Chongming, namely, Nanmen, Baozhen, and Xinhe. Detailed information on these ports is provided as follows:

 Wusong Passenger Transport Center
lines: Chongming (Xinhe), Changxing (Majiagang), Hengsha
Add: No.271, Huacheng Road, Baoshan District
Tel: 021-56575500, 021-56576606
Bus: 51, 116, 522, 719, 728, 848, 849, 952, Baoyang Port Special Line

 Shidongkou Port
lines: Chongming (Xinhe, Nanmen)
Add: No.1, Shengshi Road, Baoshan District
Tel: 021-69616666, 021-69693666
Bus: Pengshi Line, Beishi Line

Shanghai Wusong Port map Wusong Port
lines: Chongming (Nanmen, Baozhen, Xinhe), Changxing (Majiagang), Hengsha
Add: No.100, Songpu Road, Baoshan District
Tel: 021-56671202, 021-56671205, 021-56673346
Bus: 51, 849, Baoyang Port Special Line, Songjia Line, Songjia Special Line, Songjing Special Line, Songma Line

 Baoyang Port
lines: Chongming (Nanmen, Baozhen), Changxing (Majiagang), Hengsha
Add: No.18, Baoyang Zhi Road, Baoshan District
Tel: 021-69616666, 021-69693666
Bus: 51, 728, Tourist Line 5, Baoyang Port Special Line

 Sightseeing Ferry
The sightseeing ferryboats of Shanghai provide you with a chance to experience the exciting Huangpu River cruise. The River Sightseeing Line operating from 09:00 to 21:00 sails between Nanpu Bridge and Yangpu Bridge. The Water Bus Line stops at the Bund, East Jinling Road Ferry Station, and Dongjiadu Ferry Station on the west bank of Huangpu River, and Lujiazui, Dongchang Road Ferry Station, and Nanmatou Ferry Station on the east bank of the river. The line includes most of the famous attractions along the Huangpu River. It costs CNY 12 for the whole journey or CNY 2 for each stop.

Huangpu River Ferry
Huangpu River Ferry
Get on the Ferry Boat
Get on the Ferry Boat
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