Chongming Island

Chongming Island, the third largest island in China, is the backyard of Shanghai. Located in the east estuary of the Yangtze River, the island has a levee shaded under trees, looking like a giant green dragon lying on the river. The large-scale forests, lakes, and wetlands will immerse you into the natural beauty of this place. You can find many things to do: exploring a primitive forest in Dongping National Forest Park, observing birds at Pearl Lake, and enjoying the endless reed marshes in the wetland parks. Wandering on the mudflats, you will encounter numerous crabs walking sideways. Crabholes are dotted densely on the mudflat. Therefore, Chongming Island is also called Crab Island. In addition to contact with nature, there are also a lot of historical attractions and human landscapes exposing you to the cultural atmosphere, such as Chongming Academy, Danyuan Garden, Shou'an Temple, and Hanshan Temple.

 Dongping National Forest Park, in the center of the Chongming Island, has the largest man-made plain forest in east China, with flourishing trees and sweet-smelling flowers. Thousands of migratory birds come to this park to reproduce every year. Besides thick forest, there are many recreational facilities, such as grass skiing, rock climbing, forest golf court, tennis courts, forest zip-line, and forest sunbath.

Admission Fee CNY 70
For children between 1.3 and 1.4 meters (4.3 and 4.6 feet): CNY 35
Free for children less than 1.3 meters (4.3 feet).
Opening Hours Monday - Friday 8:30 – 16:00
Weekends and Holidays 8:30 – 17:00


Dongtan Wetland Park

Dongtan Wetland Park is in the easternmost part of the island. Visitors can enjoy the fresh air, and seemingly endless reed marshes there. The Sea Viewing Pavilion was constructed at the east end of the park. Numerous visitors will go there to watch the beautiful sunrise. The birds' migration route in Asia-Pacific region will pass Dongtan Park from November to March. Thousands of birds including wild geese and egrets can be seen during that time. There is an Egret Pavilion in the center of the park for visitors to observe the birds.

Admission Fee CNY 50 from Monday to Friday; CNY 80 at weekends and on public holidays
Free for children under 1.3 meters (4.3 feet)
Opening Hours 9:00 – 17:00


Xisha Wetland Park

Xisha Wetland Park is in the southwest of the island. The landforms of this place are abundant: lakes, mudflat, freshwater, reeds, and bog. The ebb and flow of the tide makes the wetland animal species diverse. Xisha Park is also the best place on the island to watch the sunset.

Admission Fee Free
Opening Hours 8:30 - 16:00, closed when spring tide comes.


Pearl Lake

Pearl Lake is in the west of Chongming Island, ranking as the largest natural inland lake in this region, has a surface area of 4.3 square kilometers (1.7 square miles). There is a bridge with flowers grown on the deck, leading visitors to the lake. Many rare trees are planted on the bank. Walking down the woodland path, you will experience intimate contact with nature by hearing birds and insects singing, and watching butterflies dancing around you.

Admission Fee Adult Ticket: CNY 45
Half price for children between 1.3 and 1.4 meters (4.3 and 4.6 feet).
Free for children under 1.3 meters (4.3 feet).
Opening Hours 8:30 – 16:00


Chongming Academy

Chongming Academy is one of the three well-preserved Confucius temples in Shanghai. With an area of 3.8 acres (15,473 square meters), it is larger than the other two temples. In olden days, it not only served as the place to pay homage to Confucius, but also the official local college. Nowadays, it is a comprehensive museum, demonstrating the history, customs, and culture of the island.

Admission Fee CNY 10 for adults and children over 1.3 meters (4.3 feet) in height.
Free for children under 4.3 feet.
Opening Hours June 15 to September 14 8:30 – 11:00, 14:00 – 17:00
September 15 to Next June 14 8:30 – 16:30 (Closed on Monday)


Shou'an Temple

Leaning against the Gold Turtle Mountain, Shou'an Temple has been a prosperous temple since the Song Dynasty (960 – 1279). After hundreds of years' rebuilding and expanding, it now contains many magnificent constructions, including the Mahavira Hall, Heavenly Kings Hall, Temple of God of Wealth, Saints Hall, and Bell Tower. The jade reclining Buddha enshrined in the west wing is the largest one in Shanghai, with a length of 20 feet (6 meters).

Admission Fee CNY 10
Opening Hours 8:30 – 16:30


Danyuan Garden

It is the only garden construction on this island, following the ancient Suzhou garden style, with halls, pavilions, pools, and bridges dotted within. Rosewood furniture, red lanterns, and porcelain chairs; these decorations inject ancient Chinese elements into the garden.

Other Locations

Locations Ticket Price Opening Hours Preferential Policy
Yingdong Ecologic Village CNY 20 7:30 – 16:30 Free for children under 1.2 meters (3.9 feet).
Qianwei Ecologic Village CNY 60 8:30 – 16:30 Free for children under 1.3 meters (4.3 feet).
Ruihua Orchard CNY 50
Jiangnan Sanmin Cultural Village CNY 60 8:00 – 16:30 1. CNY 30 for children between 1.3 and 1.5 meters (4.3 and 4.9 feet);
2. Free for children under 1.3 meters (4.3 feet).
Gaojiazhuang Ecologic Village CNY 60 8:00 – 17:00 Free for children under 1 meter (3.3 feet).


Local Food

Hairy Crab: Although it is small sized, the meat is very tender. Usually a streamed dish, soup stewed with the crab meat is also very tasty.

Chongming Alcohol: Sticky rice is the main ingredient, adding herbs and water to brew. Different from other liquors, it tastes sweet and mellow, if slightly sour.

Other specialties: Chongming Cake, saury, white goat meat.

How to get to Chongming Island from Shanghai?

By metro
1. Take line 1, and get off at Wenshui Road Station. Leave through Exit 4, and take bus Shenchong Line 1 or Shenchong Line 3 at Wenshuilu Gonghexinlu Station to the terminal station.
2. Take line 2, and get off at Shanghai Science and Technology Museum Station. Leave through Exit 6, and take bus Shenchong Line 2 at Shanghai Science and Technology Museum Metro Station to the terminal station.
3. Take line 6, and get off at Wuzhou Dadao Station. Leave through Exit 2, and take bus Shenchong Line 6 or Shenchong Line 6B at Wuzhou Dadao Metro Station to the terminal station.
Shanghai Bus / Metro Search

By ferry
1. Take bus 51, 116b, 160, 508, 728, 952 or Baoshan Line 29 to Baoyang Port, and then take a ferry to either Nanmen Port or Baozhen Port.
2. Take bus 116b, 508, 719, 728, 952 or Baoshan Line 5 or 21 and get off at Songbinlu Mudanjianglu Station. Walk east to Wusong Port. And take a ferry to Nanmen Port, Baozhen Port, or Xinhe Port of the island.
3. Take a taxi to Shidongkou Port. Then take a ferry to either Nanmen Port or Xinhe Port of the Chongming Island.

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Questions & Answers on Chongming Island
Asked by NIRMALRAJA | Oct. 05, 2019 01:40Reply
How to reach Chongming island from Shanghai South railway station ?
I am travelling from Jiaxing to Shanghai .
Can anyone suggest me how to reach Chongming island from Shanghai South railway station .
Also suggest me some good places to visit there and the best mode of transportation to go around chongming island .
Answers (1)
Answered by Feyman from AUSTRALIA | Oct. 11, 2019 23:35

Take metro line 1 to Wenshui Rd station first, then take bus line 1 of Shenchong to Chenjiazhen station, then transfer to bus middle line of Baochen to Baochen station, then walk to the island. It takes around 3 hours with CNY22. You can visit like wetland park, lavender garden. You can take bike or walk to travel around.
Asked by NIrmalraja from INDI | Oct. 05, 2019 01:31Reply
How can i travel inside the chongming island ?Shutte bus or rental bikes ?
Answers (2)
Answered by Mirranda from ITALY | Oct. 11, 2019 23:18

You can take shared bike or walk around.
Answered by Alice from CHINA | Nov. 08, 2019 20:31

Be careful, no shared bike on the island...
Asked by Thao from VIETNAM | Sep. 24, 2019 23:44Reply
How to get oriental pearl Tv tower from chongming island
Answers (1)
Answered by Ingrid from GEORGIA | Sep. 27, 2019 00:32

Take bus no. Baochenzhong Line to get to Chenjia Town first. Then take bus Shenchong 2nd Line to Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. Take metro line 2 to Lujiazui Station, Exit 2. Walk northwest around 250 meters to find the destination.
Asked by Costa from UKRAINE | Oct. 02, 2018 02:10Reply
Schedule of Ferry to Chongming island
Do you know the schedule of Ferry? When is the last one to Chongming Island?
Answers (1)
Answered by Charles from USA | Oct. 09, 2018 18:57

There are 3 ports in downtown Shanghai, namely Baoyang port, Wusong port and Shidongkou port.
There are also 3 ports in Chongming Island, namely Nanmen port, Baozhen port and Xinhe port.
Shidongkou port – Xinhe port: 06:45 – 18:00; the ferries leave every 2 hour.
Wusong port – Xinhe port: 07:50 and 12:15
Baoyang Port to Nanmen port: 06:30 - 17:30; the ferries leave every 30 minutes.
Baoyang Port to Baozhen port: 06:40 – 16:40; the ferries leave every 1 hour; there is no ferry at 12:40.
Shidongkou port to Nanmen port: 06:00 – 18:00; the ferries leave every 1 hour.
I found the timetable above online and hope to be helpful for you.
Asked by greg medway from AUSTRALIA | Sep. 18, 2018 21:32Reply
How do I get from Pudong Int Airport to Chongming Island ( Huanghao Hotel) Thank You
Answers (1)
Answered by Jordan from USA | Sep. 18, 2018 22:59

At the airport, take the maglev and get off at Longyang Road Station. Then transfer to take the metro line 2 opposite the maglev and get off from Exit 6 of Shanghai Science and Technology Museum Station.

Then walk about 4 minutes to Shanghai Science and Technology Museum Station to take Shenchong Line 4 and get off at Changxing Island Bus Terminal Station. Then walk about 2 minutes to the Fengfu Road Panyuan Road Station where you can take the Changxing No.2 and get off at Jiangnan Avenue Xingxing Branch Road. After walking about 17 minutes, you will see your hotel. You need to spend about CNY 64 and 2 hours on this ride.
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