Shanghai World Financial Center

World Financial Center

Shanghai World Financial Center Facts

Location: in the center of Lujiazui, Pudong New District
Height: 492 meters (about 1,614 feet)
Floors: 101
Observation Decks: 94F, 97F, 100F
Nickname: Bottle Opener

Standing in the center of Lujiazui Finance & Trade Zone in Pudong and neighbouring Shanghai Tower and Jin Mao Tower, Shanghai World Financial Center (SWFC) was completed on August 28, 2008, being the second tallest skyscraper in Shanghai. Having 101 floors with a height of 492 meters (about 1,614 feet), it ranked the top in the heights of roof and usable floor by the time when it was built, announced by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH).

Aiming to be a magnet of the world's finance, the building boasts functions of first class financial centers, able to showcase monetary talents, cultural and art exhibitions and information from all over the world. Modern office facilities, sightseeing floor at 474 meters (about 1,555 feet) above the ground, luxury hotel and multi-function meeting facilities are all available here, and over twenty multinational financial institutions will move into the ultra-modern building. More than forty enterprises from Japan and American invested together to construct this high-rise building.

The construction started in 1997 and continued after a six-year shutdown caused by the Asian financial crisis. With the intention to be the tallest building in the whole world, seven more floors were added after revisions to the previous design. Basement two to F3 is maintained for shopping malls. Meeting facilities and offices are distributed on F3-5 and F7-77. The Park Hyatt Hotel is located on F79-93 and F94-100 is used for sightseeing. The sightseeing hall was opened to public on August 30, 2008. It ranked the tallest sightseeing hall in the world by the time it was built.

World Financial Center, Jinmao Tower and Shanghai Tower
World Financial Center, Jinmao
Tower and Shanghai Tower
Like all skyscrapers in the world, security is a major issue of particular concern. The capability to withstand fire, wind, impacts, earthquakes and thunder is considered thoroughly at the very beginning of the design. SWFC can survive a massive 8 magnitude earthquake. There are fireproofed floors for escape; a dozen sets of obstacle indicator lights to warn low flying aircraft, as well as two wind dampers to reduce wind acceleration by 40%. In addition to lightning conductors covering the building, its glazed glass skin also protects against lightning and looks good too.

The entrance of the observatory is in Basement 1 on the west side of the building (just opposite to the Jin Mao Tower). Tickets are sold here and visitors can take the elevator directly to the sightseeing platform. Sky arena on F94 provides a perfect and extensive view of Shanghai along the Huangpu River. The 750-square-meter (about 897-square-yard) sightseeing hall is also suitable for exhibitions. Parapets in the window on F97 provide a place to take pictures. The open skylighted ceiling shows ingenuity in design. In good weather, it can be opened, turning the hall into an overpass in the air.  The Sky Walk on F100 is a 55-meter (180-foot) corridor. While wandering on the floor made of transparent glass, you can see the top of the Oriental Pearl Tower just in front and feel as if you are walking in the air above the roof of the Jin Mao Tower. Vehicles, pedestrians and even the whole city seem to be far away, down below.

There is also a beautiful sight of the whole city from the Park Hyatt Hotel. The hotel's lobby, with cocktail bar, is on the 87th floor, overlooking Pudong. Overlooking the entire city from the 100 Century Avenue Restaurant on the 91st floor appeals to all senses, with a perfect perspective to see the top of the near neighbor Jin Mao Tower, the full extent of Pudong and the Oriental Pearl Tower as well as many symbolic landmarks of Shanghai.

Completed in 2010 before the opening of Shanghai World Expo, a two-storey pedestrian corridor being constructed in the city's Lujiazui area is a big project in the vicinity of the SWFC. It connects the financial center with the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Jin Mao Tower, several other symbolic skyscrapers, roads, subways and city center gardens are linked together. It provides good access to SWFC with parts of the corridor given over to tea houses and cafes. The circle of the overpass built in the first phase connects the Oriental Pearl Tower and SWFC, providing a shortcut for people to shuttle between the two buildings.

Panorama of Pudong
 More Pudong New Area Pictures
Entrance to the SWFC Observatory
Entrance to the SWFC Observatory


There are many elevators leading to different parts of the building. Elevators to the Observatory can be found in the entrance on Basement 1. It takes about a minute from the entrance to reach the 95th floor. The Park Hyatt Hotel has its own guest elevators from the south side of the building.

How to get to Shanghai World Financial Center

Shanghai Bus / Metro Search

By bus:

1. Take bus Lujiazui Financial City Line 2 or Lujiazui Financial City Loop Line and get off at Dongtailu Shijidadao Station.
2. Take bus 583, 799, or 939 and get off at Huayuan Shiqiaolu Dongtailu Station.
3. Take bus 791, 870, 961, or 985 and get off at Lujiazui Huanlu Dongtailu Station.
4. Take bus 01, 798, 992, Lujiazui Financial City Line 3, or Lujiazui Financial City Line 4 and get off at Shiji Dadao Pudong Nanlu Station.

By regular shuttle bus:

There are regular shuttle buses between SWFC and the HSB Building from 9:00 to 18:00. They are free of charge and leave every 60 minutes (30 minutes at noon).

By metro:

Metro Line 2: get off at Dongchang Road Station, get out of the station from Exit 4; or get off at Lujiazui Station and get out of the station from Exit 6. Then walk 10 minutes towards the building.

By ferry: From the Bund, take ferry to Dongchang Road Pier and then walk 10 minutes to the building.
By tunnel: Take Tunnel Line 3 or Line 6 and get off at Shiji Dadao Pudong Nanlu Station.

Admission Fee

94th Floor

94th, 97th and 100th Floors
Adults CNY 120 CNY 180
Children between 1 and 1.4m (3.3 and 4.6ft) and disabled people CNY 60 CNY 90
Kids below 1m (3.3ft) Free of charge

Opening Hours

09:00-22:30 every day (last entry at 21:30)

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