7 Crazy Things to Do in Shanghai for Adventurous Tourists

For adventurous tourists, what crazy things to do in Shanghai? You can explore the “future world” in the Tomorrowland of Shanghai Disneyland or try thrilling amusement facilities in Happy Valley. Or you can go high to “walk in the sky” in Oriental Pearl Tower or World Financial Center. If you want to go even higher, take a helicopter to roam over the city. If you still feel it not thrilling enough, go to Shanghai International Circuit Wind Tunnel Flying Experience Center to experience the weightlessness like in the space. At Shanghai International Circuit, you can also enjoy big thrillings brought by high speed racing car. 


Tomorrowland in Shanghai Disneyland

Different from other dreamy parts of Shanghai Disneyland, Tomorrowland shows the high-tech future world and most amusement facilities are thrilling, making it one of crazy things to do in Shanghai. For example, the shooting program ‘ Buzz Lightyear Planet Rescue’ leads tourists to save the world; ‘Star Wars Expedition Base’ brings tourists into the world of star wars and ‘Jet Packs’ allows people to break through the gravitational constraints. Besides, ‘TRON Lightcycle Power Run’ is highly recommended. You will ride on the super-speed motorcycle to run through the track and enter a virtual world created by lights and sound effects. 

“Sky Walking” on Oriental Pearl Tower

Isn’t it thrilling to walk in the sky? Sure it is. But how? You can try this crazy thing to do in Shanghai on the 259-meter-high (850-feet-high) observation deck of Oriental Pearl Tower. It is 360-degree transparent, giving tourists the feeling of walking in the sky, hence named ‘Sky Walking’. When step on the transparent glass, someone cannot help themselves shaking and some are too feared to stand up. But if you are an adventurer and brave enough, it offers a great perspective to overlook the crowded traffic of the Bund and the flowing Huangpu River. The widest part of the “Sky Walking” is 3.6 meters (11.8 feet) and the narrowest part is 1.75 meters (5.7 feet), covering an area of 415 square meters (500 square yards). It is suggested to go there on weekdays in order to avoid crowds. 

“Sightseeing Skywalk” on World Financial Center

If you feel the 259-meter-high “Sky Walking” on the Oriental Pearl Tower not thrilling enough, then come to the 474-meter-high (1,555-feet-high) “Sightseeing Skywalk” on the 100th floor of Shanghai World Financial Center. It is currently the world’s highest observatory, which surpasses the Toronto’s CN Tower Observation Deck 446.5 meters (1,465 feet) high and Burj Khalifa Tower Observation Deck in the UAE 440 meters high (1,443 feet high), no doubt one of crazy things to do in Shanghai. With 3 transparent glass floors, the Sightseeing Skywalk here is a 55-meter long suspended sightseeing corridor, where you can see the roof of Jinmao Tower, beautiful scenery of Huangpu River and skyscrapers of Lujiazui.  

Helicopter City Tour

Taking a helicopter to tour around the city is definitely one of crazy things to do in Shanghai. You will be shocked to appreciate the beauty of Shanghai from a bird’s eye view. There are three routes for Shanghai Helicopter Tour, costing CNY 2,688 to 5,688 per person and spending 20-40 minutes. One will take you to overlook Sheshan Catholic Church. One covers popular scenic spots and landmarks in Shanghai, including Happy Valley, Sheshan National Holiday Resort, Chenshan Botanical Garden, InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland and Tianma Gold Country Club. The third route will take you to Oriental Land by Dianshan Lake. 
Shanghai International Circuit not only holds the Formula 1 Grand Prix, but also opens on non-match days for ordinary tourists to experience the fun of racing. Then, you can personally drive the race cars under the guidance of professional coaches and experience thrilling brought by high speed. In general, it costs CNY 100 to 400/person for one circle’s sitting at the passenger seat and CNY 2,000 to 4,000/hour for test ride. 
When talking about crazy things to do in Shanghai, going to Happy Valley should be on the list. Rather than bumper cars, carousels and ferris wheel, the most attractive things for adventurous tourists are Wooden Coaster - Fireball, Twin-Tower Heroes Roller Coaster, Haunted House, Jungle Flying Train and Big Swing Hammer. Especially, the Fireball is the first wooden roller coaster in China with the length of 1,200 meters (1,300 yards).

Wind Tunnel Flying Experience Center

The Wind Tunnel Flying Experience Center is located at the Shanghai International Circuit of Jiading District. People can fly like a bird in a special vertical tunnel with the help of artificially created and controlled air flow, really one of the crazy but weird things to do in Shanghai. In the 15 meters (50 feet) high tunnel, you can not only enjoy the feeling of weightlessness and practice the sense of balance, but also intuitively understand the aerodynamic knowledge and wind tunnel experiment technology. This sport has several similarities with skydiving, but relatively safer.
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