Zhujiajiao Water Town

Located in Qingpu District of Shanghai, Zhujiajiao Water Town, aka Zhujiajiao Water Village, is well-known throughout the country, with a history of more than 1,700 years. Covering an area of 47 square kilometers (11,614 acres), the little fan-shaped town, being regarded as Shanghai's Venice, glimmers like a bright pearl in the landscape of lakes and mountains.

Endowed with another elegant name - 'Pearl Stream' - the Zhujiajiao Ancient Water Town is the best-preserved among the four ancient towns in Shanghai. Unique old bridges across bubbling streams, small rivers shaded by willow trees, and houses with courtyards attached all transport people who have been living amidst the bustle and hustle of the modern big city to a brand-new world full of antiquity, leisure and tranquillity.
Zhujiajiao, Shanghai's Venice.
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Map of Zhujiajiao Ancient Town
Map of Zhujiajiao Water Town

Bridges in Zhujiajiao Water Town

It is said that to visit Zhujiajiao Water Town without seeing the bridges means that you have not really been to Zhujiajiao at all! Bridges here are distinctive and old, built during Ming and Qing Dynasties. The old Zhujiajiao Town is thoroughly connected by 36 delicate spans in different shapes and styles, from wooden to stone to marble.

Fangsheng Bridge (Setting-fish-free Bridge) is the longest, largest and tallest stone bridge, with five openings both in Shanghai region. This bridge was built in 1571. On the bridge stands a stone tablet named Dragon Gate Stone, which is engraved with 8 coiling dragons encircling a shining pearl. On top of the bridge are 4 lifelike stone lions.
Sightseeing Boats
Sightseeing Boats
Fangsheng Bridge in Zhujiajiao
Fangsheng Bridge
Lang Bridge (Veranda Bridge), also named Huimin Bridge, is the only wooden bridge and the most featured span in Zhujiajiao Water Town. It has wooden bars on the two sides and upturned eaves above, just like a narrow corridor.

North Street - Ancient Street

In the Zhujiajiao Water Town, there is an ancient street filled with representative ancient buildings from the Ming and Qing Dynasties, attracting great numbers of domestic and foreign visitors. That is North Street, which is the best preserved ancient street in this suburb. Only one kilometer long, the whole street is at once primitively simple, yet very elegant. Strolling on this ancient thoroughfare and appreciating the historic buildings, long-established stores, and old bridges as well as the many narrow lanes is another enjoyment.
Town God Temple in Zhujiajiao
Town God Temple
Narrow Lanes in the Town
Narrow Lanes in the Town

Kezhi Garden

Zhujiajiao Ancient Water Town boasts imposing gardens as well as ancient dwellings built during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Among the ancient architecture, Kezhi Garden is the largest manorial garden. The garden is commonly named 'Ma Family Garden' after a former host named Ma Wenqin.

Located in Xijin Street in the northern part of Zhujiajiao Water Town, Kezhi Garden features beautiful sightseeing and quiet and secluded surroundings. It consists mainly of three parts, including a hall area, an artificial hill area and a garden area. In the artificial hill area, there is magnificent symbolic architecture - a foursquare five-story building, on the top of which stands a diametric pavilion named 'Moon View Pavilion.' This building is considered the tallest architecture in Zhujiajiao Town.

The scenic spots outlined here are just a sampling of the pretty attractions of Zhujiajiao Water Town. Old narrow lanes, peculiar stone hawsers on the riverside and old residences also make you enjoy yourself so much as to forget to go home.

How to get to Zhujiajiao Water Town From Shanghai Downtown?

By metro

Take Metro Line 17 and get off at Zhujiajiao Station; after arrival, walk north for about 15mins to the town.

By bus

Take Yangtze River Delta Demonstration Zone Line  6 at Oriental Land metro station to Zhujiajiao Water Town.

Entrance Fee Visitors are exempted from the entrance fees. However, they are required to buy the tickets for visiting the attractions inside the water town. Below are some combo tickets:

CNY80 for seven scenic spots in the town: Kezhi Garden,The Garden of Inseparable Hearts “Hexinyuan”, Shanghai Helong Art Gallery, Shanghai Handicraft Zhujiajiao Exhibition Hall, City God Temple, Yuanjin Buddhist Temple, Quanhua Museum

CNY40 for Kezhi Garden, City God Temple, Yuanjin Buddhist Temple, Shanghai Handicraft Zhujiajiao Exhibition Hall

CNY60 for Kezhi Garden, The Garden of Inseparable Hearts “Hexinyuan”, Shanghai Helong Art Gallery, Quanhua Museum

Free for children below 1.3 meters (4.3 feet).
Opening Hours 8:30 - 16:30

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Questions & Answers on Zhujiajiao Water Town
Asked by din | Oct. 26, 2023 02:05Reply
How many time required in Zhujiajiao?
Answers (1)
Answered by Kina | Oct. 26, 2023 02:38

Generally, you can spend one day to explore the beautiful water town.
Asked by Veronica from INDONESIA | Sep. 29, 2023 19:32Reply
Where can i book in advance Zhujiajiao ticket?

We will be travel to Shanghai on next Nov 2023. Our hotel will be on Green Court Residence City Center Shanghai. My questions:
1. Where can i book in advance Zhujiajiao ticket?
2. How to get Zhujiajiao from our hotel?
3. Is possible to explore Zhujiajiao with 1 yo baby with the stroller there?

Thank You for you help.
Answers (1)
Answered by Selina | Oct. 07, 2023 19:53

1. The booking sites I know are all in Chinese. You can also buy a ticket upon arrival on the spot. It's not the peak travel season anymore in November.
2. From your hotel, walk to the nearby People's Square subway station to take subway line 2 to Hongqiao Railway Station, then change to line 17 to Zhujiajiao, then walk for about 1,500 meters or take a taxi to the scenic spot.
3. You can take the baby stroller, but the road is not flat enough in some parts.
Asked by ben from SINGAPORE | Mar. 20, 2023 07:44Reply
Getting to zhujiajiao
If I stay at JinJiang Inn at Nanjing East Road Pedestrian Street, 680 Nanjinglu St, Huangpu, Shanghai, how do I get to zhujiajiao watertown?
Answers (1)
Answered by Vicky | Mar. 21, 2023 18:57

Take subway line 2 from Nanjing East Road to Hongqiao Railway Station, then change to line 17 to Zhujiajiao. Please note the Zhujiajiao subway station is about 1.5km from the water town. If you feel it difficult to cover the distance by foot, take bus no. Zhujiajiao 9 or a taxi.
Asked by Emma from CHINA | Apr. 28, 2020 19:22Reply
Booking Zhujiajiao Tickets in advance?
I have heard that places are limiting the number of visitors in order to avoid crowds. Is this true for Zhujiajiao? Should I try to book in advance for the upcoming holiday weekend since it is likely to be busy? If so, how can I do that? Thanks!
Answers (1)
Answered by Kaylee from FINLAND | May. 06, 2020 00:15

Yes, you need to book the tickets in advance.
Asked by cari from SHANGHAI | Apr. 05, 2020 21:53Reply
is Zhujiajiao in may or will it be closed coz of the corono virus?
Answers (1)
Answered by Connor from FINLAND | Apr. 06, 2020 20:50

Don't worry. The scenic area has already reopen to the public.
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