15 Most Beautiful Places in Shanghai in Spring

As a metropolitan city, Shanghai has not only skyscrapers of hustle and bustle, but also many beautiful places for people to commune with nature, especially in spring, when the cherry blossom, magnolia blossom, peach blossom, and so on are in full bloom. If you plan to visit the city in spring between March and May, the following 15 most beautiful places in Shanghai are recommended to you.

White magnolia is the city flower of Shanghai and it is in full blossom from March to April. The best place to appreciate it is around the People’s Square and the People’s Park. Streets between these two scenic spots are planted with nearly 200 magnolia trees. Every March, the pure petals and the sweet fragrance of magnolia flowers light up everyone’s mood. By the way, in April, the red begonia flowers in the People’s Park can also please your eyes.
There is no doubt that the Botanical Garden is one of the most beautiful places in Shanghai in spring. Tourists can feast their eyes on the plum blossoms in February, cherry and camellia blossoms in March and the magnolia, peony and tulip flowers in April. Particularly during the Shanghai International Flower Show, which is held every year, Shanghai Botanical Garden will plant or introduce many rare species of tulip from Holland. Apart from the common red, white, yellow and pink ones, the mysterious dark purple tulips will broaden your horizon.
In spring, the Shanghai Wild Animal Park is a nice place for both getting close to the cute animals and feeling the vigor of nature. The animals become active again when the weather gets warm. Also, from middle to the late March, the entire wild animal park will be in a blaze of colors thanks to the white hydrangea, pink cherry, yellow tulip and red peach blossoms.
Every time when spring is approaching, the quaint Yu Garden will be revitalized by the colorful flowers, green grass and weeping willows. No matter you are listening to the gurgle of the creek, walking through the corridor or having a break at the pavilion, the delicate buds and the germinating sprouts will quickly draw your attention.

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The Century Park is listed as one of the most beautiful places in Shanghai mainly for its plum blossom in February. More than 30 species of plum trees are planted here. The clusters of red, pink and white blossoms make the whole Century Park truly visually appealing. The wintersweet flower is also a specialty here, which is known for its glossy petals and the strong fragrance. From March to April, the pink cherry and begonia blossoms, golden rapeseed and winter jasmine blossoms as well as the red camellia blossoms are also ready to greet you one after another.
The Oriental Land boasts nearly 3,000 beautiful plum trees and the flowering period is usually February. Since this place nestles upon the peaceful Dianshan Lake, why not take a walk along the bank and slowly appreciate the pink and white flowers? When strolling in the balmy spring wind, you may unexpectedly find some peach blossoms as well.
Zhujiajiao Water Town is near the Oriental Land, being another beautiful place in Shanghai to enjoy spring scenery. Interspersed with plum blossoms, this quaint water town can’t be more picturesque. More interestingly, tourists can not only see but also taste the flavor of spring here. At the Kezhi Garden inside the Zhujiajiao Water Town, many snacks for sale are made of plum or plum blossoms. Popular ones are the plum wine, plum cake, plum jam and preserved plum.

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If you visit the Dongping National Forest Park in March or April, you will cheerfully find that the breeze smells sweeter after it blows over the magnolia and plum blossoms. However, there is more you can do than simply admiring flowers here. While bathing in the warm sunshine, tourists can experience digging wild vegetables, playing with butterflies, and flying kite to heartily enjoy the spring.

Gucun Garden

From mid-March to early April, the Gucun Garden attracts swarms of tourists for its beautiful cherry blossom grove. When roaming inside, tourists will be surprised by the differences among the numerous types of cherry blossoms – some with single petals and some with double ones, some with hanging petals and some with bell-like ones, not to mention their bright colors varying from white, pink, red to purple. Besides, the aquatic plants and ornamental grass all over the Gucun Garden seem to tell you that spring is coming.

Nanhui Peach Blossom Village

Nanhui Peach Blossom Village is known for the combination of the waterscape and peach blossoms. So every March and April, lots of tourists will come here to join in the Peach Blossom Festival. A popular entertainment is to take a boat to savor the moments of leisure. Viewed from a distance on the lake, the whole village seems to be shrouded in the pink cloud and is definitely a beautiful place in Shanghai in spring.

Shanghai Flower Port

Shanghai Flower Port is most thriving from late March to mid-May every year because it is when the Tulip Flower Show is held. With the red, yellow, orange and white tulips scattering around, tourists will feel like walking on a gigantic palette. Besides, there are some special tulips waiting for you to discover. Some tulips mix several colors together and some have fringes on their petals. Windflowers, daffodil and anemone flowers are also in full bloom. The scenery at the Flower Port in spring is so stunning that many people will linger on for the whole day.

Gongqing Forest Park

This beautiful place in Shanghai will wake up your imagination about the fairyland. Every spring, the lush forest acts as the background for the vibrant begonia, peach and cherry blossoms. One of the highlights of this forest park is the 300m (330yd) long road lined with cherry blossom trees. When you walk through it, the falling petals in the air will greatly relax your mind. Also, in April, the white magnolia flowers are worth seeing.

Shanghai Binhai Forest Park

If you prefer a less crowded place to see flowers, the Shanghai Binhai Forest Park should be on your list. From late March to April, the peach blossoms here are very attractive. If weather permits, it will be more delightful to have a picnic or barbecue with your friends here to spend a spring day.

Dishui Lake

In spring, many tourists come to Dishui Lake in order to stroll along the 1.35km (0.8mi) long cherry blossom promenade. This promenade starts from the Dishui Lake metro station and ends at the Dishui Lake West Island. Over 460 cherry blossom trees are planted along the way. It’s highly recommended to visit this place from late March to early April. The contrast of blue lake water and pink blossoms will certainly feast your eyes.

Zhuanghang Town, Fengxian District

Zhuanghang Town is one of the most beautiful places in Shanghai in spring to appreciate the rapeseed flowers. The best time to visit it is in March and April. During this period, the rapeseed flowers are in full bloom and will remind you of a fluffy golden carpet stretching to the skyline. When the wind blows, you will be refreshed upon smelling the flowers’ light fragrance. In addition, tourists can pick strawberries, go fishing, have barbecue and taste wild vegetables at Zhuanghang Town as well.
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