6 Shanghai Popular Places to Visit in March

In Shanghai, the emergence of cherry, magnolia and begonia blossoms in March tell people that spring is coming. The Chenshan Botanical Garden, Gucun Park and Huoshan Park are Shanghai popular places to enjoy these beautiful flowers. With the cold winter finally ending, animals also come alive and are waiting for you in the Shanghai Wild Animal Park. The balmy breeze and warm sunshine also make this month a good time to visit the Bund and Zhujiajiao Water Town.

In early and middle March, the Chenshan Botanical Garden is densely decorated with all kinds of white, pink and purple cherry blossoms. Their fragrance is so sweet that the buzzing bees keep hovering over them. Such a lively scene can surely cheer you up. The garden holds the International Magnolia Flower Show in late March every year. Rare magnolia blossoms of various shapes and colors are a feast for your eyes. Plum, daffodil, dogwood and begonia flowers add more color to this popular place in Shanghai in March and make your visit more joyful.
This Shanghai popular place enables tourists to have fun with animals and to enjoy spring at the same time. As soon as you walk in, your attention will be drawn to a large area of white hydrangea flowers. What’s more, in March, the whole animal park is interspersed with cherry and tulip flowers, making it a good place to take souvenir photos with your kids. Then, you can discover the Manchurian Tiger, African Lion and black bear on the sightseeing bus, or closely observe the panda, elephant, giraffe, flamingo and penguin in the Walking Area. As for children, they can feed alpaca, rabbit and goat. Tourists can also watch sea lions and tigers performing acrobatics, elephant kicking balls, and the horse and dog racing.
Considering the moderate temperature and good weather, the top things to do in Shanghai in March should include roaming along the Bund, the landmark of Shanghai. Besides the Gothic, French and other Western-style architectures, tourists can also enjoy the impressive skyscrapers on the other side of the Huangpu River from a distance. In the evening, it is strongly recommended to take a Huangpu River Cruise. The night view on both banks, together with the bustling crowds, lets you feel the prosperity of this metropolitan city.

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When planning what to do in Shanghai in March, this historical town should be on your list. Thanks to the sprouting willow branches and the plum blossoms, this quaint water town becomes vivid again. Why not take a black awning boat to enjoy peaceful moments while listening to the sounds of the flowing river? Meanwhile, you can slowly observe the white buildings with black tiles on the bank. At the Kezhi Garden inside Zhujiajiao, tourists can taste pastry, jam, and wine that are made of plums or plum blossoms in this season. Of course, many other snacks are available, with the most popular one being the glutinous meat dumplings.

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Gucun Park 

Gucun Park is the most popular place in Shanghai to enjoy the cherry blossoms from mid-March to early April. In addition to the blossoms’ different colors such as red, white, pink and purple, it’s very easy for tourists to distinguish one species from another based on the petal’s shape and size. No matter the single petal or double petal, the umbrella-shaped or bell-like one, all are appealing. In addition, aquatic plants and ornamental grass can be seen everywhere, making Gucun Park a nice place to go for a spring outing.

Huoshan Park

Most famous for being a shelter for Jewish refugees during the Second World War, Huoshan Park is also a destination for tourists visiting Shanghai in March because of its beautiful spring scenery. When strolling along the greenway, you can take photos with the bright Chinese roses and begonia flowers.

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