Shanghai Tourist Information for April - 7 Things to Do

April is the best month to see spring blossoms and commune with nature. Shanghai Botanical Garden, People’s Park and Dongping National Forest Park are ideal to on for an outing. For those who travel with their kids, Shanghai Zoo is strongly recommended. Also, the classical Guyi Garden and the Zhouzhuang Water Town, which best represent the traditional architectural style of Southern China, are worth considering in the pleasant spring weather. By the way, F1 fans shouldn’t miss the spectacle at Shanghai International Circuit every April. Specific Shanghai tourist information for April is shown below for your reference.

Speaking of seeing flowers in Shanghai, no other place is better than the Botanical Garden. Pink cherry blossoms start to bloom as early as in March. In April, white begonia blossoms and purple wisteria all gently sway in the spring breeze. Tourists can also enjoy peach, tulip and redbud flowers. In addition, the Maple Garden is a good place for you to breathe fresh air and relax your mind. If you feel tired, why not take a boat and heartily enjoy the scenery along the riverbank?
The white magnolia flower is the city flower of Shanghai and in full bloom in April. Thus it will be a pity for tourists not to see them when visiting Shanghai in April. Along the roads outside the People’s Park, hundreds of white magnolia trees give out a light fragrance. Also, the clusters of pure white blossoms are visually pleasing. Inside the People’ Park, tourists can enjoy the pink hall crabapple flowers as well.
For those fond of Formula One, watching the car race on the spot is the most exciting thing to do in Shanghai in April, which is held in mid-April on the Shanghai International Circuit. Before the car race officially starts, you can chat with F1 fans from across the world and greet your favorite driver at the Driver Parade. During the race, when the cars are running at full throttle and speeding by right in front of you, you can hear the roar of engine and feel the track and the ground shaking. Once a car overtakes another, the fanatic fans will urge them on and you are bound to join them in such as infectious atmosphere, something that cannot be passed through the relay.
If you prefer more things to do in April, the 4th piece of Shanghai tourist information recommends the zoo to you. Apart from flowers, trees, streams and fresh air, the Shanghai Zoo enables tourists to meet panda, deer, golden monkeys, penguins, giraffes, kangaroos and Manchurian Tigers, let alone the amphibians such as Giant Salamander and tree frog and reptiles including lizard, python and land turtle. As a good place for family visit, children can have fun feeding the animals, rowing boats and riding on the Ferris Wheel here. Also, the ample grassland provides a perfect picnic area at the Shanghai Zoo.
Paying a visit to a Chinese classical garden should be on your list of “what to do in Shanghai in April”. As a garden known for bamboo, the shady bamboo paths here can lead you to each carefully designed pavilion, corridor and rockery. More importantly, many people come here for its Peony Show held every April. Red, purple, purple-black, green, yellow, white, blue…various kinds of peony turn the Guyi Garden into a vivid palette. Also displayed are the beautiful oil paintings and embroideries with a peony motif.
Zhouzhuang Water Town in spring is as appealing as a Chinese ink painting and it’s neither too cold nor too hot to pay a visit, so it should be included in the Shanghai tourist information for April. It’s recommended to take a boat and slowly enjoy the views on the banks. You can feel a sense of this town’s history through the brick walls, tiled roofs and stone paved roads on each side. It’s also a pleasure to have a cup of tea at the teahouse and appreciate the scenery from the window or to enjoy the soft Kunqu Opera at the theatre pavilion. In the evening, the red lanterns are lit, making the view even more beautiful. If you’re hungry, try the popular dishes here including the Wansan Pork Shank, Steamed Mandarin Fish and the Fried Field Snails with Ginger Sauce.
Don’t miss this huge natural oxygen bar when visiting Shanghai in April. When tourists pass through the lush fir trees, you can not only breathe fresh air but also enjoy the Chinese violet cress blossoms at your feet. Cherry, peach and other flowers are also in bloom in the spring sunshine. Children can experience catching tadpoles, feeding deer and digging for wild vegetables here. In addition, Dongping National Forest Park offers tourists a specific area to have a barbecue and camp, which is convenient for group travellers.

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