Shanghai Spring – Weather, Clothing & Tour Tips

Shanghai spring usually starts from March and lasts to May every year, which brings revival of all things. The flowers are in blossom and trees wear “new green clothes”. The spring weather in Shanghai is always warm and moist with the comfortable temperature of 6 - 14 ℃ (43 – 57 ℉). But the temperature difference between day and night is a little bit large. Remember to add a piece of clothes when night comes. It does not rain a lot and most of the time it is light rain. In general, spring in Shanghai is one of the best time periods for traveling. 

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What to Wear When Visiting Shanghai in Spring

In consideration of mild and warm Shanghai spring weather, jackets, hoodies, long-sleeved T-shirts, jeans, and casual shoes are suitable for joining in a Shanghai spring tour. You may also prepare hats and sunglasses for outdoor scenic spots. 
Shanghai Spring Clothes Shanghai Spring Wear

Why to Travel to Shanghai in Spring?

 The weather of Shanghai in spring is pleasant, neither too cold nor too hot. Tourists can go spring outing and mountain hiking comfortably. 

 Many kinds of flowers are in full bloom in Shanghai spring, such as peach blossom, cherry blossom and tulips.

 If you avoid public holidays in spring in Shanghai, the scenic spots will have less tourists compared with the upcoming summer, when China’s school students enjoy their summer vacation. In this way, you can obtain better travel experience. 

What to Do in Shanghai Spring Season

Endowed with pleasant weather, you can travel around comfortably in Shanghai in spring, like having a stroll on the Bund and along the alleys of Xinatiandi, making wishes at the Jade Buddha Temple and savoring local delicacies around the Old City God Temple. In addition, Spring in Shanghai shows tourists the unique beauty of the city. Here under are several interesting activities you can do during this time. 

 Enjoying Cherry Blossom in Gucun Park
When cherry blossom season is coming, Gucun Park is definitely the best place to take photos in Shanghai. The flower season usually is mid-March to mid-April. The planting area of cherry blossom is more than 80 hectares (1,200 acres), containing near 90 kinds of cherry blossom varieties and over 12,000 trees. The cherry petals are just like pink snowflakes. The ground seems to be covered with a layer of pale pink velvet blanket inadvertently. There are bicycle rental places at Gate No.1 and No.2 of Gucun Park. You can rent a bike to tour around to alleviate fatigue. It is suggested to go Gucun Park in weekdays in order to avoid crowded tourist. 

Besides, tourists can also go to People’s Square & People’s Park to see tulip in March and michelia alba in April. Shanghai Botanical Garden is a good place to watch cherry blossom and camellia in March, michelia alba, tulip, peony and orchid in April. If you visit Yuyuan Garden and Zhujiajiao Water Town in spring, you will see peach blossom and pear blossom.

 Spring Outing in Century Park or Dongping National Forest Park
It will be regretful not to go for an outing in spring in Shanghai. Located at the southeast end of Century Avenue in Pudong, Century Park is the largest natural ecological park in Shanghai full of new greens in spring. 

Dongping National Forest Park is the largest artificial forest in East China. Not only is there a huge grass field, but also a recreational accommodation area for staying overnight. As a popular barbecue campsite, it can accept 1,000 people for barbecue and 500 people for camping. Every May, the Forest Music BBQ Camping Festival is held here.

 Having Fun in Disneyland Park
Shanghai Disneyland Park is a place where you can easily discover happiness. It is advised to spend a whole day here to enjoy warm sunshine of Shanghai spring and fun entertainment facilities. The fantasy fairy tale castle inside this theme park makes people feel like entering the fantasy world of Snow White. Other cute cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck can also be found here. Besides, watching musical drama ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is a popular experience in Shanghai Disneyland Park.

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Shanghai Spring Tour Tips

 Pay attention to allergic to pollen. It is suggested to prepare some medicine in advance and wear masks when going out. 
 Sometimes the sunlight would be strong in the afternoon, so you need to drink enough water to store water. Preparing sunscreen scream and sunglasses are also necessary. 
 Due to the large temperature difference between day and night, it is advised to bring an overcoat or jacket when going out at night. 
 Try to avoid touring around during the Labor Day Holiday (May 1st - 3rd) and Qingming Festival because of crowded tourists.
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