Autumn in Shanghai – Weather, Clothing & Travel Tips

In Shanghai autumn from September to November, the weather is cool and pleasant with an average high temperature of 25℃ (77℉) and an average low temperature of 15℃ (59℉). The daily temperature difference gradually becomes obvious. The average rainfall during this season is at a level of 60-70 mm and the average humidity is 75%. Therefore, travelers won’t feel dry like in the northern regions in China. In general, the autumn rains are not heavy and frequent, so they do not influence outdoor activities very much. As a whole, autumn is one of the best time to visit Shanghai; in addition to the nice Shanghai autumn weather condition, colorful leaves add more beauty to this metropolises.  

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What to Wear When Visiting Shanghai in Autumn

You may need trench coats, jackets and thin sweaters for early morning, late nights and rainy days. During the relatively warm noontime, long-sleeved shirts, long pants, and hoodies are enough. Preparing sneakers or casual shoes for sightseeing on foot.
Shanghai Autumn Clothes Shanghai Autumn Wear

Why to Travel to Shanghai in Autumn?

 Shanghai autumn weather is cool with no much rainy days, which enables a comfortable and smooth trip. 

 The scenery of Shanghai Autumn is picturesque with colorful plants, like golden sycamore leaves, yellow osmanthus and red maple leaves. Widely scattered here and there, they make this metropolis more charming.

What to Do in Shanghai Autumn Season

 The Bund
The autumn scenery on the Bund is charming, especially at sunrise and sunset. The scattered sunlight is golden yellow, which illuminates the tops of skyscrapers in Lujiazui opposite the Bund. Also, the dyed leaves around make this place like an oil painting. At night, you can join in a Huangpu River Night Cruise. The banks of Huangpu River have always been the most classic night view of Shanghai. From Puxi’s western buildings to Pudong’s modern skyscrapers, you will be deeply attracted.

 Qiuxiapu Garden for Red Maple Leaves 
Qiuxiapu Garden (also called ‘Autumn Garden’) is one of the classical gardens in Shanghai with wonderful maple leaves scenery. The late autumn is the most beautiful season of it. All plants and trees are dyed into a piece of red, which leaves a deep impression to tourists. The cool breeze blowing the red leaves with sunset reflected in the pool forms a typical autumn picture. You should take some photos to record this beauty.

 Former French Concession
Former French Concession is full of tall and dense French sycamore trees. As the weather is getting cold, the leaves begin to turn golden. Therefore, this place in autumn is the best place to watch golden leaves. To keep the fairy tale like world longer, the sanitation men only collect the bad ones and leave the golden ones for passersby. It will be an unforgettable memory to have a stroll on the golden blanket of leaves. You can also have a seat in a roadside cafe, listen to soft music and appreciate the beauty of autumn.

 Tasting Steamed Hairy Crab
Autumn is the best time to eat crabs in Shanghai. This kind of meat is tender and delicious with rich nutrition. The Steamed Hairy Crab has always been one of the favorites of tourists to Shanghai in Autumn. The following restaurants are considered as the best crab eating place in Shanghai: Wang Bao He Restaurant, Tu’an Crab Restaurant and Xin Guang Restaurant.

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Shanghai Autumn Tour Tips

 It is suggested to avoid travelling to Shanghai during National Day Holiday from October 1st to 7th or 8th, when is the busiest travel time in China. If you cannot avoid it, you should book hotel and train / flight tickets in advance to make your trip smooth.
 Because the temperature difference becomes obvious in autumn in Shanghai, wearing an overcoat or windproof clothes is necessary when taking a walk in the early morning or late evening.
 Prepare some mouth-muffles for windy days. 
 Preparing and eating enough fruits and vegetables to keep your body in an ideal situation. Besides, drinking water timely is also important.
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