6 Shanghai Famous Places to Visit in October

Shanghai steps into autumn in October with weather becoming mild and pleasant as the leaves are turning yellow or red. Tourists should take advantage of the crisp air and the cool temperature during this period to enjoy this enchanting city to the full. If you are wondering what to do in Shanghai in October, we hope the six Shanghai famous places below, either historical sites or modern attractions, can be of interest.

There is no doubt that the Former French Concession is the most exotic area in Shanghai, and the different roads here can leave tourists with different impressions. Especially in October, you can roam along the Dongping Road and the Taojiang Road which are covered with the yellow or red maple tree leaves, or take photos of the garden villas and the Baroque architecture on the Wukang Road. In the southeast of the Former French Concession, why not pay a visit to the galleries on the Shaoxing Road or simply stroll around the Tianzifang? The traditional Shikumen Residence, fancy handicrafts stores and restaurants are truly interesting places to visit in Shanghai during October.

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Thanks to the balmy weather, taking a Huangpu River Cruise to enjoy the Bund is a very comfortable thing to do in Shanghai in October. Seeing from the ship, you will find the Bund in a blaze of colors owing to the green, yellow and red leaves. Such a view is more appealing with the background of all kinds of western-style buildings. If you have no interest in the cruise, taking a walk along the Bund is also a pleasure. Meanwhile, you may see local people practicing Tai Chi (Taijiquan) at the nearby park in the morning and having fun dancing in the evening.

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When tourists walk along this Shanghai famous place in October, they all feel delighted upon seeing the yellow plane tree leaves and smelling the fragrant osmanthus. Even the flower beds and the kiosks here are very unique and worthy of being photographed. Nevertheless, Nanjing Road is most known as the No.1 Commercial Street in Shanghai. So, apart from its autumn streetscape, all sorts of shopping malls, stores and restaurants on both sides can also enrich your visit. When the colorful neon lights are switched on in the evening, the night view here is truly unforgettable.

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The scenery of the Yu Garden in autumn can be best seen at the Liangyixuan Pavilion, which permits a plain view of the quaint corridors, rockeries, ponds, creeks and the red maple trees. What us more, in October, the 21m (69ft) high ginkgo tree in front of the Wanhua Chamber is a famous thing in Shanghai. It was said to be planted by the first owner of the Yu Garden, more than 400 years ago. Every time the autumn wind blows, the rustling of the golden ginkgo tree leaves makes a pleasant melodious sound.

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The mild weather neither too cold nor too hot in October is good for a visit to the Jade Buddha Temple. With the scattered pines and cypresses, this quiet temple is known for two beautiful Buddha statues, one sitting and the other reclining, both covered with gold leaf and many jewels. The soft sound of the bell also lets tourists immerse in the Buddhist culture here and feel a sense of inner peace. In addition, the Jade Buddha Temple offers vegetarian foods and its top specialty is the vegetarian noodles (Su Mian). If you have time, remember to try it.
Century Park is listed as one of the Shanghai famous places in October because of its beautiful vegetation. Many tourists come here to see a large area of plants “change their colors”. When people take a walk along the promenade, you can enjoy the beech trees, maple trees, cedar trees and the tulip trees on the two sides. The color of their leaves gradually changes with each passing day. Alongside the lake, the yellow gingko trees and plane trees can also please your eyes. Considering the ample space at the Century Park, why not enjoy jogging while breathing the super fresh air here?

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