Where to Go in Shanghai in Autumn - 11 Best Destinations

Where to go in Shanghai in autumn from October to November? As the pleasant autumn wind starts to blow, many places in Shanghai, both downtown and in the suburbs, are decorated golden, red or green leaves. They enable tourists to breathe fresh air, appreciate colorful scenery and take beautiful photos. Below are the 11 best destinations for you to heartily enjoy your autumn in Shanghai.

Autumn gives this classical garden a different look. Its delicate pavilions, corridors and rockeries are more attractive because of the red maple trees and the golden ginkgo trees. The most famous ginkgo tree here is in front of the Wanhua Chamber, whose age is more than 400 years. With the colorful leaves rustling, tourists can better feel the lingering charm of the Yu Garden.

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Qiuxiapu Garden

Qiuxiapu is another famous classical garden in Shanghai. ‘Qiu’ in its name means autumn, which implies that the scenery here in this season is the most stunning. Indeed, if you visit the Qiuxiapu Garden in late autumn, you will fall in love with the many maple trees. When the lake reflects the crimson sunset, the whole garden is in red and truly picturesque. No wonder it is a hot destination when planning where to go in Shanghai in autumn.
Autumn is a good season to take a walk along the Huangpu River while enjoying the blue sky, white cloud and fresh air. More importantly, the scenery here will be a blaze of color as the green, yellow and red leaves, become a foil for the various western style buildings on the Bund look more attractive. Local people are the first to take full advantage of this pleasant season. As the temperature becomes cooler, more Shanghainese will exercise, play Tai Chi (Taijiquan)  and fly kites on the Bund. Opposite to the Bund, the other side of the Huangpu River boasts many skyscrapers. If you are able to catch the sunrise here, these towering buildings against the radiant sunlight will be another unforgettable sight.

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Nanjing Road always ranks top among the choices for where to go in Shanghai China. Interestingly, it is only in autumn that this place can bring you two different experiences. During the daytime, the streetscape with the golden trees best represents the serenity of autumn. And in the evening, when the neon lights come on, and the high-end shopping malls open, and the crowds of people appear - then you will get to see the prosperity of Shanghai. Once you come here, don’t forget to buy some souvenirs and try traditional Dangdang tram.

Dongping Road

Dongping Road is another place in Shanghai for tourists to enjoy maple trees in autumn. Actually, this secluded road is better known because of the privileged families who lived here in the last century. So on the two sides, the beautiful villas built by them are another highlight of this road. Though time elapses, the maple trees are still a reminder of the prosperity at that time. The attractive cafes and bakeries along Dongping Road offer you the best at any time.

Yuqing Road

Every autumn, Yuqing Road is blanketed with a thick layer of tree leaves. When the sunlight radiates through the branches, the scene with blinking light spots on the ground is no different from an oil painting. While walking here, you will be enchanted by the leaves’ crisp sound. Apart from the yellow leaves, Yuqing Road also features buildings in southern European style. Dark red roofs, light yellow or light green walls, spiral pillars outside the window and the balconies covered in green ivy all point to a beauty inherited from earlier times.
Young tourists needn’t think too much about where to go in Shanghai China because Tianzifang, combining the traditional Shanghai Shikumen Residences  with all sorts of fashionable stores, must surely be the first choice. The mild and pleasant autumn weather is good to explore the attractions one by one. Open-air restaurants, cafes, galleries and boutiques are scattered along the intricate alleyways. Special handicrafts and souvenirs can make you linger here all day long.

Gucun Park

In autumn, the Gucun Park is dyed in bright red and yellow by the ginkgo, maple, tallow and Chinese pistache trees. Tourists can take a walk or row a boat here to fully enjoy such beautiful scenery. Besides, every year from late September to October, the Gucun Garden holds Osmanthus Trees Show. People are able to see the osmanthus blossoms of various sizes and shapes all over the place. The sweet fragrance of these blossoms is very refreshing.
In Shanghai, where to go hiking in autumn? Sheshan National Holiday Resort won’t let you down. Once roaming here, you can easily unwind upon breathing the brisk air and seeing the rolling hills covered with green, yellow and red trees. The Xiudaozhe Pagoda, Tiger Tree Pavilion, Moon Lake and the observatory here are also worth visiting.

Changxing Island Country Park

The red maple leaves and yellow ginkgo leaves in Changxing Island Country Park also tell of the approach of autumn. Bathing in the warm sunshine, tourists can take a boat on the lake or have fun on the grassland. This country park also offers special activities. People can try feeding cute animals or picking mellow fruits and vegetables.

Pink Muhly Grass in Jinshan District

In addition to the sites with colorful leaves, where to go in Shanghai for something different in autumn? The pink muhly grass in Jinshan District presents a totally different scene. From September to November, many people will travel to the South Songwei Road in Jinshan District to see the beautiful pink muhly grass. If you look from a distance, this area seems to be shrouded in pink mist. At this point, taking photos against the pink background is a must. 

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