Yu Garden, Shanghai

Shanghai 2-day Tours - 100% No Shopping Stops

Traveling to Shanghai, besdies visiting this modern metropolis, we would suggest you consider a trip to its nearby cities and towns like Suzhou, an elegant garden city, Hangzhou, the home to Taobao-Alibaba Group as well as a scenic city, and Huangshan, the most beautiful mountain in China. The high-speed trains will make your trip much more convenient.

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FAQs on Shanghai 2-Day Tours

I have two days in Shanghai, do you have any suggestions on how to plan my time there?

If you have not done any tours in Shanghai, the city tour is for sure the top priority choice. One day is normally quite enough to visit the main sites in Shanghai, like the Bund, the Museum, the Yu Garden, and the Oriental Pearl Tower in Pudong area etc. For your second day, you could visit some business districts and streets if you love shopping; you could visit a nearby water town for a totally different feeling compared with the city tours; or you could spend your day at the Disneyland park if you travel with kids.

If you have already visited the Shanghai city, a short extension tour to the surrounding area is highly recommended. The convenient high-speed trains will make it easy to travel from Shanghai to Suzhou, Hangzhou, Huangshan, Nanjing or even Beijing.
Yu Garden
A water town near Shanghai

What could I do for my free evenings in Shanghai?

Shanghai in the daytime is a typical fashionable and modern city; while at night it is relaxing and unbridled. Here are some of the good places we want to share with you for your night time in Shanghai. We also have private Shanghai night tours. Please contact your travel consultant if you need.
The revolving restaurant in the Oriental Pearl Tower
The revolving restaurant in the Oriental Pearl Tower is Asia's highest one at around 267 meters. It takes around one hour to turn around and the view there is very wide. You can appreciate the beautiful scenery of the Bund 360 degrees while enjoying the buffet dinner.
The Riverside Avenue
The Riverside Avenue, located at the Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone, is one of the best places to appreciate Shanghai at night. The Riverside Avenue is opposite the Bund across the Huangpu River, but less crowded. Besides, there are also many restaurants and cafes for you to take a break.
Night Market
In Shanghai, there are also some down to earth night markets, which add a touch of fireworks to this "magic city". The night markets in Zhaozhou Road and Dingxi Road are both beloved by the locals and you could taste authentic Shanghai foods like Pan fried pork bun, wonton and fried pork chop there.
Shanghai Xintiandi
Xintiandi is a trendy area of Shanghai that has sprung up from the old Shikumen houses. There are many bars which have a historical outside but a modern and fashion interior. It's very bustling at night and is good place for young people to relax and meet friends.
Night view of Shanghai Bund
Shanghai old shikumen houses

I see that the meals aren't included in your Shanghai 2 day itinerary. Where should I go for lunch and what are the most recommended foods in Shanghai?

We leave meals open to you so that you can taste the food that you really like. Our tour guides are all local experts and they know what the best local food is and where to find it. Talk with your guide and he or she will recommend the right place for you to go.

Some information for Shanghai Cuisine: Shanghai Cuisine is characterized by refreshing and delicious, keeping the original taste of the food material and is mainly braised, simmered and sugared. Below are some recommended ones we suggest you to try.

Breakfast: steamed bun, pan fried pork bun, fresh fried dumpling, fried baked scallion pancake, spare ribs with rice cakes, noodles mixed with scallion, oil and soy sauce, wonton and ect.

Lunch & Dinner: stewed pork with brown sauce, eight-treasure delicious duck, Crystal shrimp dumpling, sliced cold chicken, Songjiang perch, fried shrimp, Shanghai smoked fish, Yanduxian soup and ect.
Recommended Shanghai Cuisine

I heard that the Maglev Train from airport to the city is very fast. How to take it from airport to my hotel?

The Maglev Train is available between the Pudong International Airport (PVG) and the Longyang Road. It takes around 8 minutes per single journey and the highest speed will reach to 430km/h (267 mi/h). It runs every 15 - 20 minutes, so you will not wait too long to take the train after getting off the flight. Upon arrival at the Longyang Rd station, you may change to Metro line 2, 7, 16 or 18 to your hotel or take a taxi which is more convenient. If you head to the airport, just make the reverse.

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