Shanghai Circus World

Shanghai Circus World, regarded as China's 'No. 1 Circus World' is located in Jing'an District. Situated opposite the Zhabei Stadium to the south it is adjacent to Guangzhong Park to the north.

It has a distinctive architecture with a splendid golden vault and can seat an audience of 1638. The advanced stage facilities, lighting and sound equipment enable it to be a comprehensive performance site, which holds domestic and international circus programs, acrobatics, singing and dancing performances as well as the Shanghai International Magic Festival & Competition. Shanghai Circus World opening hours are depended on show time.

 Shanghai Circus World Address: No. 2266, Gonghe Xin Road, Jing'an District

Shanghai Circus World Programs

There are two most famous and popular programs which have regular performances here. They are 'ERA Intersection of Time' and 'Happy Circus'. If you are interested in them, please refer to the detailed introduction below:


 ERA Intersection of Time

 Introduction: The Multimedia Theatrical Spectacular 'ERA Intersection of Time' has been performed since its debut at Shanghai Circus World in September 2005. It is unique and comparable to the tradition of the Broadway Musical.

It is in fact a stunning Shanghai Circus World Acrobatic Show combining traditional Chinese arts and modern technologies. The performers present Chinese acrobatics, martial arts and dance perfectly in harmony with the music, sound, lighting, and other special effects, which include a water screen.

While you marvel at the highly proficient skills of the performers, the story of China's evolution from its ancient past to the future is told. Hence, the title 'Intersection of Time', as the viewpoint of the audience is set in the present between the past and the future.

The performance provides a wonderful insight into China's ancient culture and civilization, with sections about Sinan, an ancient Chinese invention for telling directions, soothsaying and conjuring. There is a fantastic section showing an acrobatic program which has elements performed since the far off days of the Han Dynasty (206BC–220AD). With porcelain jars and vats as their stage properties the performers give an overview of Chinese porcelain culture and greater understand of the country's name of 'China'.

Modern achievements that are also showcased include Shanghai Donghai Cross-Sea Bridge, Maglev Train, and Shenzhou 5, China's first manned space mission. From these, you can see the amazing development and bright future of Shanghai and the whole country.

The 100-minute performance shows not only artistic skills, but also creativity. Aided by multimedia including vision, original live music, sound effects, smell effect, air conditioning and lighting, you will feel yourself transported to every scene. Tourists can find Shanghai Circus World Seating Map on its official website.

 Highlights: Mirror Mirage, Magic Water, Sinan (ancient compass), Bowl Balancing, Wheel of Life, Forever, Space Motorcycle

 Time: 19:30 everyday (There will be an additional performance in the afternoon of the public holidays, including the New Year’s Day, Spring Festival, May Day and National Day.)
Venue: Shanghai Circus World – Circular Theater
Shanghai Circus World Price: CNY 280 - 680 (There is no Shanghai Circus World Discount Ticket for kids.)

 Happy Circus

 Introduction: Happy Circus was first produced by Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe in 2003. Since then it has gained rising popularity among the local people as well as tourists. It is an excellent circus with animal acts, breathtaking acrobatics and humorous clowns.

 Highlights: ribbon dance, big wheel, speedy motorcycle, performing sea lions, equestrian feats, cockfighting, and comedy magic

 Time: 14:00 on weekends, public holidays and festivals
Venue: Shanghai Circus World – Middle Theater
Shanghai Circus World Price: CNY 130 - 160 (There is no Shanghai Circus World Discount Ticket for kids.)

How to Get to Shanghai Circus World

 By Metro:
Take metro line 1 and get off at Circus World Station, Exit 3. Then walk southwest around 200 meters.

 By Bus:
Take bus no. 46, 95, 312, 322, 547, 741, 849 or 944 to get to Gonghexin Road Guangzhong Road. Then walk west around 100 meters to find the destination.

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Questions & Answers on Shanghai Circus World
Asked by Clar Ty from PHILIPPINES | Nov. 14, 2019 03:12Reply
Does it snow in shanghai in dec?
Answers (1)
Answered by Fiona from USA | Nov. 17, 2019 22:08

The temperature could be around 5C-10C based on history weather. It is not common to expect snow weather.
Asked by Melanie from SINGAPORE | Dec. 11, 2018 19:13Reply
Can i please have the exact address of where Shanghai Circus World is now?
There's a few address given online.
Can you please give me both the english and mandarin address?
thank you.
Answers (4)
Answered by Quinn from USA | Dec. 13, 2018 17:13

Its address is No.2266 New Gonghe Road, Jing'an District. 上海市静安区共和新路2266号
Answered by Melanie from SINGAPORE | Dec. 19, 2018 18:07

Thank you so much.
Answered by Jimmy from SINGAPORE | Nov. 24, 2019 05:46

Address: ERA Castle, 2801 Gonghexin Road, Zhabei District, Shanghai

How about this???
Is this address still valid for the show?
Answered by Liz from SINGAPORE | Nov. 24, 2019 19:26

Yes, it is operating.
Asked by Suma from INDIA | Sep. 24, 2018 20:07Reply
Shanghai ERA Intersection of time not happening now?
We will be in Shnaghai in Nov 1st week. We are looking for ERA Intersection of time show. Is it not happening then? Is it reopened.
If not, then which show is the next best in this city?
Answers (3)
Answered by Liela from USA | Sep. 24, 2018 23:21

No, the show is still on now, and as I checked, the tickets till end of October can still be booked. Maybe it’s too early to book the tickets of November, you can try it later.
Answered by Suma from INDIA | Sep. 25, 2018 02:07

Hey thanks, where can I buy the tickets for this online?
Answered by Liela | Sep. 25, 2018 02:34

I found it in some tickets selling websites but it seems they only provide Chinese version.
Asked by Sabine from GERMANY | Sep. 17, 2018 03:53Reply
Do Shanghai Circus World have a show on September 24?
Answers (1)
Answered by James from USA | Sep. 18, 2018 00:58

Yes, the show will last about 90 minutes. Have fun!
Asked by Milene from BRAZIL | Sep. 12, 2018 20:53Reply
Hi! Do Shanghai Circus World have a show in October?
Where can I check the schedule and prices?
Is it possible to buy ticket online?
Answers (1)
Answered by Harry from NETHERLANDS | Sep. 13, 2018 20:06

Yes, there are some shows at 10:00 and 14:00 from Oct.1 to 7. The price is from CNY130 to 180. The official website is only in Chinese, so you may not buy tickets online. If you have Chinese friends, you can ask help for them. If not, you are suggested to get there in an early time to buy it since it is the Chinese National Day holiday and there will be a lot of people.
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