12 Popular Shanghai Activities to Survive Summer

Shanghai is in scorching summer from June to September. There is no doubt that the water parks, aquariums and indoor attractions are tourists’ first options during this period. Considering this city’s abundant waterscapes, spending time along the river or in the water town are also worth considering. Below are 12 popular Shanghai activities to help you beat the summer heat.

The Bund
Why not take a walk along the Bund on a summer night? The blowing wind from the Huangpu River can greatly relieve the heat. At the same time, you can appreciate the stunning night view with the colorful neon lights glowing. On the one side of the river, the Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance-style buildings tell you their history of more than 100 years. On the other side, the Oriental Pearl Tower, together with other skyscrapers, shows the modern vitality of this city.

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Huangpu River Night Cruise

Huangpu River Night Cruise
Standing on the ship, you can feel the cool wind blowing over your hair. During the cruise, you can closely appreciate the lofty skyscrapers such as Jinmao Tower, Shanghai Tower and World Financial Center. What’s more, upon seeing the hustle and bustle on the bank from a distance, you will be impressed by this city’s prosperity.

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Bars at Xintiandi

Bars at Xintiandi, Shanghai
Local youngsters and tourists from other countries like to have a drink at the bars of Xintiandi. In summer, the outdoor bars and those with a high-rise balcony are the most popular. Indeed, when you have the cocktail with the wind blowing and the music playing, what else can be more relaxing than this Shanghai activity?

Water Recreations at the Disneyland Park

Water Recreations at the Disneyland Park
During the hot summer, the water recreations are always popular activities to do in Shanghai. Among them, those in the Disneyland Park are quite popular. When playing the Roaring Rapids, you will conquer the surging waves by raft and feel the cool splashes of water. Looking for a more peaceful water recreation? Then try the Voyage to the Crystal Grotto. Tourists will drift along the river on a boat while hearing the classical Disney stories. Moreover, when the various music shows are playing, the spraying water mist can effectively relieve the summer heat.

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Shanghai Museum
Thanks to the constantly running air-conditioner, this place is one of the popular Shanghai indoor activities in summer for its comfortable indoor temperature. Without admission fee, tourists can learn about the development of the seal in Chinese history. All sorts of ancient coins in China and from abroad are also displayed. Exquisite bronzewares, porcelains and calligraphies can certainly feast your eyes. What’s more, this museum holds special exhibitions in the evening in June and July.

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Shanghai Ocean Aquarium
Visiting the Aquarium is always an ideal Shanghai indoor activity in summer for its low temperature and everything in blue, which makes people cool both physically and visually. When roaming along the underwater tunnel in the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, tourists can closely observe the marine creatures from across the world, such as the numb fish from the Amazon jungle, the ray and archerfish from Australia and the penguin from Antarctica. Also, jellyfish, shark and other creatures are ready to greet you during your visit.
Go sightseeing at this skyscraper for an absolutely a trilling Shanghai activity to cool you down. It is equipped with advanced air-conditioners. On the F100 of the World Financial Center, which is 474m (1,555ft) high, you will be daunted by a 55m (60yd) long transparent corridor made of glass. Added with specular reflection, this sightseeing corridor permits tourists a panorama of Shanghai. The clear air in summer also makes the view more fantastic. 

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Playa Maya Water Park

The Playa Maya Water Park is southeastern of the Shanghai Happy Valley. Every summer, tourists’ scream of delight never ends here. The water roller coaster and the gigantic waterslide can make you feel the surge of adrenaline. Diving, Kayaking and having a party in the swimming pool all enable you to heartily enjoy the summer. Various music performances at the Playa Maya also cheer up your mood, no wonder visiting it is one of the popular summer activities in Shanghai China.

Water Carnival at the Oriental Land

Another popular water recreational activity to do in Shanghai in hot summer is to join in the Water Carnival at the Oriental Land. Numerous water recreations here meet the demands of different people. For those who prefer a thrilling experience, the wavy waterslide can spin you around at a fast speed. If you want to have leisurely fun, why not try floating on the water on a paddled boat? No matter if you are children or adults, once the squirt gun is turned on, all the people will enjoy the water fight and forget time.

Bihai Jinsha Beach in Fengxian District

Hot weather always reminds people of the cool sea water, pleasant sea wind and the golden beach. The largest artificial beach in Shanghai, Bihai Jinsha Beach, can let you spend your dreamy summer holiday. People can go swimming, catch crabs and enjoy sunbathing on the soft beach, let alone the various entertainments such as water bicycle, water motorboat, electric boat and kayak. By the way, it can’t be better to have a seafood feast outside on the beach after playing with water.
Zhujiajiao Water Town
The river in the Zhujiajiao Water Town can more or less temper the summer heat. If you don’t want to be exposed to the sunlight, it will be an alternative to take a black awning boat to visit this quaint water town. Moreover, the scenery viewed from the boat is more beautiful. The lush trees, delicate stone bridges and the traditional buildings with black tiles all present you the charm of this tranquil place. This activity in Shanghai China will be more delightful if you have a cup of tea or savor some local snacks here.

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Dino Beach

This water park is popular among local people. Little children can have fun at the southwestern park, where the slides are low and the overall design is gentle and safe. Big children or adults can play squirt gun, seesaw and have a water fight. Also, the Dino Beach has both the trilling water slides and the peaceful water drifting.

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