Top 5 Shanghai Tourist Sites in August

Don’t worry that the hot weather in August may disrupt your holiday plans, because the following Shanghai tourist sites will release you from the summer heat. You can try interesting water recreations at the Disneyland Park and the Bihai Jinsha Beach. Taking a boat to visit the quaint Wuzhen Water Town is also a pleasure in summer. Don’t forget that the marine animals dislike the heat as much as you do, and they are ready to greet you at the cool Shanghai Ocean Aquarium and the Changfeng Ocean World.


Water Recreations at the Shanghai Disneyland Park

Water recreations at the Disneyland Park are extremely popular in August, and the No.1 of them is the Roaring Rapids. In the hot August, no one can resist the thrilling journey on the raft passing through the splashing water. If you don’t want to be soaked, buy a raincoat in advance. Younger children can try the Voyage to the Crystal Grotto, in which they can take a boat down the river while watching and listening to the well-known Disney stories. No matter you are a child or an adult, join the water fights at the Shipwreck Shore, or take an indoor rafting to find the sunken treasure with the help of Captain Jack.

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Strictly speaking, Wuzhen Water Town is not a Shanghai tourist site. But it’s very easy to get there from Shanghai by long-distance bus or high speed train. What’s more, visiting this delicate water town is a worthwhile thing to do in Shanghai in August. Once sitting on the boat, you will be fully absorbed in the old alleys, bridges and buildings on the bank. And the gentle breeze can quickly cool you down. After the boat tour, why not watch the Shadow Puppetry performance or the folk acrobatic performance? Also, famous foods at Wuzhen, such as the braised mutton, braised duck and the steamed white water fish, are highly recommended.

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Many tourists have this aquarium on their list of what to do in Shanghai in August. Indeed, it can’t be better to wander along the cool underwater tunnels while greeting the mysterious marine creatures. Tourists can feast their eyes on the numbfish from South America, archerfish and the ray from Australia, penguins from Antarctica, and let alone the jellyfish and the shark. Also pay attention to the weedy sea dragon, which is said to be the rarest marine creature here. The four underwater tunnels here will bring you an unforgettable discovery of the ocean.

Changfeng Ocean World

Since the Changfeng Ocean World is located inside the shady Changfeng Park, visiting this Shanghai tourist site in summer enables tourists not only to get close to the marine creatures but also to breathe cool and fresh air. Inside the Changfeng Ocean World, you can watch rays swimming above your head, touch the starfish of different shapes and see the wonders of the tropical rainforest. In addition, cute dolphins, sea lions and belugas will impress you by their interesting performances. Children will for sure enjoy themselves feeding the otters, arapaimas and sharks.

Bihai Jinsha Beach in Fengxian District

What to do in Shanghai in August? Having fun at the Bihai Jinsha Beach is a must. The cool sea water as well as the sea wind can effectively beat the summer heat. Apart from going swimming and having sunbathing, lots of water recreations are readily available here. Tourists can try riding water bicycle, taking motorboat or electric boat, go surfing or go kayaking. Children will also enjoy collecting shells and catching crabs on the beach. If you are hungry, the Hai’ou Road alongside the beach is an ideal place to have a seafood feast.

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