6 Things to See in Shanghai in June

In June, Shanghai is getting hotter and more humid. Take it easy, there are still many things to see and do in Shanghai during this period. For example, you can enjoy the cool wind from the Huangpu River, visit the quaint Qibao Ancient Town, or take a walk along the shady Tian’ai Road with your beloved one. In addition, Shanghai enters the Plum Rain Season in late June. If the weather doesn’t permit outdoor activities, going shopping at the Nanjing Road and visiting the Shanghai History Museum are good ideas. Of course, if you’ve got a plenty of time, a side trip to Suzhou & Hangzhou is strongly recommended.

Nearly everyone agrees that the Nanjing Road is a top thing to see in Shanghai. Indeed, this road lives up to its reputation as the most prosperous commercial street in this city. High-end shopping malls mainly gather at the West Nanjing Road while various boutiques with favorable prices can be seen at the East Nanjing Road. If you are tired or hungry, why not choose a restaurant and try authentic Shanghai flavors? In the evening, tourists can go for a walk directly to the Bund, and the night view is really beautiful. By the way, there are many stores for tailor-making Cheongsam (Qipao) , which is the most representative clothes of Shanghai ladies during the last century, at the Nanjing Road. For ladies, the temperature in June is suitable to wear these clothes.

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Taking a Huangpu River Cruise is listed as a thing to do in Shanghai in June because the blowing wind can greatly relieve the high temperature. What is more, the scenery on both sides will leave every tourist an unforgettable memory. On the one side, the century-old exotic buildings of Baroque, Gothic style etc. tell you how inclusive this city was. On the other side, the Oriental Pearl Tower, together with other skyscrapers at the Lujiazui, is a symbol of Shanghai’s modern vitality. Besides, it’s highly recommended to take the cruise in the evening, for everything is in the glow of colorful neon lights.

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Are there quaint things to see in Shanghai China? At the Qibao Ancient Town, the delicate bridges, peaceful rivers white walls, and black tiles can certainly meet your demands. It is a good destination to escape from the concrete jungle at downtown Shanghai. Located by waterside, it is also a nice place to enjoy coolness in the hot days. When strolling at Qibao, you will come cross many interesting stores. For example, you can watch the crickets fighting, which was one of the ancient Chinese’ pastimes, make traditional cotton clothes and feast your eyes on miniature sculptures. Also, gourmets will not take their eyes off various snacks here. Qibao Dumplings, Sliced Mutton and the Square Cake are very delicious.

Shanghai History Museum 

What to do in Shanghai in June if it is a very hot or an awful rainy day? You may consider paying a visit to the Shanghai History Museum, where the air-conditioning ensures a comfortable trip. Stoneware, pottery, jade ware, gold and silver ware are displayed to let people know the wisdom of ancient people who lived here 2,000 to 6,000 years ago. In terms of the Shanghai in modern history, tourists can directly feel the communication of western and eastern civilizations through the magazines, scholars’ manuscripts as well as the development of the universities at that time. Parents needn’t worry that this Shanghai thing to see is boring for your kids, because many areas here are specially designed for them. After visiting the exhibits, you can go to the F5 and overlook the beautiful People’s Square.

Tian’ai Road 

For lovers, Tian’ai Road is the best thing to see in Shanghai because of its romantic vibe. Though the Tian’ai Road is only 600m (660yd) long, it’s said that lovers walking through it together will obtain eternal love. Along the road, lovebirds’ can walk slowly and read 28 famous love poems on the wall one by one. If you visit Shanghai in June, nothing is more leisurely than to stroll under the lush dawn redwoods or have a cup of coffee here. Don’t feel sad if you come here alone, you can find the mailbox alongside and send the sweet postcard to your beloved person, or buy her/him some cute souvenirs at the boutique shop. By the way, the western-style houses on both sides of the Tian’ai Road are also historic attractions to see in Shanghai.

Side Trip to Suzhou & Hangzhou

If you’ve set aside plenty of time for your holiday in Shanghai, why not take advantage of the good weather in June to make side trips to Suzhou and Hangzhou? These three cities are very close to each other and it only takes you about one hour to travel among them by high speed train.
Suzhou features a slow-tempo lifestyle, which cannot be experienced in Shanghai. This city boasts the most famous classical gardens in China such as the Humble Administrator’s Garden and the Lingering Garden, let alone the soft Kunqu Opera, Pingtan Performance and the beautiful embroideries. Local specialties featuring sweet flavors are also worth trying.
West Lake is an icon of Hangzhou. But Hangzhou has more than that. Lingying Temple, Leifeng Pagoda, Xixi National Wetland Park… After the side trips, tourists from other countries will truly understand why a Chinese saying goes, ‘In heaven there is paradise, on earth Hangzhou and Suzhou.’

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