Shanghai Destinations in July: 7 Places to Go

As July is the hottest month in Shanghai, it is no wonder the most popular Shanghai destinations during this month include the Playa Maya Water Park, Haichang Ocean Park and the Jinshan City Beach. Other good places for tourists to survive the summer include the Gongqing Forest Park, with its shady boulevards, and the Haiwan National Forest Park, with its vast lake. If the weather is too hot to go outside, an indoor attraction such as the Shanghai Museum is always a good choice. At night, the Huangpu River Cruise is quite popular for its cool breeze and stunning night views on both sides of the river. 


Huangpu River Night Cruise

What to do in Shanghai in July to beat the summer heat? The best answer is to take the Huangpu River Night Cruise. The gentle breeze from the river can cool you down, a delight in the hot summer. At the same time, you can appreciate the exotic buildings on the Bund and the skyscrapers, such as the Shanghai Tower and the World Financial Center, on the opposite bank. You will be impressed by the night view of the bustling crowds and the shining neon lights seen from the vessel.

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With the air conditioner running, Shanghai Museum is very popular among tourists in summer. People can see various bronzewares, jade wares, porcelains, sculptures, seals, coins, paintings and calligraphy from ancient China. The most precious exhibit, one you shouldn't miss, is the bronze tripod made in the Western Zhou (1046-771 BC).  What’s more, given that some people don’t want to go outside during the hot days, Shanghai Museum holds many exhibitions on summer nights. So, this Shanghai destination should be on your schedule.

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Playa Maya Water Park

Considering the hot weather, having fun at the Playa Maya Water Park is a highly recommended thing to do in Shanghai in July. The exciting wave pool, water roller coaster and the water slides will greatly relieve the summer heat. Also, tourists can go surfing, paddle or raft here. Playa Maya also has a specially designed area for children to safely play in the water; so parents can bring your kids to this Shanghai destination.

Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park

In a hot July, tourists can visit this ocean park, a shanghai destination famous for the ice world. The snowy hills and delicately laid-out buildings make you feel like walking in a Northern European town. Cute sea lions, seals and otters are ready to greet you. In other zones, tourists can meet a beautiful mermaid, belugas, polar bears, Arctic wolfs and arctic hares. 4D cinema, roller coaster and cable cars are attractions worth trying here.

Jinshan City Beach

Summer is always a good season for a seaside trip to indulge oneself in the world of bright sky, blue sea and golden beach; this Shanghai tourist destination can certainly fulfill your expectations. You can play beach volleyball, take motorboat, go kayaking and watch water ballet performance here. If you prefer to spend a peaceful holiday, why not read a book facing the beautiful sea view and enjoy a cup of coffee? As for food, a BBQ at the beach is a must. Of course, other Chinese and western cuisine can all be savored here. In July, the fireworks show and the musical festival may also be held here, making your visit more interesting.

Gongqing Forest Park

If you prefer some cool outdoor Shanghai tourist destinations, go to Gongqing Forest Park. In July, the shady boulevards are a natural shelter from the high temperature.  When taking a walk here, you can see the bees and butterflies flying among trees and flowers. In addition, at the northern end of the park, the pirate ship, skating rink and water slides offer tourists various exciting recreations, suitable for those with children.

Haiwan National Forest Park

Enjoying the beautiful lotus is another answer to what to do in Shanghai in July. Haiwan National Forest Park boasts the largest lotus pool in Shanghai. The Lotus Festival, held from July to early September, has been attracting tourists for many years. Aside from vibrant lotus plants and water lilies, tourists can try catching fish in the muddy pool, taking a ride on a hovercraft and other interesting activities. In the evening, the colorful light show will also be a feast for your eyes.

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