Qingpu, Shanghai China

Qingpu District Facts

Chinese Name: 青浦区 (qīng pǔ qū)
Population: 1,219,000
Area: 676 square kilometers (261 square miles)
Location: in the west of Shanghai, east China
Area Code: 021
Zip Code: 201799
GDP (2018): CNY107.43 billion (USD 16.24 billion)

Transportation Hub in Shanghai

Qingpu District is located in the west of Shanghai, the lower reaches of Taihu Lake and the upper reaches of Huangpu River. It is adjacent to Minhang District on the east, Songjiang District and Jinshan District on the south and Jiading District on the north. Qingpu Shanghai China has a superior geographical position with developed land and water transportation. It is 20 km (12 mi) away from the urban center and only 6 km (4 mi) away from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport. Connecting Zhejiang Province and Jiangsu Province on the west, it is the west gate of Shanghai to the mainland, and also the transportation hub. The Zhujiajia Water Town enjoys the reputation of Shanghai Venice and is a definitely a must-see scenic spot in Qingpu Shanghai China.

Best Places to Visit & Top Things to Do in Qingpu District

Zhujiajiao Water Town
Zhujiajiao Ancient Town is a traditional and tranquil water town with bubbling streams and a quaint environment. There are gardens, ancient bridges, famous temples and other places of interest. Many local delicacies can be found on the North Street such as the Apo Zongzi, Braised Pig Feet and Ancient Town Sweet Soup Balls. The Kezhi Garden, one of the major scenic spots, is also situated on the street and deserves a visit. It features beautiful scenery and picturesque disorder layout. Visitors can also take a boat to enjoy the stunning view along the streams.

Dianshan Lake
As the source of Huangpu River, Dianshan Lake is a wonderful tourism destination with stunning scenery. In the east part of the scenic area, there are natural attractions as well as a 380-meter (1,247-feet) long dike which willows are planted along. An antique street in the west is the central area providing services for tourists. Around the lake are famous scenic spots such as Zhujiajiao Water Town, Shanghai Grand View Garden, and Oriental Green Boat. Besides, there are three international standard golf courses, footpaths, Wetland Park and resort.

Grand View Garden
It is a large-scale antique garden designed according to the description of Dream of the Red Chamber, a famous novel wrote by Cao Xueqin in the Qing Dynasty (1636-1912). The interior furniture furnishings, as well as the plaques, couplets and plants are all arranged according to the character characteristics and plots in the novel. The Grand View Building is the center of the garden and the central axis is composed of stone archways, stone lantern, Qinfang Lake and screen wall, etc. In the east and west of the garden are residences for the main characters. There are also some scenic spots and entertainment projects around for tourists to play.

Best Time to Visit Qingpu District

The best time to visit Qingpu District Shanghai is in April, May, October and November. The climate of the four months is the most pleasant of the year with an average temperature of 18℃ (64℉). Qingpu District Shanghai has a mild climate and four distinct seasons with abundant sunshine and rainfall. The summer time of Qingpu that from June to August is very hot and the average temperature is about 27℃ (81℉). In winter, from December to February, the temperature can be as low as 0℃ (32℉). From mild-June, the rainy season will last for one month. Visitors need to attach more attention to the weather forecast.

Qingpu Weather Forecast



Visitors can fly to Shanghai Pudong International Airport, take Metro Line 2 and transfer to Metro Line 17 at Hongqiao Railway Station to Qingpu Shanghai China. Or upon arrival at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, visitors can take Metro Line 10 and transfer to Metro Line 17 at Hongqiao Railway Station. It is also available to take bullet trains to Shanghai Railway Station. Then take Shangqing Bus Line to Qingpu District Shanghai.

In Qingpu China, the transportation means depend on Metro Line 17, buses, taxis. You can take Metro Line 17 to Zhujiajiao Water Town. If you want to go to the Bund, you need to take Metro Line 17 and transfer to Metro Line 2 at Hongqiao Railway Station. From the central district, it costs CNY 280-340 to Pudong Airport and CNY 90-100 to Hongqiao Airport by taxi. CNY 140-150 is needed to Shanghai Railway Station.

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Best Qiagpu Food to Try

Apo Zongzi, Braised Pig Feet and Ancient Town Sweet Soup Balls, Zhujiaojiao Zarou, Lotus Root, Sugar Painting are very popular snacks in Qingpu China.

 Zhujiaojiao Zarou (Braised Pork Wrapped in Palm Tree Leaves)
It is a famous local food. Cut streaky pork taste into pieces, wrap with reed leaves and string with rice straw. Steam stew the pork with soy sauce, sugar and Shaoxing Rice Wine for 30 minutes. The red and shiny cooked Zarou tastes soft, salty but not greasy.

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