Putuo District, Shanghai

Putuo District Facts

Chinese Name: 普陀区 (pǔ tuó qū)
Population: 1,288,881
Area: 55.53 square kilometers (21.44 square miles)
Location: in the northwest of Shanghai, east China
Area Code: 021
Zip Code: 200333
GDP (2018): CNY100.18 billion (USD 15.14 billion)

Putuo District, located in the northwest of Shanghai, is an important land gateway and transportation hub for Shanghai to connect the Yangtze River Delta and the mainland. Putuo District China is adjacent to Jiading District and Baoshan District on the west and north, Jing’an District, Changning District and Minhang District on the east and south. Named after Putuo Road, Putuo District is a water and land traffic hub in the west of Shanghai. It is necessary to take 2-3 days to travel Putuo District. The Changfeng Ocean World, M50 Creativity Park, Yufo Temple are the top scenic spots.

Best Places to Visit & Top Things to Do in Putuo District

 Changfeng Ocean World
Changfeng Ocean World is an international ocean theme park integrating large-scale marine animal performance and aquarium fish exhibition. It is divided into three parts: the aquarium and white whale performance hall. The aquarium is mainly composed of Seahorse Nursery, Shark Tunnel, Penguin Paradise, Super Rockpool Adventure and Jungle Exploration. It is suggested to go to the aquarium in the morning and watch the performance of beluga in the afternoon.

 M50 Creative Park
It is reconstructed from the Shanghai Chunming woolen mill. The biggest features are graffiti along the street and the free gallery exhibition. You can see abstract, watercolor, oil painting and other works of various painters and relax in coffee shops and book shops. It is an excellent place to feel the artistic atmosphere and take photos. 

 Yufo Temple
Yufo Temple, named for its main worship of the jade Buddha, is one of the top ten tourist attractions in Shanghai. Built in 1918, it is a Song Dynasty (960-1279) style palace building with a strict layout, harmonious structure and magnificent momentum. The jade Buddha statue inside is 1.95 meters (6.40 feet) high and exquisitely carved from the whole jade. The whole Buddha's image has a crystal clear luster, which makes the Buddha's image present a peaceful, benevolent and loving look.

Best Time to Visit Putuo District

The best time to visit Putuo District is March to June and September to November as the weather during this time is the most comfortable of the year. Putuo District Shanghai is warm in winter, from December to February and cool in summer, from June to August, with sufficient light. The annual average temperature is 16℃ (61℉). Throughout the year, the coldest is January with an average temperature of 5.5 ℃ (42℉) while the hottest is August with an average temperature of 27 ℃ (81℉). The rainy season in Shanghai starts in the middle of June every year and lasts for a month. It is not a good time to have Shanghai travel. 

Putuo Weather Forecast



Visitors can fly to Shanghai Pudong International Airport and take Metro Line 2 and then transfer to Metro Line 11 at Jiangsu Road Station to get to Putuo District. From Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, visitors need to Metro Line 10 and transfer to Metro Line 11 at Jiaotong University Station to Putuo District China. Taking bullet trains is also a good choice as the Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station is 20 km (12 mi) away from Pudong District.

The inner-city transportation depends on metro, buses and taxis. Metro Lines 3, 4, 7, 11, 13 are serving in Putuo District Shanghai. Visitors can take Metro Line 13 to Changfeng Ocean World and Metro Lines 13, 1, 3 and 4 to M50 Creativity Park. Or one can take Metro Line 11 and then transfer to Metro Line 2/10 at Jiangsu Road to the Bund.

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Best Putuo Food to Try

The best Putuo District foods to try include Salted Pork in Jelly, Crispy Spare Ribs with Garlic, Mashed Pineapple and Sweet Potato, Fry Steamed Bun.

Recommended Restaurants

 JANGNANLI: Sister Song’s Fish Broth, Marinated Chicken Feet
Address: B1242-B1243, B1/F, Shanghai Star Global Port Garden Hall, No.3300, Zhongshan North Road

 Xiaofangting: Chocolate Lava Cake, Lobster Spaghetti
Address: No.652, Changshou Road

 Spits Garden Italian Restaurant: Handmade Mushroom Soup, Tiramisu
Address: Room 207, 2/F, Shanghai Star Global Port Garden Hall, No.3300, Zhongshan North Road

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