Songjiang, Shanghai China

Songjiang District Facts

Chinese Name: 松江区 (sōng jiāng qū)
Population: 1,582,398
Area: 605.64 square kilometers (233.84 square miles)
Location: in the southwest of Shanghai, east China
Area Code: 021
Zip Code: 201600
GDP (2018): CNY127.97 billion (USD 19.34 billion)

The Root of Shanghai

Songjiang District, located in the southwest of Shanghai, is a famous land of fish and rice in the south of the Yangtze River and the birthplace of Shanghai's history and culture. It is located in the upper reaches of Huangpu River, adjacent to Minhang District and Fengxian District on the east, Jinshan District on the south and southwest, and Qingpu District on the west and north. A large number of cultural relics left in Songjiang Shanghai China, including the Square Tower Garden, Dharani Dhvaja from the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907), Zuibaichi Garden, and Xilin Temple. Apart from these, there are also many leisure places for entertaining and tourism such as the Shanghai Happy Valley, Sheshan National Forest Park and Shanghai Yuehu Sculpture Park and Shanghai ChenShan Botanical Garden.

Best Places to Visit & Top Things to Do in Songjiang District

 Shanghai Happy Valley
Shanghai Happy Valley is composed of seven theme areas with different amusement facilities, namely Sunshine Harbor, Happy Times, Typhoon Bay, Gold Mine Town, Happy Ocean and Shanghai Bund. The most popular in the park are Wooden Coaster-Fireball and the Twin-Tower Heroes attraction, which must not be missed. Besides, there are more than 20 superb performances in Happy Valley every day such as indoor large-scale circus performance, outdoor special effects performance, horse battle live performance and float parade.

 Sheshan National Forest Park
The park is divided into West Sheshan and East Sheshan. The East Sheshan is famous for its beautiful mountains, lush forests, abundant animal and plant resources. And the west part of Sheshan has many scenic spots such as the Great Catholic Church, observatory, astronomy museum and Xiudaozhe Tower, Xiuhua Temple. The large old telescope at the museum and the blessing bronze bell preserved at the temple highlight the two attractions.

Chenshan Botanical Garden
Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden conserves nearly 15,000 types of plants in about 30 theme parks and plant zones. It has now become an ideal place for people to embrace nature in Shanghai. In order to make children fully engaged, there is also 4D cinema, tree house, children’s garden, pirate boat and other entertainments to let them know more about the ecosystem while having fun. What’s more, various flower shows will be held here at different times, such as the International Orchid Show in April, Rose Show in May and Waterlily Show in August.

 The Square Tower Garden
The Square Tower built in the Song Dynasty (960 - 1279) is the center of the garden and surrounded by ancient buildings. It is characterized by a slender body, wide eaves, looking like the figure of a girl in a long skirt. There is also a large bamboo forest in the east of the garden, covering an area of 4 acres, which is a major feature of the garden. Rockeries, long corridors, lakes, bridges, are cleverly designed in the garden to make the layout picturesque disorder, open and outspread.

 Shanghai Film Park
Covering an area of 800,000 square meters (3 square miles), the main scenic spots of Shanghai Film Park are composed of replicas Nanjing Road, Shikumen Residence and Moller Villa. It is an antique building complex with the culture of the Republic of China as the background. As a place where a lot of Chinese films shoot, it's very interesting to take the tram or rickshaw to visit the scene of old Shanghai in the 1930s or taste snacks.

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Best Time to Visit Songjiang District

The best time to visit Songjiang Shanghai China is from April to May and October to November. The climate during the two periods is similar, featuring relatively clear and pleasant weather. The average temperature at that time is about 18℃ (64℉). The climate in Songjiang District is warm and humid, with four distinct seasons, abundant rain and sunshine. Typhoons often appear for 1.5 times a year in the summer and autumn time, from June to October. It is usually foggy from December to February. June to July has mound rains when it is not suitable for traveling.

Songjiang Weather Forecast



Visitors can fly to Shanghai Pudong International Airport, and take Metro Line 2 and then transfer to Metro Line 9 at Shijidadao Station to Songjiang Shanghai China. Because there is no direct shuttle bus to Songjiang District Shanghai at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, visitors need to take Hongqiao hub bus 4 and then take Metro Line 9 to get there.  

The inner-city transportation methods include metro, tramcar, buses and taxis. Visitors can take Metro Line 9, the only metro route in the district, to Shanghai Happy Valley. It charges CNY90-100 to Hongqiao Airport, CNY 240-280 to Pudong Airport and CNY 90-100 to Shanghai South Railway Station.

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Best Songjiang Food to Try

The best Songjiang China foods to try have Glutinous Rice Cake, Yexie Spiced Corned Egg, Songjiang Perch, and Fried Sheshan Bamboo Shoots with Green Soy Bean.

Recommended Restaurants

 Nongjia Cailaoda: Chicken Soup, Stewed Pork with Brown Sauce
Address: No.6351, Husong Highway

 Xiaoyeshu: Steam Chicken, Fish Head Soup
Address: Sanming Plaza, No. 768, Songwei North Road

 Haishawan Seafood Hall: Salmon, Shrimp Paste
Address: No.2575-36, Yushu Road, Yongfeng Stree

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